Mmmm… Motes!

I have to say I’m not anxious to create additional competition for myself by sharing this information, but I’m going to suck it up and post anyway.  Since I’ve already noticed a distinct nosedive in prices on the AH over the past few days, I assume word is out to a certain extent.  I speak, of course,  of the windy clouds in Nagrand.

I’m sure this isn’t news to the other engineers out there, most of you have likely wandered out there to look for gas clouds.  I’ve also been there quite a bit and have a mental map of the various spots I’ve located floating gold.  What I thought I’d expand on a bit is the notion of tracking.

Perhaps some of you recall the minor debate we had in the recent fish tracking post, where we talked about the possibility of tracking gas clouds.  As mentioned by a couple of our posters, there are some engineering goggles that have the extra benefit of showing gas clouds on the mini-map.  This exchange inspired me to investigate after the 2.3 patch went live, to see if I could figure out a good way to get tracking for myself.

Most of the helms that have this ability are the epic goggles you learn from the trainer (not the goggles from the specialty trainers).   But if you haven’t made one of those yet, due to lack of engineering skill or primal nethers, there is another option.  Our friend Lebowski (and presumably Mack Diver) sells a recipe for  Ultra-Spectropic Detection Goggles in limited supply.  The mats really aren’t too bad for a blue item, so I made myself a pair of these to see how well they worked.  So far I’m very pleased with them, I’ve been using them very successfully to track windy clouds in Nagrand.  I also went up to Netherstorm to look for the purported Arcane Vortexes, but unfortunately in one hour of questing and general running around the Area 52 region, I only managed to find one vortex.  I’m not sure I’d waste time on that unless you just happen to be there anyway.

I still haven’t tried my new helm in Shadowmoon or Zangarmarsh, but I’m very satisfied with the results I’ve seen in Nagrand.  The tracking has definitely helped me find clouds in areas I would never think to go hunting.  I’m guessing that used in conjunction with an epic flying mount they would be even more useful.  Currently my Kayree is still a land-based explorer, she just reached level 69 last night :)

For you other engineers who have not yet visited Nagrand and checked out the new windy clouds, make yourself a pair of ultra-detection goggles and head on over!

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  1. Diabolos Says:

    Woo, thanks for the tip! Gyro-copter-powered mote farming FTW!

  2. Tsark Says:

    For the flying people, keep in mind that some of the gas clouds actually spawn on top of the floating pieces of land in the Nagrand skies. Thus, you want to fly about 15 feet up from the ground, so that you can be in range of most of the airborne clouds and snag them :-D

    I agree, Kal – Air clouds are great, and somehow they seem to be more plentiful than any of the other ones. Typically, I use Nagrand as my mining place, and a full tour of the zone now yields anything between 15-20 motes, in addition to the usual 30-40 Adamantite Ore I used to get before

  3. Solidstate Says:

    I’m not an engineer but just running around Zang leveling my hunter, I see tons of white clouds floating around on ground or water, I presume with lots of Motes of Water inside them :) Usually I saw them around the perimeter of Zang, but YMMV.

    Thankfully I don’t feel left out of the party, my Mage is level 70, has an epic flying mount and 375 fishing. Thanks to your excellent fishing advice I got the fish tracking book within 20 minutes of fishing in Zang, after which looking for pools became much faster and more fun. Thanks Kali!

    There is still the problem of the mount flying so fast, the yellow dot on the minimap doesn’t show up at first – but although I have to fly slower now (fly/stop/fly/stop/etc.), the actual looking for the pool is *much* easier – I just look for the yellow dot on the screen.

    Also wanted to say, cooking daily quests rock! :)
    I got [Recipe: Stormchops] ( as the quest reward (from the crate) the other day, sure it’s mostly useless, good maybe for PvP, but still – a blue cooking recipe! Lightning bolts! How cool is that! :D

    So once again Kali, thanks for the excellent pre-2.3 fishing and cooking advice, keep up the good job :)

  4. ^^TnT^^ Says:

    Yes the tracking was a perfect addition. Especially for me that i have Deathblow X11 Goggles and i have always tracking without need to switch head. I tracked air cloud on the floating island the i would never see them up there. Primal air farming gone easy. For example on my way to cook @ the ansestral grounds for the cooking daily i got 2 primals. Also i managed to get few primal water from Zangarmarsh. Today in heading to Netherstorm for primal mana farming..

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