First Primal Nether

I know, I’m horrifically lame. I haven’t been running Heroics at all, aside from the one run I needed to get my epic flight form. I have four whole Badges of Justice in my bank, pretty sad eh? Anyway, my friend Squorgov generously offered to help me organize a Heroic run, I suspect out of guilt of all the Primal Nethers he’s been scoring recently (heheh).

So I logged in last night to see if we’d have any luck and of course we picked the night after the new voice chat goes live on our server. Which means that we are laggy and our server is misbehaving. Despite this, we are actually able to recruit a few folks to come help us. It was rather amusing though because we ended up with 4 druids and a mage.

I was worried about how this was going to work out for us, but amazingly we cleared most of the instance. We only ran into trouble on Omor the Unscarred (btw, what kind of name is this? If you are unscarred, surely you don’t need to point it out since this is the normal state for most people. Now if you had a horrible scar, I could see this being worth adding to your name to increase your intimidation factor. Clearly he’s Omor the Unscarred… and slightly daft.) and we subbed one of our druids for my buddy Psylo in his warlock guise. I still died on this fight because I have like zero health in my DPS gear, but the other guys took him down. And they very kindly gave me the nether. I thought this was extremely generous of them to spend several hours with a wacky group configuration just to let me get a nether.

So I want to thank everyone for their generous gift of time, repair bills and consumables:

Oldone: our fearless leader and uber-mage
Squorgov: my furry partner in crime
Falditen: mysterious interloper we picked up from a rival guild (heheh, j/k!)
Mamabear: our guild queen and gracious healer for the run
Psylolock: my nemesis of gems in warlock form

You guys are the best!

6 Responses to “First Primal Nether”

  1. Demon Says:

    Grats on your Nether!

    I’ve actually gotten 3 out of 5 nethers that I have seen drop in regular Steam Vaults, Mech, and Shadow Labs, off the last boss. Which is nice for making the Windscale Hood and my future Ebon Netherscale set.

    Grats again.


  2. Svirven Says:

    Congratulations mate – good for you!

    I’ve been at 375 leatherworking for more than a month now, but still don’t have a single nether towards the Primal Intent set :-) Getting the 11 primal mights turned out to be nothing compared with getting the nethers, hehe.

    Svirven (Kilrogg EU)

  3. DaddyGamer Says:

    Done 3 heroics, got one Pimal Nether. But I also got one from normal SV. Unfortunately I need 8 to upgrade my Fireguard to a Blazeguard. Normally all members roll for Primals, so statistically I will get one every 5th heoric that we kill the boss. 6 Primla Nethers to go means i need do 30 heroics… Ouch!

  4. Svirven Says:

    DaddyGamer, keep in mind that you can buy nethers with badges as well. 10 Badge of Justice = 1 Primal Nether. Clearing heroic Mechanar earns you 5 badges, ie. one nether guaranteed for every second run. Add your 20% chance to win the nether from the final boss and you should – statistically – have your 6 nethers after 9 heroic Mech runs.

  5. Ratshag Says:

    Omarr the Slightly Daft. That’s a name to keep da peons in line! :-)

    Since I’ve got one heroic key, no nethers, and no badges, I guess that makes me horrifically lamer. Ah well. I’s been havin’ fun workin’ on me blacksmithing and becoming a hero to da Ogri’lalas and collecting a whole buncha tabards and mounts and whatnot. I figure dat’s good enough. But grats to you and I hope ya get to make somthin’ real nifty wit yer new nether.

  6. kaliope Says:

    Lol, Ratshag – I hear ya! It’s definitely hard to make time for Heroics when you are doing dailies. Luckily Ogri’la has epic goodies as well, so it’s not time wasted. For those who run Kara, I keep hearing the bosses there will also be dropping Badges of Justice after 2.3. I’m looking forward to that because I spend a lot of my instance time doing Kara which keeps me out of Heroics most of the time. And while nethers may occasionally drop in a regular instance, it has only happened twice for me and only one of those was when I was on my druid. And I didn’t win the roll :(

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