Miscellaneous Drudgery

I know it’s been awhile since I posted, but there’s just not much going on at the moment. I’ve been grinding my Consortium rep to Exalted for the epic dagger + that nifty Diamond recipe. I’ve also been trying to hit Revered with Aldor for Korlyn and level two different pets (68 Dragonhawk, 62 Winterspring bear). Throw in the weekly Kara runs, ore farming, etc. and that pretty much covers my gaming time for a given week.

I’ve also been leveling my 64 warrior when I can, although right now I’m kinda stuck. When did everyone quit running SP/UB? I haven’t been able to get a group for like a week now. Meanwhile folks are still yelling for Ramparts and even BF. Call me confused but I just don’t get it. I’m a bit stuck because I don’t want to level right past it — there’s some neat stuff for tanks in there. Plus soloing as a even a partial Prot spec kinda sucks. So I haven’t figured out what to do there, very annoying.

The upside is that with 375 Engineering, I get some pretty nifty toys at my disposal to ease the pain. First of all, my Mithril dragonling is level 75 — how cool is that? He’s sure handy to whip out when I get into an ugly fight. Too bad his cooldown is like an hour, I think 5 or 10 minutes would be more reasonable since he dies after a minute. 60 seconds is barely enough for one fight when you’re a tank. Luckily I made myself two dragonlings, so I can actually pop the second one if I need another helper. I usually switch to the Gnomish Shrink Ray after I burn my Dragonling though. If any of you other engineers have a better suggestion on handy trinkets for PVE soloing, feel free to post (I’m Goblin, so bear that in mind!).

One thing I’m really looking forward to is making the Goblin Rocket Launcher. That +45 stamina should be pretty huge for me as a level 64 tank. I’m still collecting the mats for it with my other toons, but I hope to make it soon. Call me weird, but I’m assuming I’ll be pretty uber with an extra +45 stamina in a trinket slot. Plus my tank is also an enchanter, so I have all the nifty stamina chants on her gear as well. Maybe not all the chants, I haven’t farmed any of the drop recipes yet. The only non-trainer recipe I currently have is Enchant Boots – Vitality which I haven’t found much use for actually. I bought it early on before the drop recipes had an established value and clearly didn’t put much thought into how much benefit it would provide. Oh well.

So anyway, I’m really hoping this stupid 2.2 patch comes out soon so we’ll have new stuff to talk about! Feel free to make a suggestion if there’s something you guys want me to research for you ;)


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  1. Tsark Says:

    If it’s any consolation, Kal – that boot recipe you have is a) the rarest enchant I have seen (only know 3 people with it on my faction); b) by far the best boot option for healers. So be glad you have it, and advertise it well – you probably can make a decent amount of money off it

  2. DaddyGamer Says:

    As a warrior myself I know the pain of leveling. Especially if you are prot specced. My suggestion if u still wanna lvl as a prot is to invest 31p in prot (up to Shield slam) and 30p in Fury (up to Flurry). That will make it a lot easier to maje some decent damage. Flurry combined with One hand specialisation is quite good if u feel u really want to tank all the way up to 70.

    Otherwise I would recommend going for a full fury build. Check it out at wowwiki It’s the 17/44/0 build.

    Switching to that will make soloing taking on a new dimension. Killing mobs before the charge CD has run out is way more fun than port grinding mobs till they die out of boredom.

    About the nice drops. They are only nice for you at this lvl. When you hit 70 you will be wondering why you spent all the time to get that gear.

    The good thing with tanking all of the lower lvl dungeons is that you get experience and a bit of know how with tanking. And to learn layout and mob types before going heroic.

    Good luck with your tank. Love to hear more about her in the future.

    ((BTW – check out http://www.tankspot.com for a awesome site that explains all that is needed to know for tanking. Good gear lists etc.))

  3. kaliope Says:

    Tsark: Thanks for the tip! I didn’t realize that Vitality was a healer chant, although I do vaguely recall thinking it would be handy for Kali when I bought it, rofl.

    Daddygamer: I started out with a Flurry spec at 60, but only had 20 points to put into Prot and I was worried it wouldn’t be enough for tanking so I respec’d to get up to Shield Bash. Unfortunately I now don’t have enough points for Bloodthirst, which I am missing terribly.

    Normally I wouldn’t be too worried about the lowbie loot, but I had hoped to get my hands on that Bogstrock Cloak in UB. I understand that can actually take you all the way to 70, so it seemed like a good investment of time to get. Thanks for the link, I’ve been wandering through there a bit already since I feel quite rusty on the tanking end of life :) Obviously another reason to run dungeons instead of soloing to 70, hopefully by the time I get there I’ll be able to handle the big pulls they’ve given us now.

  4. Kevin F Says:

    Don’t level with protection! I’ve leveled 2 warriors to 70, and only put points into protection for end-game. You don’t need protection to tank the sub-70 instances, just a little tanking know-how, a set of tanking gear, and a group that can follow orders.

  5. Demon Says:

    I think drudgery is always around… I started a warrior so I can do the whole mortal strike thing in arenas. Not sure what professions I am going to go with, thinking of doing weaponsmith and mining.

    My thoughts on running instances prior to 70 is for some gear, but mostly Rep. I wish I knew on my paladin what I learned on my hunter, and I wish I had a toon closer to 58 so I can put this in use.

    Tanking does sound interesting with end game content.

  6. kaliope Says:

    Kevin: My spec is currently 30 Fury/25 Prot, so I’m more dps than tank right now. I think once I get Bloodrage back I should be in good shape, but I was really struggling in Ramparts without any kind of stun/silence effect. So that’s why I put more points into Prot, so I could get at least a little instance utility.

    The main reason I’m running these instances is the rep (as Demon suggests), since this is my 4th toon I want to play it smart and run instances to Honored and then do quests. Gear is sort of a secondary concern, although for Kayree the dungeon blues make a bigger difference than they might with other toons. But since she’s also an enchanter, it will be important for her to have certain factions for the good recipes and I want to minimize the rep grinding.

  7. Solidstate Says:

    Kaliope – to make that consortium rep grinding go faster, find a friendly guild-mate who is Exalted(*) and willing to help you grind Insignias in Netherstorm. Put the loot on FFA and start collecting Insignias like crazy :)

    (*) If s/he needs them, let him/her have all the Ethereum Prison Keys that drop, their drop rate is pretty low so people are usually quite happy to get help grinding for them. As an alternative incentive, s/he can loot all the cloth/greens/grays that drop while you loot just the Insignias. The amount of cloth you can get in an hour or two there is fairly large :)

    > since this is my 4th toon

    And it shows on poor Kaliope, you don’t have a single Exalted rep…

  8. DaddyGamer Says:

    Well then. If u do the instances for rep you should go 8/5/X in my opinion. To get Imp TC in Arms is heaven sent for any tank. It will make u the king of multi mob tanking cause it generates more aggro than a sunder on each mob it hits – and thats 5 mobs.

    Just remeber to not break CC.

    Then 5 points in crit – rest in protection. You will feel like a über tank in no time. Imp shield slam and Imp shield bash is great for aggro and silence.

    The only problem is that you have a worrie with being slow on grinding solo – but since u have the cash (I know u bought that 5k mount) that wont be a problem to respecc every now and then.

    Just decide when to go solo and when to go instansing so u dont need respecc all the time.

    Was about to write you about a weird skilling up bug but can acces the forum (company IT-policy). If someone wanna read please visit my blog: http://daddygamer.blogspot.com/

  9. xcal Says:

    I’m exalted with Tannequin ;-) What a NUUUUB!!!! I didn’t know about the portal to Ogri, and couldn’t find any way out of the Belf area. I just grinded Q’s until there was nothing left!

    I’m now working on my status with Sporegar and Cenarion Refuge. I didn’t bother with any other rep. MUST _ START _ SCRYERS _ SOOON

    level 65 Holy Priest.

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