The Fine Art of Fish Finding

I’m really excited about the new tracking changes in the upcoming patch. When I’m on the live server, I find myself desperately wishing I had it. This is actually a bit strange when you consider that I didn’t spend all that much time with it on the PTR, I really only played with it a couple of times. But every time I can’t find a reagent/trade goods/ammo vendor type in some random town, it’s painful how much I wish I could click that little button and save myself some frustration.

Fish tracking is just another supremely obvious addition to the colossally obvious tracking feature. As a master angler, why shouldn’t I be able to track fish? My current process is horribly inefficient. I fly at low altitude because I can’t see the swirling waters if I’m more than 20 feet over the lake. I have to stop every 20-30 feet to double-check my path, because my UI cannot draw some world objects as fast as my mount flies. When I spot a pool, I have to stop and mouse over it to see what kind it is, since I’m not coordinated enough to do this while still flying. It’s pathetic, really.

So naturally, I’m all over the fish tracking book. The bad part is that I spent an hour fishing in Zangarmarsh last week and it didn’t drop. Which left me wondering, is this some kind of rare spawn situation designed to torment me? As luck would have it, our old buddy El has the answer. She already has the skinny on fishing in the 2.3 patch, in addition to a ton of research that I would never take the time to do.

Thankfully, she has narrowed down the situation for me. It seems that the fish tracking book drops predominantly from Curious Crates (see El’s site for ratios and such) in Zangarmarsh. Now I know from my own experience fishing that you are more likely to get a crate from the Steampump flotsam pools than the fish pools. So for my second expedition I switched from fish pools and focused on the flotsam.

Strangely enough, flotsam was not as rampant on the test server as it normally is on my server. I covered 3 of the 4 lakes in Zang and only found 3 spawns. Luckily the third pool gave up the loot and I have now been granted the sacred knowledge of fish tracking.

Which is just as cool as I’d hoped it would be. I flew around Zang and the fish spawns were popping up just like I expected. I was able to fly at full speed and see the nodes right on my mini-map, and even check what kind they were without stopping to hover over one. As a bonus, I also discovered why I was having trouble finding the flotsam, it appears some of it was spawning underwater and had no tell-tale “debris” on top of the water. Thanks to my new tracking skill, I can see it anyway. I also spotted some spawn locations that I didn’t even know existed, probably because of my previously described sputtering search techniques.

And the moral of the story is… don’t waste your time on the fish pools if you want the book, focus on the flotsam. Now if they would just give us blobby tracking so my engineer will have an easier time finding the fart clouds … errr gas clouds that hide free motes, I’d be completely satisfied with the new tracking system.


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  1. AlmightyCow Says:

    Ask and you shall receive.

  2. Solidstate Says:

    Nice post Kali, I especially enjoyed your description of how you currently look for pools :)
    For the record, I use the exact same procedure, and I suspect so do everyone else. Except for those using mods which can help a bit…

    Regarding the clouds, as AlmightyCow said, but here’s a bit more info from the patch notes[1]:

    # Gas clouds in Nagrand now produce motes of air.
    # Gas clouds in Zangarmarsh now produce motes of water instead of motes of life.
    # The gas clouds in Netherstorm are now always visible. Abilities on goggles that previously allowed the player to detect these invisible gas clouds will now show all gas clouds on their minimap instead. This will stack with other tracking types.


    I believe this is the *only* tracking ability that stacks with other tracking abilities. Maybe an opening for other tracking abilities to stack? we can only hope… :)

  3. Kruachan Says:

    Do you remember the large amount of primal shadow and primal life that were lying in your bank some months ago, I think it’s over now.
    The nerf bat have hit motes of shadow dropping from demons then motes of life drop rate harvesting herbs.

    On the other hand why would an engineer get a preferential “harvesting” acces to air/water/mana/shadow:
    1 – Engineering is not a gathering profession, other crafters do not gather with their crafts.
    2 – Engineering recipes use earth/fire but no air/water/mana/shadow or very rarely.
    that sounds weird and artificial for me Oo

  4. kaliope Says:

    Thanks guys, I checked the patch notes on our dev server and didn’t see mention of the holo-gogs or tracking of gas clouds. Clearly I didn’t search hard enough.

    I agree with you Kruachan that Engineering isn’t a harvesting profession, yet Blizz chose to give us a mote extractor. One can only assume from this that they wanted to throw engies a bone of some sort with regard to the lack of profit opportunities we currently enjoy? That’s just my guess really.

    I would be willing to forego the tracking if they made the clouds a bit more prolific, as it is I can count on one hand the number of gas clouds I’ve seen in Zang when playing my engie toon. Considering she completed all quests there, that’s no small amount of time. On the PTR yesterday I did a huge loop through the whole zone searching for gas clouds and found only three. People who fish for water motes have much better results with the same time investment. Basically they should either beef up the gas clouds or give us a way to track the skimpy ones they currently offer. Right now I’m lucky if I use my mote extractor once a week.

  5. Bob Says:

    My warrior is an engineer and I ran around on my server in Zanga for a long while, mining and looking for those gas clouds. I found zero.

    Never seem to find any of them. I have used my extractor one time. And that was when I saw one on my alt, I logged out and ran my warrior over there to get it. Wanted to get something for my work :)

  6. ^^TnT^^ Says:

    I’ll love those trackings…. I just cant wait to see them live… especially fishing pools… i had the same problem with u kaliope..

  7. R.J. Says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. Patch day, I went down to the coast of Hillsbrad (SE of Southshore) and fished only pools of floating wreckage, following El’s advice. Found 6 or 7 spawns in less than half an hour, and this journal dropped! A note – I only caught watertight trunks (well, and stranglekelp), no curious crates. The contents of the 15 trunks only added up to a few gold, but the journal made this twenty minutes very well spent.

  8. kaliope Says:

    You’re right RJ, the old-zone wreckage does not drop curious crates, that is just the wreckage in Zang. Either way, if Zang is devoid of junk you can go to Feralas, Stranglethorn, etc and fish up the wreckage there instead. The drop rate is lower, but so is the competition :)

  9. Lichblade Says:

    I guess I got lucky. I didn’t even know about the fishing tracker book, and the first time i fished a wreakage in dustwallow marsh (my first time fishing with the new patch actually) i managed to net one.

  10. Leifs Says:

    Regarding the flotsam pools in Zang, they are part of a 3-way cycle with the 2 fish pools. This means that if you empty a fish pool, in the reset time (not sure but probably at least 10 minutes) the next pool in the cycle pops. So if you can’t find any flotsam pools, you can fish and empty the rest and come back in 10 minutes and see what pools repop.

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