Engineers get some 2.3 luv

As you probably know, Engineers are getting some good stuff in the next patch and I’m not just talking about gyrocopters. We also get new high-end arrows and a reworking of the Adamantite Shells recipe as well. Both of these items are being changed to a “machine” that creates ammo, instead of just the shells/arrows themselves. They also have new materials to make them. I’m not clear whether this helps us or not, I guess that remains to be seen.


Adamantite Arrow Maker, Patch 2.3

We’re also getting a new Field Repair Bot recipe that will drop from mobs in Blade’s Edge Mountains. I know lots of folks have been clamoring for this recipe, so I’m glad to see that Blizzard listened and gave it to us. It will be nice to see engineers bringing these on raids so we don’t have to take multiple “repair breaks” when learning a new raid fight.

Field Repair Bot 110A

They are also improving the availability of the Steam Tonk Controller recipe by adding it to vendors in Ironforge and Orgrimmar. Previously it could only be purchased with Darkmoon tickets from the Darkmoon Faire vendor.

3 Responses to “Engineers get some 2.3 luv”

  1. ClemSnide Says:

    That’s good info! It means that I can save my Engineer’s DMF tickets to buy something other than the Tonk controller, which I have dearly wanted since starting the little fellow.

  2. Alzor Says:

    One thing I also noted on the PTR this week, I can place motes and primals in my Fel Iron Toolbox. With no official note about this, I’m holding my breath that this isn’t a bug. I also can put motes and primals of Earth and Fire only in my Mining Bag.

  3. ^^TnT^^ Says:

    Nice… it will make arrow/bullet seling easier. Too bad i spent my tickets for the tonk :) i think the new robot is much more expensive to make that the other one..

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