Living the WoW Life

My guild leader posted this on our forums and we got lots of laughs out of watching it at my house.  I thought I’d share for those of you who haven’t seen them yet

 The Guild – first episode at the bottom, newest at the top.

I’ve spent the last week farming mats for the new Shadowprowler tunic for my druid, which I hope to be sporting any day now.  So far the hardest part is the nethers (of course) and the soul essences for the soulcloth.  To make 8 soulcloth you have to collect 128 soul essences.  Since they only drop on Karazhan, this can be a bit of a challenge.

Also, I’m in the process of reviewing some crafting mods for you guys, it’s just taking longer than I thought.  So stay tuned for that and I’ll try to get it written up later this week =)


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  1. Taur Says:

    I’m also trying to get the Shadowprowler tunic… but i have to level up leatherworking first :). 269 and climbing! So far got all my soul cloth (expensive AH activity) and the recipe from kara, so feel pretty comfortable about making it once i get another 100-odd levels! Also for the shadow primals, i understand a good location to grind them is southeast Hellfire Peninsula.

    What do people think of the Cloak of Darkness recipe by the way? I get conflicting reports… I am currently using Capaticus(sp) cloack from Mech, which on paper looks roughly on par with it. But maybe i am missing something?

  2. Alazasthas Says:

    On the Soul Essences, I would say that if you are not in aguild that has Kara on clear, you will be better farming money to get them from the AH. If you are in a server where there are lots of guilds in Kara (and some PUG’s going there too) you can find them really cheap there.

    Cloak of Darkness is really a mixed item. If you happen to have access to late Kara (and by these I mean Shade of Aran) it depends on the amount of bonus to hit you have. I have over 9% with my current gear and I feel that it will be a good upgrade for me. If the best you can have is the Cloak from Mechanar, you can easily justify getting this one. The hard part will be getting the Nethers.

  3. jeremy Says:

    thanks for turning me on to the guild show thingy. I found it highly entertaining even though I’ve never played WOW.

  4. Taur Says:

    Yeah our guild has two raids running kara a week, with at least one regularly clearing it. For all that my dps gear is still pretty ordinary :). Ilhoof just doesn’t want to drop that staff for me!

    I am even more confused around whether the Cloak of Darkness is worth it for druids after rumours of changes to HotW in patch 2.3 (+10% AP instead of +20% str). That would make me think agility is now slightly more important than strength than it was previously with that change… and agility is one thing the CoD really lacks.

    You’re right about nethers, but they’ll be making changes to heroic badge rewards in 2.3. With heroic ‘badge’ missions, and kara bosses dropping badges, getting 10 will be pretty easy… and thats the price of one nether.

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