New Jewelcrafting Goodies in the 2.2 Patch

I know, I’ve been remiss in reporting on the new designs for Jewelcrafters from the upcoming patch. Part of this has been my hesitancy to post new items on our site without hover data. But I’ve decided to forge ahead with the post despite the lack of site info and simply not include links. So you’ll just have to be happy with the flat, boring, text version of the goodies, lol.

All of these new recipes are faction-based, which is good for those of us who hate horrible drop rates on dungeon-only BoP recipes. The bad news is that they are mostly for Honored/Revered. So if you’ve neglected your faction, you’ll be paying for that now. That said, here we go:

Lower City Revered: Falling Star = +18 Stamina (Star of Elune)
Sha’tar Honored: Kailee’s Rose = +26 Healing (Living Ruby)
Sha’tar Revered: Blood of Amber +12 Spell Crit (Dawnstone)
Consortium Revered: Don Julio’s Heart = +14 Spell Dmg (Living Ruby)
Consortium Revered: Crimson Sun = +24 Attack Pwr (Living Ruby)
Keepers of Time Honored: Facet of Eternity = +12 Defense (uses 1x Dawnstone)
Keepers of Time Revered: Stone of Blades = +12 Crit Rating (uses 1x Dawnstone)

All of these items are epic (purple) quality and will Bind when Crafted, they are also unique so you can only have one of each. All patterns will cost 12 gold (10.8 for Honored rep) and can be learned at 360 skill.


7 Responses to “New Jewelcrafting Goodies in the 2.2 Patch”

  1. Bob Says:

    That is great! Finally a good way to help JCer’s and also make it easier to level up to 370. 360-370 is a pain.

  2. kaliope Says:

    Good point Bob, I hadn’t really thought about it that way. I assumed that everyone would be more excited about crafting JC-only epics, but I guess these would be handy for leveling too.

  3. arano Says:

    well.. dont think u wil use this for lvling :P sinse it it unicue and binds on pick up… it costs just as much as all the other gems

    best way to lv is this: /2 WTS GEMS BRING MATS! FAST!

  4. kaliope Says:

    Sadly Arano is right about the new gems, they are BoP when you make them. I’m still unable to get the full listings in my database, but once Patch 2.2 comes out you’ll be able to see that in the pop-up.

    The easiest way to level the final 10-15 pts in JC is to buy one or two of the jewelry recipes and make those instead of gem-cutting. I made the Braided Eternium Chain and others like that. Very easy mats, they don’t really sell but still pretty cheap points compared to other professions. My blacksmith blew through over 150g per point in the same skill range :(

  5. Bob Says:

    I disagree. I would use at least 2-3 of these gems. Hopefully that means 2-3 points which would push me to 370, and then I will make 3 of the cool trinket pets which will get me to 373. Pretty close to 375 there. The regular gems are only 350 and go green at 360, grey at 370. Not to mention when you upgrade gear and have to replace that purple gem, another point.

  6. Itam Says:

    Thes is going to be a new Talasite recipe from Halla also +resilience and stam. Available to buy with Research tokens. from Dev notes. Anyone have any idea how many will be needed?

  7. Ginge Says:

    Thanks alot very handy, google search ftw

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