Update: Cooking Daily Quest

I have been diligently doing the Cooking quests every day on the test realm, trying to get the purported “pet food” recipe. I even got my hunter in on the action, thinking perhaps it would increase my odds of receiving that recipe. If nothing else I suppose 2 toons running the quest was increasing my overall odds, but I doubt that being a hunter helps because I finally got the recipe today on my druid. For those who haven’t seen it yet:

Kibler’s Bits

I should also point out that my hunter has run the quest 3-4 times now and only has 1 recipe to show for her efforts. My druid got the first few recipes pretty quickly, but it would appear there is a certain random factor built into the system. So don’t be surprised if you don’t get recipes immediately when you start doing the cooking quests, it could take a few tries. <<< Update: since the patch went live the recipe drop rate has gone down significantly from when I wrote this based on my test server experiences. Recipes seem to be dropping at a 10-15% rate from the reward boxes >>>

Also, I discovered an interesting factoid about this quest that I thought I’d share. I’m not sure I’ve encountered this with other daily quests, since they are all the same each day. But I logged in today planning to pick up the daily quest, only to realize I hadn’t turned in a previous quest. I went ahead and turned in the quest I had and Mr. Rokk wouldn’t offer me another. So apparently you have to turn in your daily quest on the same day you receive it, otherwise it will count for the day you turn it in.

One more thing: I just received a new quest today that I haven’t seen before. This makes four total cooking quests that are part of the available pool. This quest involves collecting 2 Mok’Nathal Shortribs and 1 Crunchy Serpent which are combined using a special cooking pot that The Rokk provides to create a “Demon Broiled Surprise”. You are supposed to do this using an abyssal’s corpse, and while I’m not entirely sure I know what that entails, I will do my best to figure it out…. stayed tuned!

**Update** The abyssal flamebringers in the demon camp south of Ogri’la are the mobs needed for the new cooking quest =)


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  1. Armath Says:

    The way I’ve found daily quests to work is that the day it turns in is the day that counts. You can have more than 10 daily quests at the same time, but you can only turn in 10 in a given game day, and you can’t get those quests again until the next day.

  2. Hema Says:

    I just hope my pet will actually eat this pet food, unlike the sporeling snacks from zangermarsh that all my pets refuse to eat.

  3. kaliope Says:

    Well unfortunately my cat would not eat the Kibler’s Bits. I submitted a bug report on this, because I think it’s unfair and somewhat anti-continuity that cats will eat the buzzard meat, but will not eat this prepared version. Hopefully Blizzard will listen because you’re right – the sporeling snacks are pretty useless. There’s not much point in adding another pet food if once again common pets won’t eat it.

  4. Ernil Says:

    It’s not something u feed to your pet using the “Feed Pet” command. If u look at the tooltip, it’s an “On Use” effect, meaning u right click the item to feed it to your pet, as if you were eating it yourself. Same goes with sporeling snacks.

  5. Jackie Says:

    Ernil has it correct. I have never had a problem feeding any of my pets with the Sporeling Snacks and I have a bird, cat and wolf. Nice thing is you don’t need to target your pet to use it and there is no “eating” timer. It works the same way as a castable buff would.

  6. kaliope Says:

    I tested your method Ernil and it worked for my kitty, yay =) So now I know to “use” the snacks instead of feeding it to the pet, thanks!

  7. Malkith Says:

    I can say that these food work with any pet, not only the hunter’s one. Demons like it too ^^

  8. van Says:

    I just did the mana berry quest and turned it in and didnt get a recipe o.O Only some meat. I gues you may or may not get a receipe? I’ve done the quest two times before and got Hot spicy talbuk and Skullfish soup.

  9. kaliope Says:

    No, there’s no guarantee of a recipe. The rate is pretty high initially, but once you have the first three it goes down. There are two rare recipes also tied to this quest, I have no idea how hard they are to acquire.

  10. Elory Says:

    So far i have done the cooking daily 3 times. All three times he asked me to cook spiritual soup and only got 1 recipe sofar… Begins to wonder if there is only 1 version active atm

  11. kaliope Says:

    Elory: all the quests are in rotation from what I’ve seen. Sadly, I’ve noticed the same tendency to repeat – I’ve gotten the Kaliri bird quest several times myself. But if you do it every day you will get the other eventually. I think their randomization algorithm may just be a tad off right now. Please fix Blizz!!

  12. Bult Says:

    I’ve done the quest 6 times, and received my first recipe on the 6:th time. So I don’t agree on that rate is pretty high initially… And I have not seen much of quest rotation either as 5 of the 6 quests I have done have been the Kaliri bird quest…

    I really want the “stormchops”. That food buff together with my Vengeance trinket should be really nice for tanking multiple mobs :)

    And I’m curious about the “Delicious Chocolate Cake” Anyone that got some info on that one?


  13. kaliope Says:

    Bult: I noticed the same thing after the patch went live, you’re right about that. My initial comment was relating to the test server, but the recipe drop rate has gone down significantly since the release. I will update my post so folks don’t get confused by that.

    I personally haven’t gotten the chocolate cake yet, but someone in my guild got it last week. I got the Stormchops recipe a few days ago and I’ve been testing it since then. I been working on a post about it, along with some statistics I’ve been collecting for fishing up the eels.

  14. Daggs Says:

    I was just wondering if anyone could tell me where i might find a list of all the recipes that drop off this daily….would be very much appreciated

  15. Lika Says:

    Daggs, Thottbot has them listed.

    Possible Crate of Meat Contents: http://thottbot.com/i33857#A::A

    Possible Barrel of Fish Contents: http://thottbot.com/i33844#A::A

  16. Moorman Says:

    I got the Delicious Chocolate Cake recipe the first time I did the cooking daily. Its just for fun, it does not give you any beneficial buff at all. While you are sitting down eating it fireworks shoot up from your back but once you stand up they stop :( would be funny to have fireworks the entire hour you have the very happy buff. The very happy buff that you do get is an hour long and it is represented by a smily face icon, its not beneficial for anything but when you mouse over it it says you are Very Happy.

    Delicious Chocolate Cake = Just for fun

    Recipes I have gotten so far are:
    Delicious Chocolate Cake
    Skullfish Soup
    Kibler Bites
    Spicy Talbuk
    Broiled Bloodfin ( or something like that)

    still hoping for the stormchops recipe :)

    very easy quests and they dont take long at all, gl on your hunting

  17. Kittiey Says:

    I have done the dailies in Shattrah each and every day since BC came out and also in Dalaran after WOTLK. The cake is a lie. You can’t beg borrow nor steal it, and it does not drop :(

  18. Erika Says:

    The pet food which buffs your pets stats is not ‘fed’ to your pet like normal food, instead just right-click on the food in your bag and it will buff your pet – that’s why some peeps are complaining that their pets ‘wont eat the pet food’ but really they’re not using it properly – don’t use the “feed pet” command people! =D

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