JC’ers: Get ready for more faction fun!

I just wanted to remind you fellow Jewelcrafters that when Patch 2.2 arrives we’ll be getting our crafted epics. I’ve just updated my database with the new items, but unfortunately we can’t get the mouse-over data for you because no one has it yet. I did put the gem stats in the Notes field so you can scope out which gems you want and start building faction if you don’t have it already. They are ALL faction recipes, so you need to have your faction up with the group that sells your gems. For me this is The Consortium and the Keepers of Time for melee gems.

From what I can tell the epic gems seem to have the same stats as the Meta gems, except they can go in any socket and are made with regular rare gems (Dawnstone, Living Ruby, etc). The crafted epics are Bind on Pickup of course, so you can only make them for yourself. Plus they are also Unique, meaning you can only have one of each type. On the plus side you can make more than one epic gem. Hybrid classes will be able to take better advantage of this than pure classes since they have multiple gearsets and different stat requirements for each set. With my rogue I can only use the +24 AP, +12 Crit and maybe +18 Stamina if I felt my stamina was lacking. But druids can probably use all the various gems since there are other ones for tanking, spell damage and healing.

So make sure you check the new listings and see which factions you need to work on so you’ll be ready when the patch goes live!

6 Responses to “JC’ers: Get ready for more faction fun!”

  1. ^^TnT^^ Says:

    When the patch is comming up?

  2. Tsark Says:

    Patch is likely to be next Tuesday (22nd) or the one after at the latest (29th)

  3. Malackai Says:

    This is indeed a nice start for us JC

    I really hope
    we are going to get some more bop rings necks as well tho or at least ones
    we can socket or something

    is always nice to see patterns drop in SSC or TK but thats always LW blacksmith or tailoring,
    would be nice to see some JC recepies as well (trinket, neck or rings)

  4. Carl Says:

    I must say that the biggest problem with decent drops are that there are no below lvl 70 drops. I only do BS and I remeber the days of my leveling that when it was always intersesting to have a look at AH just to see if it was possible to find any new ones to buy.

    These post BC days are all about faction grinding, instance grinding or mob grinding. A big bore imo.

    Never though I would say this, tradeskill junky as I am but : Crafting has lost some of its flavor… :(

  5. Tsark Says:

    Carl, this was officially done to discourage money farmers (i.e. those that would farm a recipe for money, then sell WoW money for RL money). in WoW 1.0, some of the recipes (Crusader comes to mind) were particularly good means of achieving this. So, in the BC, most recipes are BoP.

    You still have some BoE recipes (in fact, jewelcrafting more than most other professions, as most blue gem cut recipes are BoE world drops), and you have some even below lvl 70 (the figurines, for examples, the Jade Pendant of Blasting, etc).

    All in all, I’m pretty happy with the balance Blizz has struck on the recipe side… I would just like more recipes to be available for alchemy, given that even the world drops are so rare they hardly ever reach the AH.

  6. Gracey Says:

    Thanks for all the updates! I’m pretty advanced now in JC, mostly thanks to this site and blog and recipes overview. Keep up the good work!

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