It’s Raining Epics!

Have you ever noticed how sometimes life just works in spurts? Kaliope (my druid) has just been plodding along on her various tasks, one of which was collecting the mats for the Shadowprowler Chestguard. I finally got all my ducks in a row and mailed my goodies to Squorgov and he mailed back the tunic (thank you Squorgie!!). Friday night I logged in to find it waiting in my mailbox and I happily set off to get some gems for it.

I was still in the bank admiring myself when I got a tell to join a Kara run in progress from Psylo. As we are making our way in, I get a tell from Thauronis (another druid in our guild who is very well geared) that I may be the lucky recipient of Terestian’s Stranglestaff since we are going after Illhoof. Of course I don’t get too worked up about this because I tend to have cross-dropination mojo. Great druid items frequently drop when I take my rogue somewhere and the uber rogue items drop when I’m playing my druid, such is life.

Shockingly, we killed Illhoof and he actually drops the staff! Since Thauronis already has one, I get to take it as the only other druid present. I’m pretty psyched about this new goodie since my DPS gear is kinda lame and I end up on DPS duty fairly often. After Illhoof, everyone decides to move on and kill Nightbane. Now I’ve never been in that particular fight, and apparently the group is still working on it. We end up wiping a number of times, but luckily this is one of those fights you can reset by running out (“out” being kind of relative in this case).

Eventually, we manage to take Nightbane down and guess what? He drops a healer staff and a leather healing tunic! Well of course I’ve already gotten an epic so I am totally willing to pass on both items. I go ahead and pass on the staff because our Priest has asked for it, but I know she can’t use the tunic so I wait to see what the group wants to do. And Thauronis, being the gentleman that he is, tells them to give me the tunic since I was healing and he doesn’t really do heal duty. After some debate the group decides to go along with this logic and I become the proud owner of a Stonebough Jerkin! At this point I’m on Cloud 9 as I head home with three (yes three!!) brand new epics for the day.

But wait! Now that I have an epic healing tunic, I don’t really need to save my Primal Nethers for the Windhawk Hauberk right? Nope, I decide that I should go ahead and use the one nether I have to make the Windhawk Belt. Kaliope has been wearing the Sash of Mercy for ages, so the belt will be a significant upgrade. I already had the mats for it in the bank, I was just holding on the second nether for the tunic. I grab my mats, hit the Create button and receive my fourth epic of the evening. It’s pretty late at this point, so I decide so save the gem shopping for Saturday and bid everyone goodnight. Wow, what a day!!!

**Footnote** The next morning I get drafted into another raid and of course I still hadn’t socketed my new belt. Naturally it is Thauronis who notices and shames the Jewelcrafting Diva on her gem nakedness =)

4 Responses to “It’s Raining Epics!”

  1. Sellia Says:

    Nice ! Congrats for the epics … =)

    Keep on posting, it’s fun to read your stories.

    Big fan of the Crafter’s Tome.

  2. Taur Says:

    We use an EPGP system for our Kara runs… a few weeks ago i passed on four epic healing leather pieces so i was up top for a chance at Ilhoof’s staff… those four healing pieces ended up getting disenchanted, and Ilhoof dropped that lame tanking cloak again :(.

    Needless to say i am very jealous of your new staff!

    On the bright side, 3 weeks after dropping alchemy for leatherworking, I am now up to 356 skill-level… 9 points off being able to make the Shadowprowler Chestguard! Just a few more heavy cleft leathers to grind and that baby is mine ;)

  3. Solidstate Says:

    Gz on the epics, it’s always a nice feeling to get shiny new purples :)
    I love the way Terestian’s Stranglestaff looks, all wiggly on top. Awesome staff, I wish mages had a staff that looks as cool.

  4. Alazasthas Says:

    Great Kaliope, I can’t count the number of times I’ve been on an Illhoof kill with my guild and I have yet to see that staff drop for me.

    Seems a the other duids (and now a priest) have the Telestrian’s Stanglestaff except me.

    Anyway, gratz on your new items, you surely enjoy all that epic 1337ness :D

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