Oompa-Loompa Land

I hope everyone has been enjoying the Brewfest that Blizzard so kindly gave us this year. I made a point to collect a Wolpertinger for every one of my 60+ toons because there’s no such thing as too many evil, rabid bunnies. I also did some runs with the ram-racing, but it gets kind of old after a few rounds. I was really hoping they’d give us some fun new recipes with the Brewfest, but alas all we got were some fairly ugly bar outfits.

Since Kaliope is my main, I thought I should suck it up and try to purchase a few of the various goodies you can buy with Brewfest tickets. I considered going for the Brewfest Ram, but 600 tickets is a lot to collect. Since all my girls already have epic mounts, I wasn’t sure what I’d be gaining with all that work. Plus, not to be snobby, but the rams aren’t exactly my favorite mount.

So I decided I would go for the Pony Keg and the Romance Goggles. I only had to do a couple of rounds of the barking and ram-racing quests to get enough tickets, so that wasn’t too bad. After making my purchases I tried the Pony Keg first. This seemed like the perfect “raid party in a can” item to me. Sure enough, I clicked it and a keg appeared on the ground. I clicked the keg numerous times (maybe 10 or so) and it gave me a drink each time. Another random Brewfest attendee wandered by and clicked it also, so clearly anyone can use the keg once I’ve conjured it. The only downside was that I could only have 1 drink in my bags at a time, so I had to quaff the current drink before I could get another. So it’s kind of like a soulwell, but instead of dispensing healthstones it dispenses fun! It disappears after a few minutes and has a 30 minute cool-down timer on it. It’s still a great novelty item for the price of 50 Brewfest tickets.

Next I decided to test out Belbi’s Eyesight Enhancing Romance Goggles“. Right away I notice that I can look like an Engineer – even though I’m not! This could be a great way to trip people up in PVP. And true to form, it does indeed make everyone look like a gnome. Now I know that in theory this doesn’t seem like a terribly exciting item. But in practice it’s actually a hoot to wander through Ironforge and see everyone Gnome-ified! I had a lot of fun walking around and watching Gnomes on Sabers, Gnomes shopping at the Auction House, Gnomes acting stupid at the mailbox. It’s like being the star of your own WoW-version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, walking among the little people.

You have one more day to get your own Brewfest fun goodies, so hurry up before it ends on Tuesday!


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  1. saltcy Says:

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    Nice to meet you all~

  2. kaliope Says:

    Hi Saltcry – I would strongly discourage you from buying WoW gold with real money, most players frown upon that practice. It’s not difficult to make gold in game and when you’re just starting out you really don’t need a lot of cash anyway. My two suggestions would be – do not buy armor all the time. I would replace items every five levels, not every two as some people do. My second suggestion would be to take two gathering professions. Crafting is hard to make money at as a lowbie, so cash in by providing materials for everyone else. Ore is always a solid money-maker, as are herbs. Leather is good if you don’t want to have to toggle your mini-map constantly, but it’s not as lucrative as the other two. Good luck and welcome to the game!!

  3. Ratshag Says:

    Heh, I misread. Thought at first you’d gotten over 60 wolperthingies, and I was thinking “dang! you could pull the whole beer wagon with all that”, but no, that’s not what ya said. I think.

    The wolperthingy was a fun job. I wishes they’d had more missions what required you to be blitzed, but after the Dark Iron Boys bailed out ya pretty much needed to be sober the whole time, making it all a little pointless. /sigh.

    The pony keg is fun, though. I been whipping it out whenever there’s a break in the action, and inviting me friends to partake. Been making me real popular.

  4. Talius Says:

    Sadly I was unable to get the tickets for the goggles. I tend to have too much space devoted to rep and gag and pet items as it is. The Worpeltinger is actually our new guild masscott.

    With the Goggles though, it seems that they will turn any humanoid into a gnome. This includes bosses :D There is nothing quite seeing Gruul as a huge Gnome dressed as a roman gladiator trying to bash your MT.

  5. kaliope Says:

    Heh, I agree Talius. I actually snuck around Mana Tombs last night and took a screen shot of the Prince with my goggles to share with everyone :)

  6. ^^TnT^^ Says:

    I enjoy the brewfest :p nice addition. I got Wolpertinger for all my cahrs. I got the goggles for my main and i started getting screens of my guild mates as gnomes :) My level 40 Draenei Hunter got a ram and my bank got the funny purple hat :). I was hopping for more items and especially recipes :) They may have a recipe to make the beer with cooking for example.

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