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I don’t know about you guys, but I have five characters with some 12+ professions between them. Sometimes it’s very hard to keep track of who knows what. In the course of my mod research, I found this nifty thing call Professions Book. This mod will scan all of your crafting recipes and then when you visit the Auction House, it will color code the listings so you can easily see which recipes your toons know and which ones they don’t.

I personally find this quite handy because I have a tendency to shop on my bank toons and not my mains. It gets annoying to remember what recipes my Jewelcrafter still needs when I’m shopping from her banker. With this new mod, not only was I able to easily see which recipes my JC doesn’t have yet, but I could also shop all the other professions from the same toon. Even if you don’t use bank toons to shop like I do, this mod still gives you an easy way to shop for all your toons using whoever happens to be at the auction.

Maybe I’m the only weirdo who shops from the wrong character, but sometimes you spot a really good deals during random auction checks.  Most of the time I am not using the toon in question when I see a recipe worth considering.  If the price is really low, I might switch over to the proper toon to check.  But usually I do nothing because I can’t be bothered with the hassle.  I think you could probably accomplish something similar using other crafting tools that let you query your recipes, but I found it much more convenient to have the auction house listings color-coded for me.

I give Professions Book a solid “thumbs up”!


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  1. Mania Says:

    You mean my bank mule can stop referring to a bunch of Excel spreadsheets to see who needs what? Oh thank goodess!

    (Sreiously — thank you!)

  2. Ryntor Says:

    TradeskillInfo the Ace mod does that and more. Colour coded in the AH to show what is of use and the tooltip tells which characters know the recipe, which ones can learn it now and who will be able to learn it.

    it also tells you where the receipe comes from eg Vendor bought, quested, dropped or crafted. Which stops you buying overpriced vendor sold receipes

    It also adds to item tooltips which professions an item is used in eg Jewelcrafting(3) for 3 JC receipes use it and right clicking on a item used to make things opens a window allowing you to look at all items that can be made or right clicking on a potion will show you the mats needed to make it.

    I can’t live without it.

  3. Tsark Says:

    I was using RecipeBook, but it seems the newest version of Auctioneer conflicts with it – thanks for the good suggestions!

  4. ClemSnide Says:

    For general info like item level and source, I use Mendeleev. It puts a scad of information into the tooltip, such as what it’s used for, whether the recipes that use it can get you a skill point, who is known to drop it, and more.

    Not always accurate, though; I think it gets its tables from Thottbot. So every once in a while you get a glitch. I was astounded to see that Enchant Weapon – Crusader was a vendor item! But then I realized that someone had sold it and bought it back from a vendor, and that’s why it was listed as such.

    I’d prefer a mod that added to the auction listing instead of the tooltip, because some of those Mendeleev toolltips nearly fill the screen. So I’ll look into Professions Book. I tried RecipeBook and had some issues with it.

    What I’d really like– and may write, I’ve done a few mods– is an AddOn that will remind you, and possibly search by itself, things that you want to keep track of. For example, I always search for “map” so I can get Cuergo’s Treasure Map pieces. And sometimes Wildvine will be on sale at a bargain price. I want a Freezing Badn but I don’t want it 150g worth. I want a Searing Golden Blade, either the dagger or its recipe. Etcetera. So, I’m wondering if there’s a “shopping list” mod out there.

  5. Tsark Says:

    Clemsnide, there used to be one pre-BC – Fizzwidget shopping list. Basically, you would add items to the list, and after an Auctioneer Scan, the mod would report information about the availability of those items. Sadly, the mod is not supported by its author anymore… Here’s a link to the website: http://fizzwidget.com/ I would love it if you could resurrect this mod :-D

  6. ClemSnide Says:

    Tsark: I’ll take a look at it, but I never went Auctioneer– seemed too complicated to set up. Still, it may give me some leads. It’s a crapshoot whether adapting someone else’s code is easier than starting from scratch!

    Oh, and I’ve removed Profession Book. It crashes my system– hard. Can’t even ctrl-alt-del out. I think I’ll pass on it for the moment to save wear on my power switch (and nerves).

  7. kaliope Says:

    Thanks for the shopping list tip Tsark! I too keep a notebook at my computer to track the various items I’m currently shopping for (128 soul essences – check!) and can see the value of an in-game shopping list. Perhaps someone will decide to revive a similar mod, although I suppose there aren’t that many of us obsessive crafting weirdos compared to the general WoW populace!

  8. Tsark Says:

    If you thought Auctioneer was too complicated (it was not, it just looked that way, the basic functionality required three commands to learn), try out AuctioneerAdvanced – in advance release right now, but pretty stable, and with some really neat functionalities (and a lot less memory usage). http://auctioneeraddon.com/ for that website

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