Blacksmithing at Max!!

So yesterday I finally hit 375 in Blacksmithing – woot!!!  I have to say I’m quite happy that I no longer have to farm Primal Fire.  Now that I’ve leveled all the secondary professions except Tailoring and Alchemy (which I hear is easy) I think I’d have to vote for Blacksmithing as the worst.  I mean, the leather farming was pretty annoying I grant you.  But farming Primal Fire or Primal Air has to be the top two worst tasks in the current game.  The normal spots are always camped, so it’s near impossible to even get an area to yourself.  I had a slight advantage in that I am 3 time zones off of my server, so I took advantage of that.  But for folks who can’t work the time thing, I pity you :(

If it’s even remotely an option, I think Blacksmiths should probably try to use the Felsteel patterns to level their skill.  There is just a hellish amount of farming needed to collect the mats for pretty much any recipe above 350, in addition to the farming it takes to get the world drop plans.  But no matter what it’s going to be ugly if you don’t have a Felsteel armor recipe.  I really wish those didn’t drop in dungeons, it’s pretty unfair to do that to Blacksmiths and no one else.  I mean, they are the only profession I can think of with no rare BoE recipes of any kind.  So while other crafters can suck it up and purchase a recipe from the Auction House if they don’t want to farm them, Blacksmiths have no such option.  And if you want a recipe that doesn’t have horrific mats, you have to farm dungeons for them.

I know, I hear you saying Engineering.  But since they got their fix and the “parts” are now usable all the way up to 375, you guys are no longer top dog in the Whiners Dept.  And if you are thinking about the fact that you can’t sell your wares to other player… well I have nine pairs of Ragesteel Gloves to sell ya.  That’s right, I’ve sold ONE whole pair.  Considering there are 150g worth of primal fires in each pair, that’s a ton of money I’m not making with Smithing.  I really don’t think you folks can say the same thing about your Felsteel Boomsticks and Khorium Scopes.

But feel free to argue with me on this if you wish :)

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  1. Tsark Says:

    Grats Kal! Technically, Alchemy has no rare (=blue quality) BoE recipe, as all the BoE recipes are green. However, that does not change the fact that it is so easy to level alchemy it’s not even funny. I have levelled Alchemy and Tailoring to 375, Enchanting to 373, Engineering to 355, LW to 340 – so far, Enchanting is a pain, but if you’re smart, wait for guildies to ask for enchants or advertise in Shatt for your enchants, you will end up using very little mats yourself. Engineering – well now I’m starting to make all the parts for the helms, waiting for my little shammy to get to 70 and get a primal nether or two (Resto and Enhancement helmets look good). Plus, the requirement of a Khorium power core for the Netherwing quests sure made us popular.

  2. ^^TnT^^ Says:

    Gratz Kaliope :) as an engineer i need to say that in our days is the same difficult to do it as blacksmithing. Ok maybe a little bit more difficult the blacksmithing. :p No one want to buy a Khorium Scope for 150g and on my opinion is cheap. No word for the guns expect Gyro-Balanced Khorium Destroyer. Im stuck @ 365 level of engineering cuz im tired of filling my bank with items i made to level up and no one want to buy them. Im getting offers 5g, 10g for items 100g+. I’m just waiting to sell some scopes slowly slowly… as i can see 1 scope or 2 max per week…

  3. Ratshag Says:

    Well done. Well done indeed. I feel inspired.

    I was lucky enough to have the felsteel gloves pattern drop for me in the Crypts. I lose some money, but the mats are easier to get and they do at least sell. Up to 364 now. One more pair of these, one pair of Scryer-brand leggings, and then it’s off to Farm for Primals City, population me.

    I’ve a few opinions on which crafts are hardest to max out, but to tell thruth they all look like a dang lot of work. So I’m gonna elect to remain above the fray. Except for alchemy – that one’s way easy.

  4. Orenx Says:

    I’m feel’n ya there TnT. I’m also and engineer and stuck at 369. Our list of items to craft are insane and expensive. I haven’t even bothered to farm for the Khorium scope plan because it’s just not worth it.
    The next best scope comes out of the 1st boss in Kara with +28 crit. If it wasn’t for all the gold spent getting to this lvl. I’d drop engineering and pick flowers or something :)

  5. Carl Says:

    Gratz Kaliope

    I had the great luck of getting a Felsteel helm pattern to drop in SL this weekend. So now its easy levelling from 365-375.

    I have been postponing my leveling in BS after my switch from JC but yesterday I made a new effort. Unforutnately the prices are still horrendous in AH.
    The guide I use says: “You can make bronze pants for a profit, stacks of bronze usually costs 30s or less.” Yeah, well… 2g is more like it on my server. :(

    I really hope pricez will fall again. I thought they should peak right after TBC released and go back again about now. But no such luck on my server. Thorium is still 20g/stack for exampel.

    Anyone else seen prices fall back to affordable levels? I just wonder who buys the stuff? Aint that much good jewels from Thorium, even less from lower grade ore…

  6. Andreas Says:

    Much better question, who /farms/ this stuff? Answer, practically noone. The prices are so ungodly high, at least on my server, because everyone and their dog goes after the BC ore, while whole zones overflow with Thorium – and what little Thorium there is on the AH sells like hot cakes, even at 2g per ore.

  7. kaliope Says:

    Yes, I’d have to agree with Andreas on this. I’ve been leveling a 47 toon and there is no lowbie stuff on the AH at all. No one is playing those zones, nor are they farming them. As a result any pre-BC gear/mats/etc is still sky-high as far as prices go. I don’t see this changing anytime soon, purely because the player population is so skewed and Blizz seems to have no future plans that will address it.

  8. Carl Says:

    Well, then its probably back to farming to level my BS. Farming thorium might actually be possible now when the ore spawn points aint camped by bots any longer.

    Might it even be so that the banning of chinese farmers have skyrocketed the prices?

    Another question though. Anyone seen any BS pattern that you actually can make a profit on? The felsteel armor ones are the closest I’ve seen. The ones demanding primal nether are more of a lucky shot to get sold, or even aquire the mats for.

  9. Andreas Says:

    How would you change the population skew? I mean, at subscription numbers rapidly approaching 8 digits, I would say that most people who are likely to be interested already have accounts. The only way to get a low-level population again as I see it is to provide new content at low levels. I don’t see that happening – largely because it seems non-trivial to create engaging story lines for low-powered characters. Falling into the trap of concentrating on high power seems to ensnare writers in all fields…

  10. DaddyGamer Says:

    Excuse me… But i need to tell someone…

    Leveling BS is a pain…

    But on my first run in Arcatraz the Felsteel leggings pattern dropped…:)

    So it looks like its “no primal highway” for me up to 375 now!

    Thats all. Just needed to tell someone… :)

  11. kaliope Says:

    Hey, congrats Daddy Gamer! That’s really great that you were able to get one of the Felsteel recipes so easily. But I agree, BS is a pain =)

  12. Andreas Says:

    *laugh* Speaking of Felsteel, I snagged the helm. My main is a little tank-paladin, and on her first Shadow Labs run, she acquired the platinum shield, Felsteel Helm pattern /and/ the Greatsword from Murmur… I was expecting to have to farm that place…

  13. Sandisker Says:

    A recent update to this article- I dropped my skinning career at lvl 70 and took up smithing without the knowledge of the hard grind ahead. I am, however glad that i have reached 375, with a concerted effort, 4 weeks later. I found that spending a little time farming the primal airs in Shadowmoon valley yielded a decent BOP recipe for Ragesteel Shoulders. It was definetely the best route to go from lvl 365 to 375, as i would sell for a slight proffit (for a change) , more than 100g, peaking at 140g. It is a much more efficient recipe i think, and takes the still out of those alder or scryer recipes.

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