Leather Goodies from the PTR (patch 2.3)

As some of you may know, leatherworking is getting a pretty nice boost in the next patch. Not only are we getting a handful of new recipes from the trainers, but they are also adding some of the more rare recipes to faction vendors for easier access (slightly, but hey we’re talking about Blizzard here). They are also tweaking some existing recipes with regard to materials and usage, Drums in particular are getting a revamp. I’m actually a tad bummed about this because I got a copy of the Drums of Restoration recipe for super cheap on the Auction House. I had planned to milk that puppy for some easy cash, but I never actually did it. My bad I suppose for being a lazy dork and now my window of opportunity is lost. Oh well.

Anyhoo… I got some screenshots of the new Leatherworking recipes off the test server and I thought you guys would want a sneak peek:


And just for grins, the new leather recipe that we suspect will be mailed out in connection with the Winter Veil event:


The leather satchel requires 300 skill, the two ammo bags are 315 and the two kits are 350 skill.  I assume the Winter Boots are intended to be a novelty costume item, but unfortunately they don’t look terribly cute or festive.  Green, curly tipped elfish boots with jingly bells or perhaps red, fur-trimmed Santa boots would have been good, but these just look like cheap newbie footwear <sigh>.


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  1. Diabolos Says:

    There’s also another quiver(?) recipe available from the Kurenai vendor in Telaar. IIRC, it’s 22/24 slot quiver with a 15% ranged attack speed boost.

    Question for the masses: What’s the likely customer for the glove reinforcements? Does the +240 armor get multiplied with druid bear form? Will prot warriors/pallies also want it?

    Question #2: Do LW’s REALLY need a LW bag? I don’t tend to keep THAT much raw materials on hand. While I do have a mule with a good amount of hides, if you keep a character spot or 2 for alt mules, space shouldn’t be that much of an issue, I think.

  2. kaliope Says:

    Diabolos: You’re right that this isn’t really all of the LW recipes on the PTR, I just started tracking down the faction-based ones this afternoon. Those will be popping up in a future post :)

    My vote for the glove reinforcement would be mostly bear druids, for tanks I suspect that +15 Agility will still win that spot, but +240 AC could be a new option over the regular knothide kit that is currently the next best choice.

    On the LW bag, I would personally make one since I have a 16-slot bag now and I’m running out of room in it. Of course, I put other stuff in addition to leather, so I guess that could negate the space saving benefit. I suppose it would predominantly depend on what you have, I still save various specialty leathers “just in case”. So for me a 20-slot bag on my bank toon to hold all the oddball bits would still be a good deal. But in general, I don’t see this as terribly marketable. As with the engineering box for Engineers, LW will likely just make one for themselves.

  3. Diabolos Says:

    Thanks Kaliope! I didn’t mean to sound like I was criticizing you =(. All that you do is much appreciated!

  4. kaliope Says:

    Heheh, no worries! I noticed the other missing recipes after I’d written this post, so I’m glad you pointed out that there are more of them for other readers. I’m still catching up a bit on what all the various changes are, they keep rolling them out in waves on the PTR, lol.

  5. Alazasthas Says:

    The 3 other pattern availbale are the new 24 slot pouch/quivers available from faction vendors (I think Lower City and Honor Hold) and the new 24 LW bag dropping from the ogres near Shat.

    The quiver is almost easy to get, needing some HKL, a couple of primal airs, a primal nether and 99 Light Feathers. If you are still grinding Skyguard faction, ou can keep killing things there for faction and some of those.

    The pouch is more painful, as you need some HKL, 12 primal earth, a nether and 40 nether dragonscales…..just the though of killing that many drakes makes my head hurt.

    The 24 bag is more of a novelty item than anyhing useful….I will make one for my 2 banking toons (one for pre TBC items, the other one for the AH). Nothing really flashy as you need 5 of each of the following: 5 WIndscales, 5 Fel Hides, 5 Netherscales, 5 Clefthoof Hides, some Thread and 15 HKL. Seems the drop rate is not that bad, and you should get one in about 30 minutes over there.

    For the armor in gloves, I havent really tested it, but you will only need it if you really are hurting. I still think that the +15 agility enchant will give you more than 240 AR (that won’t be multiplied by the bear bonus BTW as with all the other armor enchants). The Heavy knothide armor kit is a welcome addition, as with the regular one, I dont see it getting that much of an attention, as the materials to get a biger stamina bonus from enchanting are not that hard to come by, compared to the cost of the Heavy Knothide Leather.

  6. Bob Says:

    Yes, I would assume that the glove enforcement is not multiplied by bear form which means +15 agility to hands is still the best gloves enchant for Druid Tanks. Warriors might want the armor as well as paladins since they are not as close to the armor cap.

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