Engineering to 375… Again

As some of you may know, I leveled my Engineering to 375 on the PTR a couple of months ago when they patched the epic goggles into the game. Since that went live I haven’t really been trying too hard to level up again, Blizz bummed me out when they added Primal Nethers to the goggles and I had no motivation to skill past 350 on my level 60 toon.

But I’ve actually been playing that toon lately (Kayree, a tank) and she’s a sneeze away from level 63 now. Not that this puts the goggles into easy reach for me or anything, but I thought I’d suck it up and make the push to 375 since she was sitting at 371 just from random combines I did for my other toons, making bullets for cash, etc. So I sat down and calculated the mats for 5 felsteel stabilizers and mailed ingredients back and forth (Kayree does not have mining) and cranked them out. And got 2 points…

Ok, so that wasn’t such a hot plan. I decided I’d better just bite the bullet (rofl) and make a couple of the Adamantite Rifles that were still orange. I actually had most of the mats for one in the bank, I make a point to grab those engineering parts off the Netherstorm vendors when I happen to see them. So I bought some thorium and made myself a second tube and I got a skill point for one rifle. To make a second rifle I had to buy the components off the AH, but at this point it seemed stupid to stop at 374. And now I’m officially 375 in Engineering. Again.

Since Kayree is a gnome I can go all the way to 390, but it will involve making lots of Ornate Khorium Rifles which I’m not looking forward to. I did go ahead and buy the recipe though, just so I’d have it whenever I decide I’m ready to waste a lot of money for no good reason. I also went ahead and updated my Engineering guide on Crafter’s Tome with the BC info, although Kayree is still too low for the new transporter gizmo. I bravely ventured to Toshley’s Station this morning and found no one who would talk to me… guess I will try again when I’m level 63.

So here’s how the 350-375 grind played out for me:

350-365: Mostly White Smoke Flares cuz they are cheap to make
365-370: Miscellaneous Parts (Felsteel Stabilizer, Khorium Power Core, etc)
375-375: More parts and 2x Adamantite Rifle (don’t waste time on parts like I did)

Feel free to check out the updated guide if you want more details for leveling yourself!


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  1. Alazasthas Says:

    Well grinding engineering to 375 have the plus side of getting those sweet goggles. So far any engineer I know have those and wont be changing them in the near future. Gratz

  2. Kalbear Says:


    The goggles (do nothing) and require ENG 350, not 375. The only reason to do 375 now is so you can say that you did it – or maybe because you really like guns and want to get that khorium destroyer. 355 gives you rocket boots, and that’s the last really useful item for everyone.

  3. Ladalia Says:

    Well, for those of you out there that actually don’t have money pouring out of yoru ears and still dont have an epic bird at lvl 70 (That’s be me) If you have your engi up to 375 and can make the Khorium Rifle, All you need to do is get off your butt and farm the mats. Suck it up, run them Heroics and get them Primal Nethers. Currently, on Farstriders Server, one of those guns w/o a gem or scope is selling for 1200 – 1500g. With either the Khorium Hardened adamatite scope ( the one from Kara, I KNOW you can sell one of these guns for upwards of about 2k. Easy.

    Just have to be willing to do the work for it is all… welcome to Tradeskilling…

  4. Aufero Says:

    I’m confused… I just leveled engineering to 375 on my Hunter a couple of days ago, and the Adamantite Rifles weren’t really an option for the 370-375 portion because it was a green recipe by then. I ended up making Khorium Scopes and Felsteel Boomsticks (had to farm both recipes, but it only took a few days) to 375.

    Were you thinking of some other recipe? Or are we seeing very different things on the engineering screen?

  5. Aufero Says:

    Addendum to the above: Maybe it’s because Kayree is a gnome and my Hunter is a dwarf? I didn’t think racial skill bonuses affected how long recipes stayed useful for skillups, but perhaps I’m off base there.

  6. Aufero Says:

    Further addendum: All the part recipes went grey for me at 370, so we’re definitely seeing different things.

  7. kaliope Says:

    Aufero: That’s an interesting observation, because I just did this a few days ago and I know they didn’t change or patch anything in the last week. As far as I’m aware my leveling process is the same as everyone else, I just get the extra 15 points at the end. When I started at 371, all the parts were yellow and the rifles were orange. I really didn’t think the racial bonus made a difference in that way.

    Comparing to Thottbot’s info, I see that they have the parts turning gray at 370 and the rifle turning gray at 380, which seems closer to your info than mine. I guess if other folks want to post their experiences we’ll see what happens. I guess it’s possible that my racial really did boost my leveling process, how nifty for me but not too good for my guide.

  8. Aufero Says:

    For confirmation, I’ve emailed you a few screenshots I just took of my Hunter’s Engineering window at 375, maybe you can compare the orange/yellow recipes against Kayree’s at the same skill level and see what’s up.

  9. ^^TnT^^ Says:

    I agree with Aufero. The racial did the work for u kaliope :) The only way to go 375 is Khorium Scopes :) im stuck @ 373 for 2 weeks cuz i dont have time to farm the mats :) GZ 2 u!

  10. DaddyGamer Says:

    The way I have seen racial skill to affect skilling is like this:
    Color of the recepie is due to the base skill (without racial bonus)
    But because of the +15 you get to learn the patterns a lot earlier – hence they stay ornage for a longer time.

    The race bonus is a last addition, after everything else is added and calculated.

    It was the same way when I leveled my Dranei in JC (before switching to BS).

  11. DaddyGamer Says:

    …so +15 is a great boost in a trade skill. Makes lvl’ing a lot easier.

  12. Mike Says:

    I’m still far from 375 with my hunter but this +15 is interesting.

    The faster the better!


  13. Orionion d'Uldaman Says:

    The deal with the skill levels is that Kaliope is counting her skill level with the gnome racial bonus. The grind from 360-370 (unbonused) you can do mostly on Adamantite Rifles (which is good if you have an enchanter friend – they don’t sell for anything close to the value of the mats). I only had one where I didn’t get a skill up, I think at 367. For the last 5 levels, I think you pretty much have to do Khorium Scopes and/or Felsteel Boomsticks, unless you want to take your chances on crafting with green recipes. The Felsteel Boomstick recipe is elusive, to say the least (over 100 dead demon engineers, and still trying) though I manged to get the Khorium Scope recipe on the 10th Sunfury Bowman. I’d say the choice between the two would depend on whether you want Scryer (Sunfury) or Aldor (Doomforge) rep items, and there are a lot more Sunfury Bowmen around than Doomforge Engineers. Both items look like they’re fairly marketable, though I’m not sure you can sell them for a decent profit. And think about how impressive that level 75 (or 78) Arcanite Dragonling will look!

  14. kaliope Says:

    Hmm, I think Orion may have a point here with the recipe list reflecting my non-bonused color coding. That would seem to agree what Aufero is seeing with his skill comparison vs mine. If my recipe book reflects my non-bonused skill levels, then the rifle would still be orange to me at 360 skill, even though my bonus gives me an actual 375 skill.

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