More new recipes from Patch 2.3

I finally got around to locating the other new recipes on the test server, and there are some interesting changes. First, they’ve decided to move the Enchant Ring – Stats recipe from the Scale of the Sands vendor to the Lower City vendor. Apparently they want more players to have this recipe, at least that would be my guess as to why they moved this to an easier faction vendor.

Jewelcrafters are getting a new farmable meta-gem recipe, too bad it’s a Skyfire Diamond, lol! I’m sure all of us just love farming Primal Air, right? Anyway, this looks to be an appealing caster gem. But since I don’t actually play any casters, I can’t say how it stacks up against the other meta-gem options they have.

Chaotic Skyfire Diamond

We also have some modifications to a couple of the “drum” recipes for leatherworkers. They’ve been added to the Kurenai/Maghar faction vendors and can be purchased at Honored reputation. I’m definitely curious why Blizzard is deciding to just give away recipes that were previously very rare, but I guess we’ll never know. The other interesting thing with these is that they increased the number of charges to 50 and changed the mats. I guess the deal with the charges is intended to make them more useful. It looks to me like the change in materials actually makes these items more expensive to make, but I guess it’s nice as far as removing the Primal requirement and keeping them strictly leather.

Drums of Speed 2.3 PatchDrums of Restoration 2.3 Patch

We also get a new drop recipe for a 24 slot leatherworking bag: the Bag of Many Hides.  Strangely enough, the name actually matches the materials to make it, rofl!  If the farming isn’t too horrible I might try to get it, but I don’t know that I’d kill myself for one.

Bag of Many Hides 2.3 Patch

Next post will be more Engineering goodies!


3 Responses to “More new recipes from Patch 2.3”

  1. ClemSnide Says:

    The Leathercrafting bag will be useful if it can hold the stuff associated with LW– I’m thinking mostly scales. And of course there are lots of specialty leathers. I’m somewhat of a pack rat (still have a spare dose of Videre Elixir in a couple of charas), so when I farm a special leather and then make what I want, I store anything that’s left over. So I have a couple of Runecloth bags full of various scraps. Odd how that happens: I do leatherwork in real life, and it’s exactly the same!

  2. kaliope Says:

    I agree about the odd scraps situation, I still have some silithid chitins, warbear leather and a devilsaur hide on my bank toon. The only issue I’m toying with is whether a 24 slot bag would actually be required for all the various bits. I think right now I have one Traveler’s bag with leather scraps + motes on my main and a runecloth bag of leather bits on my banker, which might add up to 24 slots total. If I could get away with a couple of 20-slot guys and save all the nether dragonscales for another project, I’m cheap and I’ll probably do that instead. Really for me, it’s not so much that I couldn’t use the space, but whether I can get by with the smaller version =)

  3. Bob Says:

    Nice, finally get a good ring enchant. Gonna need to make sure I can cast it four times though. :) The joy of being a Feral Druid.

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