New Leather recipes in Patch 2.2

I finally got around to screenshotting the new recipes for Leatherworkers in the upcoming patch. I’m having no luck getting actual links for you guys, so these screenshots are really the only way to share the new Patch stuff. The interesting bit is that Leatherworkers finally get a new cloak recipe. I’m really pleased to see that Blizzard hasn’t forgotten we could do that. I’d love to see us get more ammo pouches and such too, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see on that.

Anyway, here’s the screenies for our new recipes:

Cloak of Darkness

Shadowprowler’s Chestguard

The nice thing about these recipes is that we’ll be able to make epic gear that can be sold to other players. The downside is that they require pretty high Violet Eye faction, so if you’re not running Karazhan yet you won’t be able to gain access to these. What I’d like to know is… why do these require Primal Nether when Nethers don’t drop in Kara? Seems a bit unfair to me! Personally, I’d love to see Nethers drop there since that’s the only cool place I go anymore, lol.

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  1. Bananas Says:

    If I’m not mistaken, aren’t they planning to add Badges of Justice to Kara and also to ZA when its released? So even tho you won’t be getting Primal Nether drops, you’ll get Badges you can use to buy 1.

  2. Ixnia Says:

    As a non-raider & balance druid I find this underwhelming. Does the profession realkly need more rogue gear? and more dependency on Primal Nethers?

    I think leatherworking should get these enhancements:
    -Balance Druid gear patterns.
    -Crafted PVP starter [+Resilience] gear (for Tailors & blacksmiths too.). Why? Because crossing the gear gap when you PVP at 70 is a pain.

  3. kaliope Says:

    Neither of these are rogue items, in my mind. The stats look more like feral druid gear, more with the chest than the cloak. If I had to cook up a theory on this, it would be that they provided no epic crafted set for tank/dps druids and this is their way of sneaking it in?

    I do know that feral tanks are becoming more common because warriors don’t want to go Prot anymore. Having just run my 62 tank through Ramparts in a PUG, I can see why tanks are getting disgusted. Nobody respects the tank, but since druids have been the bottom of the WoW totem for so long they are probably happy to fill the gap. Just a thought…

  4. Dan Says:

    The cloak would definately appeal to enhancement shaman. But if they dont add badges to get Nethers, I don’t see many getting created. Nethers are FARRRRR too difficult to get imho. I got 3 for my crafted gear, and NONE of the process was fun.

  5. Demon Says:

    Yes both look like they are geared for the feral druids. Quite nice but the mats are a little steep to see them going on the ah even a few times.

  6. Alazasthas Says:

    The 2 pattern are really sweet, but they are not for tanking druids. The chest is an awesome kitty/melee dps chest piece. This will surely get you a nice chest better than the one dropping from Nightbane (which is more rogue oriented) and talk is that this will see you all the way to Mount Hyatt and the Black Temple. The cloak is OK for dps, if the socket was red or the Critical Strike Rating was exchanged with Agility.

    As for the Nethers, if you have Revered status with the Violet Eye, you have a good group to finish Heroic Mechanar. Each day you can run it for 4 easy Badges and 1 Nether. So that will mean that you can get the mats in 2 weeks tops. If you do Slave Pens too, that will be 3 more Badges and 1 more Nether. You can easily run this in 2-3 hrs… easy to get :D

    I will say that the real hurdle is the Soulcloth needed. Either you sell your soul to the guild to gather the massive amounts of Soul Essences you need, or drop a lot of old in the AH to get them. You need 128 Soul Essences for the chest piece. In a given Kara full clear you can expect to see 20-30, so those are not common. In my server they can be over 5 gp apiece, so thats a lot fo gold. If you stockpiled it well before the patch (like I did. Im sitting on enough soulcloth, leather, primals, and need to get the Nethers for the cloak) you could wait and look around for cheaper deals.

  7. Dan Says:

    “The cloak is OK for dps, if the socket was red or the Critical Strike Rating was exchanged with Agility.”

    Unless you are a melee shaman where the addition of a Jaged Talasite would make thi one of the best cloaks I have ever seen. Agility is not as valuable as strength to an enh shammie.

  8. J4YK Says:

    this cloak is awesome for me as a warrior tank, as soon as i fond something better then blazefury i will go jewel crafting and make my self an epic jewel(jewelcraft exclusive 16 stam) on the cape, i feel that would be the best chouce for me thus far then i can use the chest to make up on things like resiliance and resistance to fill some gaps. as a BS now i feel as a warrior tank full prot spec (5/15/40) untill the xpac comes out and theres something else i have to farm, though slowly, this will be the way to go

    my alt is a jewelcrafter, and i think its the most usefull alt trade to have to compliment BS
    and now i think leatherworking will be now usefull to a raid group

    i dont care if im lvl 80 when i do it i will kill illidan

    -ps drunk and the sun is coming up sorry for the granner

  9. The Reactor Says:

    Chest isn’t too bad for a rogue if he doesn’t have primal strike or nitebane’s chest piece. Cloak however, is ideal for druids and warrs

  10. Pandera Says:

    Ok first off….sounds like a lot of people are making comments about this being a feral tank’s gear, and they probably have never even ran one, nor do they know someone who has one. First off… armor and +stam are probably the most important to a feral tank since you get 25% addition contribution from +stam and over 425% contribution from armor. So compare the chest piece to the rare Clefthoof piece that costs a lot less in mats (150-200g) and there is 170 armor difference which equates to over 1000 armor in bear form. Plus the stam on the clefthoff is 45 which is about 67 in bear. Not to mention this piece has no +def rating like the clefthoof and costs 800g+ more.

    Next the cloak. Ok granted its nice for tanks but not feral tanks since it doesn’t have that much armor unlike a thorium cloak (350+ armor plus 38 stam), drop in Tempest runs non-heroic. OR you can buy one of the best for 35 badges (370 ac, 38 stam, +dodge + def). The +crit stike rating on this cloak of darkness is not as important as +def and for feral bears. You get more of a boost from more stam. This might be a good cloak for a kitty druid doing dps since they get a +str bonus percentage and ap bonus is 2.4xstrg.

    the chest to me is a kitty druid piece or even better, a rogue piece but does not provide that much more benefit for the 1000+g that you would have to invest to get it.

    Anyone agree???

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