Report on Ragesteel Shoulders

This weekend I decided to get serious about the Ragesteel Shoulders farming project in the hopes that the frenzy window wasn’t totally closed. I spent about 60 minutes the first day farming Enraged Air Spirits, then I switched to Enraged Fire Spirits for another 30 minutes. I gave up for the day at that point and was kind of on the fence about whether to continue.

On Sunday I decided to go ahead and farm some motes of fire, since I’ve been making the Adamantite Plate gear to raise cash for my epic flyer. I went back to the Fel Pits in SMV and after maybe 5 kills, the Ragesteel Shoulders plans dropped. So I can personally confirm that they drop off the fire dudes. Others have posted on Allakhazam that they also drop from the Air, Water and Earth mobs. Since we blacksmiths use a lot of fire and air primals for our crafted goods, it certainly isn’t wasted effort to farm the motes and see if you get lucky.

An interesting thing about this recipe is that it requires 2 scrolls to craft. Yes, that’s right the exact same scrolls we use to buff ourselves. Since the other Ragesteel recipes use strength potions as an ingredient, I assume the scrolls are intended to be a similar component. As a result, Blizzard has unwittingly (or perhaps wittingly) created a market spike on the scrolls. More specifically – Scroll of Strength V. Which luckily I do get those on a semi-regular basis, so I’ve been unaffected by the auction house gouging. The best way to collect these is by fishing, I spent about an hour in Zangarmarsh last night and got three of them. They can be found in the Inscribed Scroll Cases that come out of the spawned pools from time to time. If you don’t have fishing, you’re going to be at the mercy of those who do and are currently charging 15-25g per scroll. Ouch!

On the upside, this new Ragesteel recipe has renewed interest in the other Ragesteel items from the set. This is great news for me, as I still had 5 pairs of gloves in my bank that I was selling at a rate of 1-2 per month. In the past week I’ve sold two of them, so I’m quite happy that I can take advantage of the ripple effect.

I also made my first pair of Ragesteel Shoulders on Sunday night and posted it before I went to bed. By the next morning they were sold – very impressive I thought. I’ve done some research on the Tankspot forums and these shoulders appear to be the new top dog for DPS warriors in non-epic gear. I’m hoping this is good news for the long-term viability of this item, but for right now I pronounce it “worth farming”.


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  1. Kevin F Says:

    I farmed air elementals for about an hour before the pattern dropped for me. Didn’t mind the time since I got about 4 Primal Airs also, which went towards Mights for a Breastplate of Kings. These are very nice shoulders, and I made 2 right away, one for each of my warriors. They look really good too, especially on my female dranei.

    I’d say the rest of the Ragesteel set is worthless in comparison, no stamina, and no sockets. There’s better blue gear available for each slot. Also the set bonus only applies to Blacksmiths. On my server at least you’d make more cash selling the Primals outright then putting them into the armor.

  2. Ratshag Says:

    Yeah, the Ragesteel Shoulders totally blow away any other rare shoulder item for warrior dps gear. Should be in demand for quite a while. The scroll thing is kinda weird though. I was lucky enough to get 6 of them on the AH from people who didn’t know what they were worth – averaged around 50s each.

  3. Kruachan Says:

    Ragesteel Shoulders plans dropped for me after 14 Enraged Fire Spirits around the central volcano of Shadowmoon Valley.
    I had forged one for me, I was already wearing the gloves so I got the bonus, then another one for a close friend.
    It’s easy to craft and a good upgrade for us :)

    PS: those shoulders seem not referenced yet on Armor as the epic feral leather chest from Karazhan.

  4. DaddyGamer Says:

    I have heard that you can get 5 scrolls from a quest in Zang. Very nice if you have a toon at that level.

  5. kaliope Says:

    You’re right Daddygamer, I’ve gotten those scrolls several times. So for those who are desperate, if you have a toon who hasn’t worked Telredor yet that would be another source.

  6. Tsark Says:

    I admit I took advantage of the price gouging and made about 100g selling Scrolls of Strength – my warrior friends tell me that the shoulder slot is strangely barren, pre-raid, so even tanks would be interested in the Ragesteel Shoulders. Hey, I felt the money was a reward for the effort in fishing.

  7. kaliope Says:

    Heh, I don’t blame you for riding the wave Tsark! Those of us who fish can have a hard time making good money with the craft, so any opportunity to cash in is totally fair in my book. Back in the Argent Dawn days, I made good money selling my extra “writ” fish to those who were too lazy to fish up their own :)

  8. Sinkro - Dragonmaw Says:

    Awesome guys, really nice i read what u wrote here.
    I killed about 15 enraged water elementals got the plans and im just omw to OG to get the last 4 points in BS skill and make my Dragonmaw – Dragonstrike. Will be a beautifull upgrade for my rogue.
    Thanks a lot again.

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