Travel Log: New Daily Cooking Quests from the PTR

Day 1: I located the new quest-giver “The Rokk” (he’s in the Lower City between the Arakkoa tower and the Infirmary) and received a cooking task from him to collect 8 mana berries from the eco-domes in Netherstorm. When I arrived inside an eco-dome, it took me a few minutes to recognize the bushes because they blended in with the other tropical scenery. Once I spotted one (round and green with bright red berries on it) it wasn’t too hard to find others. And somehow, despite my typically cautious nature, I kept ended up with pissed off kitties on me. I could swear they increased the aggro radius on those guys, I had 3 of them on me at one point! Eventually I gathered my 8 berries and headed back to Shattrath. For my trouble I received a box that contained a dozen warp flesh bits, a couple of random junk items and a recipe for “Spicy Hot Talbuk”

Day 2: I report back to The Rokk and receive a new quest to make a Kaliri Stew. I’m required to collect a giant Kaliri wing and combine it with 3 Warp Burgers. Luckily I still have warp flesh from yesterday’s goodie box, so I’m feeling confident. Unfortunately there were enough other cooks on the same quest to actually deplete the number of Kaliri birds in Skettis. I finally found a couple and the wing dropped from the second, so I went back to Shattrath to present my stew. Today I decided to take the barrel of fish instead of the box of meat, and I got a new recipe for Skullfish Soup.

Day 3: I get my next Cooking assignment from Mr. Rokk and he now sends me to Nagrand. I’m to collect 4 clefthoof meat and prepare them with his special pot at the Ancestral Grounds in West Nagrand. Getting the clefthoof meat was no problem, but finding the right spot at the Ancestral Grounds was a bit tricky. There are a few cookpots scattered around the camp, but apparently none of these are actually cooking fires. So I had to clear several locations before I found the right place. For future reference, it’s the bonfire in the center. Sometimes there are a couple of mobs near it, but if someone else has been there recently it may be clear. If you were flying over you could probably just drop right onto it, whip out your pot and be done. I flew back to Nagrand and turned in my “Spiritual Soup” and received another box of meat. Unfortunately my box didn’t have a new recipe in it, but I will keep trying!

So far I’ve been impressed with the variety of tasks the Cooking guy has available. The first day I kind of assumed I’d be picking berries every day. The second day I thought maybe he would just have the two, but now I see he has at least three different quests to offer. That’s rather nice of Blizz to come up with a few different jobs to hand out, more than I would have expected for a secondary profession.

For more information, see my newer post on the daily cooking quests, including the Demon Broiled Surprise quest!

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  1. Anjin Says:

    Thanks so much for posting this. I’ve been curious about how the quests would turn out. I’m glad you took the time to look into it. It will be nice to have another daily quest option.

  2. Solidstate Says:

    Awesome Kali, thanks for posting this information!

    Yesterday I saw a post on mmo-champion about the new daily quests, but they just gave one[1] and didn’t even mention the 3 others you posted so I’m really glad to hear we have options. BTW, do you need herbalism to pick the berries?

    Can you do more than one daily cooking quest (assuming you’re below the usual 10-daily limit)? Or are you limited to just one per day?

    Cheers and thanks again,

  3. Ratshag Says:

    This is gonna be funs! Really looking forward to it going live.

  4. Alazasthas Says:

    At least there’s another cooking quest:

    For this the goblin give you another pan and needs you to gather some serpent meat and some raptor ribs. You need to cook them into the dishes you adquire in Blade’s Edge (I think it was 3 of each).

    After you got all the mats you need to kill one of the fire elementals that roam the Forge camp south of Ogrilla and use the pan over his dead body.

    I turned it for the Cake recipe.

    And Solidstate, you can only do this once per day.

  5. kaliope Says:

    Good news! I got a new recipe for Broiled Bloodfin today, so there’s at least three new cooking recipes tied to the daily quests. Unfortunately this recipe has the crummy +spi/+sta buff, but at least it’s something new.

  6. Solidstate Says:

    I think either mmo-champion or wow-warcry linked all(?) of the new recipes, the one that caught my eye was made from Buzzard Meat, which gives +str/+spi meat for hunter pets.

    I spent last evening with my level 56 hunter killing buzzards behind HH :)

  7. Maf Says:

    Do these dailies give a chunk of gold too, like the current ones?

  8. J A Says:

    I’ve been doing these on PTR as well.

    1) You can only do 1 cooking quest per day.

    2) They do pay out gold, I believe 7g59.

  9. JAG Says:

    Did the Kaliri stew today, chose the barrel of fish and got a recipe for Stormchops:

  10. kaliope Says:

    Gratz Jag! I’m still hoping to get that one or the chocolate cake myself, but no luck so far…

    On the other hand I’ve been selling some of the +hit food (Spicy Talbuk) for good money on the AH, so I’m happy about that :)

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