How do you Jewelcraft?

So I was reading posts on the WoW forums about how there are too many jewelcrafters and it’s harder to make money now, plus the usual boohoo’ing about professions in general. On the one hand, I agree that there are a lot of JC’s now and it’s killing the uncommon gem market. On the other hand, the rare gem market seems mostly unaffected by this. But my server is just one out of a couple hundred, and my experience is surely not like everyone else’s. So I thought it might be interesting to compile a profile of the ‘average’ jewelcrafter and see what practices are common and what is “frowned upon”.

I’ve put together a little poll on our other site, to let everyone weigh in on how they operate:

The Jewelcrafter’s PollĀ 

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  1. Alazasthas Says:

    I feel that many people are starting to realize that the gravy train is over for JC. All crafting professions are more pain than gain. Right before the expansion little to no crafted gear was been traded with a profit anywhere.

    JC as the new kid in town was exploited by the early grinders and then as people realized that a meat gem could be sold for over 100 gp a piece started to level it up too. When a critical number of people got the same pattern the prices started to drop…..just supply and demand.

    As always the common things are just dropping in price nicely, but the really rare patterns (like Relentless Earthstorm Diamond) are still going for a premium.

    I dont whine about the crafting professions, even if I can get any good items from it I shall keep LW in my character as long as I play.

  2. Itam Says:

    I think I got a little lucky and I probably don’t fit the mold too well on being and Average JCer. Being a Rogue allows me to farm the 2 mines in Netherstorm without much competition.

    I’ve gotten to the point of just selling off uncommon gems to the vendors. When I go to the AH to sell stuff I look at the gems that are sellign for the most cut them and match the AH prices. I do very well.

    I only need 3 blue world drop patterns and 2 blue Meta world patterns. I have all the faction drops except for the exalted Cernarion one. And I do this by farming under 10 stacks a week.

    One Pattern that wasn’t mentioned in the poll but I find sells fairly well is the Heavy Felsteel ring. Untill recently I was able to sell them for 120g each. About one a week. Someone caught on and has undercut me bad recently but I’ll find another pattern to work.

  3. Ontherocks Says:

    I vendor all green gems except Azure Moonstones and Blood Garnets. And I don’t farm much of my own ores. Mostly I buy the cheapest stacks everytime I’m in the AH and prospect them, selling my crafted blues. Sure the money has decreased lately, but not to the point of being a loser of a Prof by any means.

  4. Gracey Says:

    I’m levelling an alr with Alchemy now, to transmute the uncommon gems into diamonds. Silly idea or?

  5. Kivarlyn Says:

    every profession is a wasting of money, except gathering one, but jc is the most painfull imo. especially for a horde. in my server horde chars are 10 times less than ally chars, so this comport that the farming points are all taken from ally and when you go there, are always empty. and this influence ah too…
    i’ve seen an uncutted living ruby sold for 90 gold and the cutted one (teardrop living ruby) for only 25. plus, uncommon cutted gems are decreasing in price (saw potent flame spessarite for 60 silver in ah).
    everyone got reputation’s pattern, are so easy to get, and also the price of meta gem has drastically decreased.

    so, my suggest for ppl that want to be a jc is: don’t do it! choose jc only if your server is new, so you will be the first in getting patterns. otherwise, expect to be only a cutting machine (for free, ofc) for friends and guildie.

  6. kaliope Says:

    Kivarlyn: Have you considered making an Alliance toon and transferring your goodies to him/her? It’s kind of a pain, but you can post stuff on the Neutral AH in Booty Bay/Everlook/Gadgetzan and buy it with your Alliance twink. Once you’ve given your twink some money, just post your gems up for high prices and the Alliance banker can buy them. Then you’d repost on the Alliance auction to get the prices you want. As I said, kind of a pain but if you end up making better money it could be worthwhile.

  7. Diabolos Says:

    I believe you cannot bid on your own character’s stuff in the Neutral AH’s, if both Horde and Alliance characters are on the same account. You’d need a friend to help, or a 2nd account.

  8. kaliope Says:

    You know I hadn’t really tested that method, I just assumed that it still worked. I know you used to be able to give your cross faction toons money that way, but perhaps they fixed it. Still, can’t hurt to try :) Feel free to report back here and let us know what happens.

  9. Bulok Says:

    I have a JC and I make alot of the low lvl blue items with the random enchants. I make decent gold from them, about 5-20g each depending on the enchant.

    Granted you probably wont make the earth shattering gold one would expect, but I enjoy the mining and the crafting itself. It’s part of my game and as a casual it works ok for me.

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