Alchemy 300 to 350

After weeks of torture, I finally got my hand-me-down warlock to level 50 so he could become a Master Alchemist. In some ways it was almost anti-climatic because it only took me 15 minutes to go from 300 to 350. And most of that was due to bank->trainer->mailbox gyrations to grab the various herbs I’d collected for the big moment. Here’s how it went:

5x Elixir of Brute Force (just cuz it was yellow and no Outland mats)
15x Onslaught Elixir
5x Elixir of Major Strength
15x Elixir of Healing Power
5x Elixir of Draenic Wisdom
10x Super Mana Potion

There’s a ton of selection among the potions to choose which one you want to make for skill points. For my first ten skill points I think I had seven or eight potions that were orange to me. Obviously once I hit the 310-315 range some of those started dropping, but even so it was quite easy to plow right through with several remaining options to choose from. The last ten points from 340-350 I only had one orange recipe … the Super Mana potion. But since that’s one Kaliope needs for raids anyway, I wasn’t upset about focusing on it.

Kaliope had also gone around to Telredor and Allerian Stronghold and bought up the various vendor recipes for me, so I have those in addition to the trainer recipes. Murkery is too little for faction recipes since he’s only level 50, I’ll just have to live without the diamond transmutes. My main goal was Primal Might – since it’s used in all the other professions I thought it would be nice to make my own. At this point I don’t really care if I max out Alchemy, I’ll be satisfied to live in the 350s and do my own Might transmutes.

So I had my stack of herbs for Super Mana potions and I clicked the Create All button and just let it go. I’m sort of half watching the skill points tick up as I’m talking with my son Wildark when out of the corner of my eye I see the “350” scroll by and then a big flash of light goes off. Right under the “skill has increased to 350” message is a “DISCOVERY! Murkery has discovered the Flask of Arcane Fortification recipe!” message. How wacky is that?!?!

I hadn’t really anticipated getting any discoveries, I mean I had toyed with the possibility that it might happen but I certainly didn’t expect it. I’m pretty stupefied that I got one while I was leveling, even though I’ve read that it’s possible. I just didn’t expect it to happen to me, rofl!

So the moral of the story is that you can make discoveries while you are still leveling Alchemy and you can make them on random recipes like the Super Mana Potion.


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  1. Aufero Says:

    Of the five recipes I’ve discovered now, I think I found three of them making Super Mana potions. I finally got a transmute discovery the other day, I’m guessing you can only learn them from transmute combines.

  2. Dan Says:

    I am very Jealous… Gratz.

    I am one of the poor schlubs who after thousands of crafts and transmutes – still has never seen a discovery.

  3. kaliope Says:

    Aww, I’m sorry to hear that Dan. It sounds to me as if the Super Mana potion is the way to go. Not only did Aufero and myself get a Discovery proc from Super Mana pots, but if you check the last page on the WoW Discovery channel thread it looks like at least half of the posters also got their Discovery from the Super Mana pot. So I’d try making lots of those, can’t hurt since they also sell for good money :)

    Last page of the thread:

  4. Dan Says:

    I will give that a shot – thanks for the tip. Hopefully I will be back to talk about a discovery soon. =)

  5. Tsark Says:

    The reason lots of people get discoveries from SUper Mana Pots is simply because that’s what most people make, especially now with the mats being so cheap (used to require Netherbloom instead of Dreaming Glory). Any recipe has equal chances of yielding a discovery – though, like Aufero, I went for a long time with no discovery (I now have 2 – a Flask and a transmute – but I got both of those in the last month or so, so that’s about 6 months with no discovery).

    Also, Flask discovery can happen while making elixirs, pots or transmutes – transmutes only happen with transmutes and the one pot discovery recipe (Super Rejuv) only happens with potions. There are no elixir recipes to discover.

    Oh, and grats Kal on 350 AND on a discovery – keep in mind that the useless Flask of Arcane Fortification becomes a more useful flask of Blinding Light in the next patch. Also, what specialisation are you going for? I guess Transmutes, from what you are saying – though elixir spec may be interesting for you, to get extra flasks for the Elemental shamans in the raid (or the arcane mages, I guess, though I’m not sure there’s many of pure arcane mages….)

  6. crazyhippo Says:

    Well I used to be transmute spec… while xmute spec i got 1 Xmute discovery. Right now i’m elixir spec cuz xmute isn’t as good for me anymore

    BTW, since I’ve never used a single herb since i got the the outland… i had about 2000-2500 herbs on my guy. I decided to switch to elixir spec and make all the elixirs i would need.

    In the process i made about 600-700 elixirs and got 3 discoveries out of them. So for those looking for discoveries, it isn’t that bad. Probably around 0,5-1% chance. Keep going and you will get one eventually

    *agrees about mana pot being the most PRODUCED alchemy item*

  7. kaliope Says:

    Tsark: You make a good point about the mana pots, one of my main motivators for getting Alchie up was so I could make my own heal/mana/buff pots for my girls. I’m not sure I can go into a specialization tho, since my alch toon is only 51. I believe you have to be 68 for the quest :( I can’t turn in plant parts to CE for their transmute either even though I could easily collect and send them to the little guy.

    If I had to pick a spec, I think I’d go elixir or potion. I don’t know that I’d be doing many transmutes since I can’t get most of the recipes. The only transmute I have is Might and I doubt I’ll be using it enough to justify going that route. But I’m sure I’ll be making lots of pots and elixir, whether I stay at 51 or not.

  8. crazyhippo Says:

    Requirements for Mastery
    – lvl 68
    – 350 alchemy.

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