2.3 Engie Flyer Mats

As I figured, the new flying machines for Engineering have caused quite a stir. I finally got my engineer copied to the PTR yesterday and she went out to Shadowmoon Valley to find out what components were required to make them.

They’ve added a new Engineering trainer to Wildhammer Stronghold, she’s located by the Forge and her name is Niobe Whizzlespark. Here is a picture of the mat requirements, bear in mind that these could be changed between now and the release of 2.3 (click to see full size image):

Mats for Engineering Flyers

The cost to learn the regular flying machine is 11.4 gold and the cost of the turbo-charged flyer is 17.10 gold. Cheap – but of course the bulk of the expense will be in the ingredients and not the recipe. You should also note that the turbo version requires the basic version as an ingredient. Those of you with epic mounts already will not be able to jump straight to the turbo flyer unfortunately.

The part that I find rather unfortunate here is that the basic model requires Elemental Seaforium charges, which can only be learned by achieving Revered status with the Consortium. This is not a faction that players typically work on unless they are a Jewelcrafter or a rogue and there’s not much in the way of dungeons you can run to increase it. The only dungeon options are Mana Tombs to Honored and Heroic Mana Tombs through Exalted. Getting the key to Heroic MT requires Revered reputation with the Lower City, another low priority faction for most people. I guess we’ll find out how much of a stumbling block this turns out to be… I suspect the Engineers who do have it will end up creating a market for those who don’t.


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  1. AlmightyCow Says:

    I think I’ve seen in a blue post that the heroic dungeon daily quests will also award Consortium rep in 2.3. Can’t seem to dig up a source at the moment…

  2. kaliope Says:

    Well, I can confirm that the Consortium guys are in the Lower City and are offering a regular dungeon quest that rewards 1 Ethereum Prison Key and a Heroic dungeon quest that rewards 2 Badges of Justice. The quests that were up today on PTR were to kill Pandemonius on Heroic (at least you don’t have to clear the whole place, but Pandemonius is a pain on Heroic). The regular quest was to kill 14 Coilfang Sorceress (or some such mob) in regular SV. Not sure how far in you’d have to go for that one. No clue how much rep you get for turning in these quests since I didn’t actually do them, but hopefully some rep would be given for the quest since the rewards themselves don’t specifically grant Cons rep (yes I know the Ethereum key *can* give Cons rep, but it’s not guaranteed).

  3. wookiecookie Says:

    A hula girl doll? I didn’t know those things existed in WoW!

  4. Alzor Says:

    The Hula Girl Doll is a new item and can be purchased from Griftah in Lower City for 100 gold. And it didn’t stike me until a few days into the PTR that there IS a market for my seaforium charges now, or at least the service to make them (which I already have for a few fellow engineers).

  5. Thrandis Says:

    You can grind the warbeads from ogres in Nagrand to hand in to the consortium guys in the camp in nagrand.

    10 beads gets you 250 consortium rep. I have one alt that has grinded to atleast revered in this way.


    The repeatable quest in Netherstorm / Area 52

    Getting insignias from consortium mobs south of town. Same hand in and rep.

  6. Alazasthas Says:

    I dont think that getting Revered is that difficult. Just run some Mana Tombs to get to Honored and get all the quests done both in Nagrand and Netherstorm and you should be on your way to get there.

  7. Thistlefur Says:

    I got to exalted with both Kurnei and Consort with bead hunting. I only turned beads into the Consort and let the 10 per kill faction gain get me to Kurnei.

    ON the side not I got a TON of Nether cloth and green-blue items to send to my JC/Tailor.

    NIce thing is there are some new missions added with the repeatables that make Consort easyer than before and now on ptr even more added.

  8. ^^TnT^^ Says:

    I’ve already started the mats collecting… :) im missing few now and the biggest problem are seaforium charges :)

    Im grinding rep for them cuz i want to be in the “seaforium market”. Too many lazy pll that will buy that seaforium charges…

  9. Diabolos Says:

    OMG OMG OMG! I tried the PTR over the weekend, and I have to say, the epic eng flying mount ROCKS ON TOAST! Of course, it would be nice if I could, say, fly around Nagrand or Zangarmarsh with it on the PTR…

  10. demon Says:

    The question I have is: Do these items require a riding skill? All I see is the level 70 and engineering requirements… no riding requirement.

  11. Bombardem Says:

    Griftah is outside shattrath now btw.

    I did the consortium rep grind just to get the ele seaforium recipe months ago, and its been a great asset for 5 mans with no rogue. It even opens the gate to the warlock boss in shattered halls so you can avoid the slimes. I’ve already had quite a few requests to make them for people who are thinking ahead.

    The Hula Girl was originally rumored to be a drop in the new ZA 10 mans, I’m glad to see it will be easily attainable. All the mats look pretty easy. I either already have them in my toolbox, or have the mats around to make them.

    This is by far the coolest mount yet, by any measurement. I cant wait.

  12. demon Says:

    My Mistake… I read the bottom text, now I see where it says the riding skill… doh

  13. Stephenn Says:

    It’s very cool. I made it on the PTR this afternoon and have been flying around all evening. When you get off the ground gyrocopter blades pop out and start spinning. On the ground the blades fold up and then are pulled inside the machine and you can taxi around sort of like a speeder from Star Wars.

    Picture: http://s174.photobucket.com/albums/w82/jpmeeke/WOW/?action=view&current=flying_machine_10292007_PTR.jpg

  14. Diabolos Says:

    I especially like the idling animation/sound it does too. If you stay in one place for a while (land or air), it’ll sputter and stall (but you don’t actually fall) and then you’ll hear the engine crank a bit and it’ll start back up.

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