My first 25-man raid + Prince Shaffar

My guild has just recently started trying Gruul’s Lair, but I hadn’t yet gotten in on a run until this past weekend. I purposely loitered about in the hopes that someone would notice and invite me, luckily that pathetic game plan actually worked out. Yay, I’m a raider again!

I’d been kinda missing some of the old-style raids where you get a bunch of folks together and spend 90% of your time standing around acting stupid. Ok, a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea. There’s a lot of prep and a lot of strat and then a brief burst of killing. Followed by the inevitable rezzing and rebuffing, heh.

This wasn’t quite as fun as our old MC runs since we were joined by another guild. So the silly chatter was kind of minimal, but it was still a valuable experience to learn the fights themselves. We did pretty well killing Maulgar, especially since most of us were new to the fight. Unfortunately Gruul was much harder for us and we didn’t get him down. But I’m sure we’ll get it done, we’ve got lots of great players in our guild =)

On a different note, I barely managed to get a second pair of Romance Goggles for my rogue Krystella before I went to bed last night. I wandered into the world to see how well they worked outside of Ironforge and surprisingly they work quite well. I was in Blasted Lands taking the long way home (had to use my hearth to get back to IF to redeem my tickets) and all of the humanoids out there were Gnomie.

The real test should be the dungeons, right? I pondered which ones I could poke around in without causing trouble for myself and decided to try Auchindoun. First I went to Sethekk, mostly because that’s what I found first. I actually got into the room with Darkweaver Syth, but unfortunately he has stealth detect and he busted me before I could get a screenshot. It didn’t really matter since he’s undead and he looked the same anyway.

Next I decided to try Mana Tombs because I knew I could get all the way through there and I also knew Prince Shaffar was human. So here’s your money shot of the day (click to see full sized version):

Gnome Prince Shaffar

What I love about this shot is that Prince Shaffar looks like the ringleader of the Village People, which we always suspected of him from that smarmy tone he uses in his welcoming speech. But now we can also see that his minions are humanoid too, which I never realized in all the times I’ve been to Mana Tombs. They just looked like blobs of lightning to me before, how interesting. I also discovered that if you swap the Romance Goggles on and off, the gnomes change outfits each time. I especially like the bikini look as modeled by the gnome on the right :)


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