Debut of Item Type Filter on Crafter’s Tome

Hubby has been working hard the past week to bring you guys a new feature on our site. The biggest feature request we’ve had over the last few months has been for item type filters. This includes armor type, weapon type, and things of this nature within a specific profession and is separate from the slot option currently available.

Some examples would be that within Blacksmithing you can set the Item Type to Plate and see only the plate gear, or choose Daggers and see only craftable Daggers. Within Leatherworking you could set the Item Type to Mail and see only the Hunter/Shammy gear, or choose Consumable and see only Armor Kits and Drums. In Jewelcrafting you can actually search on gem color, which is another feature our users asked for and we’ve integrated with this change. We’ve applied the Item Type option across all the professions, so you can use the same filters with Enchanting, Engineering, Tailoring and even Alchemy. The item types should conform to the in-game designations.

We’re very excited to add this major user-driven feature and encourage you all to let us know if you have any problems with it! Go check it out!


5 Responses to “Debut of Item Type Filter on Crafter’s Tome”

  1. Sellia Says:

    Thanks for all the hard work ! =)

    Your site is the best reference on tradeskill. Keep the good work.

  2. Tsark Says:

    Very nice additional feature – thanks for that!

  3. Elory Says:

    Very nice feature indeed! Makes finding stuff a lot easier.

    I had some problems with it tho. But it might be me using the feature wrong. When i go to blacksmithing for example and look up daggers (just like in the example you gave) I get to see all daggers and all non weapon type items. So it doesnt only give me daggers only as you said it should. It does the same on jewelcrafting when you select for gems. Havent tried the rest

    It looks like it rules out all the other things in the category you are in (for example it doesnt show all the deselected weapons) but leaves all other categories shown.

    I love craftertome as a reference and i use it a lot! Thanks for all the work you did in making this as good as it is now :) and trying to find improvements all the time! Helping you improving this feature felt like the least i could to back :-)

  4. kaliope Says:

    You are correct Elory, it will show all items on all sections that are marked with a check, not just the options in the current section. If you want to show only daggers, you have to first click the “none” option at the top which removes all checks from all type categories. Then you mark the individual item types you want to see. We did that so people could set filters for multiple items types across categories, not just within a single category. Most of our filters actually work that way so people can build fairly complex combinations if they wish and we wanted to preserve that continuity with this feature.

    We didn’t put any explanatory text in there to help folks catch that part of it, but you guys are pretty savvy so we assumed you would figure it out :)

  5. Diabolos Says:

    Go Kaliope! Woot!

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