Lowbie run through ZF

This weekend me and my buddy Squorg(e/ov) decided to trade ZF runs with our forty-something toons that we are both tired of leveling. His alt is enchanting/JC and mine is an alchemist. I’m so close to the new BC pots I can taste it, but not enough to tackle this painful phase of grinding XP with any amount of enthusiasm. So I ran his shammy through ZF with my hunter and he ran my warlock through with his feral druid.

Amazingly, this was pretty fun even though we got lost a few times. The best part of the whole thing was doing the big Pyramid battle solo-style. The last time I ran ZF was with a group of friends and we were probably in our late 40s or early 50s and I remembered it being so hard! Squorg and I decided to try it once just to see how bad it was, and it turned out to be a blast. With my hunter I just put the kitty on aggro and let her go on a rampage. I never had to heal her through the entire fight :) Then I would just toss out some multi-shot or volley when we had a clump of mobs on the steps. I made a point to put my kitty on the elites when I saw one and for the most part we were killing the swarms so fast that the NPCs were having no trouble mopping up the stragglers.

Then we did the feral run with Squorg bear-tanking and that worked well also. He was taking out 4-packs so fast that I was having trouble dotting before they were dead. Mostly I just plopped Recklessness or Exhaustion on them to prevent them from running away. The annoying part was that we kept getting leather gear off the bosses, which wasn’t too helpful for a shammy or a warlock. Squorg was able to DE his crap drops for shards but I ended up vendoring my stuff. Ah well, we were mostly there for the quick XP anyway.

One thing I did notice that might be of interest to budding Jewelcrafters out there – lots of mojo drops. If you are planning to power up JC and farm your own Flasks of Mojo, you can probably get much of what you need with 1 or 2 farms of ZF. I went to the Hinterlands when I farmed mine and the drop rate was terrible, I think I spent 3-4 hours collecting what I needed. I wish I had known about ZF, I probably could have gotten my mojo in half the time.


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  1. Demon Says:

    Ah the memory of Z’F run after Z’F run for the two sword drops and the mojos.

    Though it is fun every once in a while to drop in to help a friend run through.

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