It’s beginning to look a lot like… Patch Day!

Everywhere you go! We’ve got new trainer recipes, new epic baubles with our Badges of Justice, new daily quests and new flying mounts. And the big gift for the whole family – a brand new dungeon for everyone to play in!

The first thing I did when I got onto my server was head for Zangarmarsh and try to get the new Fishing book. It took 2 pools of debris and 4 curious crates for me to get the drop. Unfortunately by the time I had gotten my book, many of the debris spawns had been fished out. So other folks in my guild had trouble getting their own book. If you go to Zang and there are no pools of steampump flotsam, try Feralas or Stranglethorn. It might take a bit longer since the drop rate on books is lower in the old world, but there’s plenty of floating junk in both zones and likely no competition.

The next thing I tackled was the Cooking quest – hoping for a new recipe. I didn’t get one on my first try, but the Kaliri birds were quite scarce. I’m sure that’s good news for the folks doing Skettis quests, not so great news for us Cooking folks :)

After that I hit my Leatherworking trainer and grabbed my new recipes, then set out to get the vendor ones as well. Leatherworkers actually got quite a bit in this patch and I think they knew it. I went to the Auction to grab some extra leather and found nothing but scraps, overpriced scraps at that! I don’t think leather has been this expensive since the expansion was released, hopefully it won’t last too long.

Next I decided to try my hand at farming the super-sized leatherworking bag. I went over to the Barrier Hills and it was pretty quiet there. I got to killing and it dropped from the second mob – woot! Another guildmate got it on the 8th kill and my friend Squorgov got his in about ten minutes. So it doesn’t appear to be a rough farm just yet unless you get unlucky.

After that I thought I’d try Shadowmoon and see if my luck would hold out for the new meta-gem recipe. Unfortunately it did not because there were about five people already farming and a bunch of dead naga. Oh well, it was worth a shot.

So I hope you all had as much fun yesterday as I did – it was really nice to see everyone enjoying themselves and getting excited about their new discoveries!

**Update** In case you missed my previous post on the Fish Tracking book, click here to find out more about how to get one!


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  1. Pyrius Says:

    It’s almost too bad that the 24 slot leatherworking bag pattern isn’t more rare. It’d make a great sell on the AH, but when I advertised that I would make it for tips (totally used up all the mats I’d been saving with new recipes) only two people responded. One that wanted to know how much with my mats (because the AH was bone dry) and one that wanted to know where they could get the pattern for themselves. The pattern is really only going to be useful for making it for myself and selling to double gatherers (who have the cash to spare anyway).

  2. kaliope Says:

    I would agree, I was thinking the same thing myself and realized that only dual gatherers would be unable to make their own leather bag. Anyone who doesn’t want to farm it will likely know a guildie who can do the combine for them. That pretty much leaves gatherers and the odd lazy loner as the primary market, unfortunately.

  3. Katho Says:

    It took me about 20 minutes to get the pattern to drop. Took me longer to get the last two Wind Scales I didn’t have on me. I must have had a really bad luck drop rate because it too me two full clears of the Scalewing Shelf to get two Wind Scales. Heck I got 3 Raptor Ribs during that time and I only killed Raptors that I accidentally aggroed or hate the bad luck of walking across my path while waited for Serpents to respawn.

    Note: the “crafter bags” now automatically hold Primals and Motes too. the big LW bag does and the Enchant bag does so I’m assuming this is global. Don’t know if this has been mentioned before.

  4. Alazasthas Says:

    I repost that Windscales are easier to get near Eclipse Point in Shadowmoon Valley. The dragonhawk respawn more frecuently and they seems to be easily grinded with no outside interference if you get those around the town.

    Grinding he 40+ Netherdragonscales fro the 24 slot pouch will be more of a grind….as Im exalted with the Netherdragons :D…the only scales I’ve been collecting are the ones I ocassionally get after skinning Netherspite in Kara.

  5. Diabolos Says:

    IIRC, if you turn on At War with Netherwing in your rep tab, you can kill the various netherdrakes aligned with Netherwing AND you don’t take a rep hit either. Of course, this may have changed recently.

  6. Thistlefur Says:

    I fished 3 fish pools got a crate in the last one and got the book first crate. I think too often people are going for the debris and its the same for all pools in outland.

  7. rahael Says:

    i fished the floating wreckage pools along the coast of tanaris (near the pirates) and got the fishing book on my 7th or 8th mithril bound chest. not too bad, and i didn’t see a single other person the whole time.

  8. Someone Says:

    “Note to self”: get on the leather bank char, and sell all those 30+ stacks of scraps you’ve been saving! :)

  9. Armath Says:

    Had no problem getting the bag pattern, and had enough mats for two bags, which worked out nicely since they hold primals and motes and my deeprock salt shaker, as well as skins.

    Cooking quest went well, too – the wing dropped on the first kill (it was fun to be after the Kaliri for a change), and had 3 chunks of warp flesh already on hand. Got the spicy talbuk recipe from the reward. (Another guildie doing the quest didn’t realize he needed to kill the Giant Kaliri, so was killing mobs in HP until I re-directed him to Skettis. :-)

    But fishing….. not so good. Fished up about 10 crates of various types from Zangarmarsh, including at least one curious (probably more), and no sign of a book. Did get about 17 more points in fishing (371 now), 3 vendorfish, various scrolls, and lots and lots of buff fish, but no book.

  10. Katho Says:

    You don’t take the Rep hit for killing the Netherdrakes. You do have to set yourself at war though.

  11. Talius Says:

    Took me a little longer to fish up the book, I think around 10 pools or so in Zangarmarsh. I just enjoyed the cooking quest for the Kalari Stew, and the flavor text “Revenge never tasted this good.” had be laughing for a while. Some of my guildies agreed to go help me farm the new Chaotic Skyfire Diamond recipe, and we had it within around 15 minutes of farming, despite having to compete with around 4 other looking for the same recipe. Sold a few that same night on the AH for around 200g (much higher than normal). Our AH was also tapped of all leather items as well.

    I’m not sure what your market is right now, but it may be wise for engineers to start making some potion injectors. Once people notice that they no longer require engineering, there may be a market for them again. Saving 6 bag slots is nothing to scoff at when you have both.

  12. ladyjess Says:

    Darnit now I have even MORE to do on my list…lol! I did get the kiblers bits recipe today in my barrel of fish though. And Kaliri hunting…what an aptly named quest, Revenge is Tasty. Any other time my squishy priest can aggro every bird as she bombs. Today I had to chase

  13. Alazasthas Says:


    After 3 days of work I can say the following:

    1.-10 ogre kills to get the 24 slot leather bag.
    2.-2 Pools near Coilfang Resevoir to get the Fish book.
    3.-After 3 cooking dailies I have gotten 2 of the new cooking recipes: Spice Talbuk and Kibler’s Bits.

    I would like to say that if you usually go to your raids with food ready to pass along, the daily will cut the time you need to farm meat and/or fish….After 3 days of getting the crates I ihave 2 stacks of clefthoof, one stack of serpent and 1 stack of raptor flesh….STR,Damage and STA food.

  14. kaliope Says:

    Alaz: Don’t forget to take the barrel of fish occasionally :) I’ve gotten Darters and Sporefish from that, which also helps reduce raid farming!

  15. Kruachan Says:

    Much more than 50 ogres to get the 24 slots leather bag,
    around 50 analyzers to get the new repair bot (x5 !!!),
    and handfull of sunfury archers to get the adamantite arrows maker.
    I got the weather-beaten journal after 5 or 10 crates (in Zangarmarsh) so pretty fast.
    The new adamantite chain is world drop so my smith will wait :)

  16. Alazasthas Says:

    Well, Im just about to get that meta out of my ears now :D….Will start to collect fishes now.

    BTW if you are a skinner, you should try to sell all your excess stock right now. In my server the prices of Heavy and Regular Knothide Leather skyrocketed, shifting from 2-3 gp in average to a new price of 6-8 gp per Heavy Knothide. Milk the market while you can. Also, dont forget the Regular Knothide, the new bags use a lot of it and the market will surely buy anything that you have.

  17. ClemSnide Says:

    Ah, Kali, so you did decide to go for the bag after all? I remember you were somewhat ambivalent on it.

    One of the greatest things for lower-level craferts in the 2.3 patch was that all Trainers now have all recipes (except for specializations like Armorsmithing, Elemental Leatherworking, et. al.). No more talking to the guy standing next to your old trainer! No more flying to the Hinterlands! And, praise all the odd gods, no more clearing out Uldaman for Enchanters!

  18. kaliope Says:

    Heh, you’re right about that Clem. Mostly I went over there because I was being nosy, I wanted to see how camped it would be. When I arrived there was no one else around and ogres were just standing there, looking forlorn. Soooo, I decided to kill a few and see how long it took the bag to drop…. for research purposes of course. I really didn’t expect to get it, I only planned to stick around for 5 or 10 minutes. I was pretty shocked to get it off the second guy :)

    Now I just need to force myself to go farm that new Meta-gem recipe, rofl.

  19. ^^TnT^^ Says:

    The first day of the patch was awesome :)

    At first i build my helicopter and then i was out to farm the book, the arrow maker and the new repair bot. That day was against all days in my wow life! Luck and more luck until the end of the day. Book from the first box and the other 2 schematics in the next half of an hour. Just pefect. i hope all days was like that but..

  20. Bombardem Says:

    Like you I got two recipes the first two days of cooking quests, and since then, jackxxxx. I got the caster food which I wanted, but not the pet food. I’ve also only gotten 3 different quests before they started repeating.

    Manalicious: The mana berries are very easy in midrealm dome, they respawn in about 30 seconds and you can collect them just around the merchants in a couple minutes as theres 5 or more spawns there.

    Revenge is Tasty: Giant Kaliri are definitely on the endangered species list now. Too bad you cant farm more than one at a time. Fortunately the meat crate you get as a reward is often full of warp and clefthoof meat.

    Soup for the Soul: I usually have the roasted clefthoof in the bank, but you still have to fly all across nagrand to the ancients area to cook it.

    This is the only quest I havent gotten yet:

    Super Hot Stew: Again, the meat crates supply lots of these ingredients, but you still have to go to blades edge to cook it over an abyssal corpse.

    The recipes you can receive are:
    * Recipe: Broiled Bloodfin
    * Recipe: Delicious Chocolate Cake
    * Recipe: Kibler’s Bits
    * Recipe: Skullfish Soup
    * Recipe: Spicy Hot Talbuk
    * Recipe: Stormchops
    according to;source=live
    I can confirm the talbuk and skullfish

  21. kaliope Says:

    For myself and my guildmates, the Kaliri bird is the hardest quest. I’ve personally had to kill over a dozen birds for one wing, I know a couple of guildies who’ve killed over 30 to get a wing. The crummy part is on our server we’ve gotten Kaliri bird 3 or 4 times and the other quests like once. I just did the Super Hot Stew one yesterday, so it’s definitely in live rotation. I’ve also been saving all my clefthoof/raptor/serpent bits, so in the future these quests will get even easier once we build up a collection of the various meats from the box/barrel reward. Then we’ll just have to go to the zone of the day to cook with the special pot and hearth back. Unfortunately Kaliri birds will always be the hardest because of the drop rate on wings.

    At this point I’ve only gotten Spicy Talbuk (on 2 of my 3 toons) and Kibler’s Bits (on the hunter, woot!). I’d still like to get the new fish ones, Skullfish and Bloodfin, as well as the rares. I intend to keep doing the cooking dailies until I get the all the recipes :)

  22. Bombardem Says:

    Thats very odd, I’ve gotten the kaliri quest about 5 or 6 times now and it always drops on the first kill.

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