Living Ruby, Wherefore Art Thou?

Has anyone else been experiencing a severe drought with Living Rubies? I know I sure have, I think I’ve gotten maybe one in the last month. Considering I’ve gotten 10+ of every other rare gem, I think this is a bit suspicious. I try to maintain an inventory of rares in my bank for when guildies need a specific item. Often they bring me gems, but if they can’t find the right one I like to be able to exchange it for them. Or sometimes they just want to buy a gem at guildie rates, that’s OK too.

For the first few months, I kept two of each type in the bank and I would cut and sell any excess. In the beginning I had no trouble selling any blue gem for 40-50g minimum, so I tended to sell all of the extra gems. In the last couple of months I’ve continued to cut and sell the excess, but as you know the prices of some blues have taken a severe hit. As a result, I hold onto blue gems longer, waiting for a good price before I post mine. My bank stash has started to grow because I cut and sell less often than I did before. I actually have ten talasites in my bank, in addition to 4 cut talasites on my auction toon (that I’m having trouble getting even 25g for). I’ve also somehow accumulated five of each other gem-type, including the less common noble topaz.

My current inventory of living rubies? Zero. I gave my last one to a guild mate a couple of weeks ago and haven’t gotten another since then. This despite the fact that I probably prospect at least ten stacks of ore a week. I haven’t kept a chart, perhaps I should just to document this… but I would estimate that we’re talking about a 2-5% drop rate on Living Rubies. I’m basing this on the 10 stacks per week and at least two weeks with no rubies.

If I had to give some rough rankings to the gems at this point in time, sorted from most common to least common, it would probably look like this:

Star of Elune
Noble Topaz
Living Ruby

What’s particularly frustrating for me is that I just completed my recipe collection for Living Rubies, I finally scored a Runed Living Ruby recipe last week. Why do we have seven recipes for the Living Ruby and it’s the least available gem? Most of the other gems only have four to six recipes. In fact there may be some sort of perverse inversion at play because my most frequent gem (talasite) has the lowest number of recipes.

I assume that other crafters on my realm are seeing the same trend, since they are posting up their Talasites and Dawnstones for 20-25g. Even Nightseye has drifted from 60-75g down to 40-50g on my server. Noble Topaz has gone up to the 60-70g range, which would seem to corroborate the rarity I’m seeing in my prospecting. And don’t even get me started on the proliferation of green gems, I swear those things are like tribbles! They must be mating behind my back or something…


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  1. wookiecookie Says:

    I’ve never been able to prospect many gems but I’ve noticed the big price difference. Talasites and Stars of Elune average 20-30g on my server while Living Rubies average 50-60g.

  2. Traffkor Says:

    For me its completely different. The prices of Talasite and Dawnstone are quite low as you say but the Living Rubies drop quite often for me. Got 10+ in the last month, compare to 1 Nightseye.

    My Ranking:
    Noble Topaz
    Living Ruby
    Star of Elune

    Star of Elune, especially the Solid ones are the way to make money on my Server. 80-100g you get for it and thats one of the main reasons how i got the 12k gold i have atm.
    But the market is still very unstable. The new arena season was the best that could happen. Everyone got new gear and needed gems and in 10 days i earned about 3k gold.

  3. wookiecookie Says:

    Wow, I have yet to see Solid Star of Elunes sell for that much on my server. The highest anyone is willing to pay for a blue gem is 68g. Bright Living Rubies are selling like hotcakes tho because the arena people are always looking for more attack power and the same goes for any gem that would benefit hunters, rogues, and pallies.

  4. neilcamp Says:

    I’ve experienced the opposite as well. Living rubies are the one I have prospected the most. I use the add on ProspectInfo, which is excellent because you can see exactly how mant times you’ve prospected, what you’ve got and the percentage. I’m not on my toon right now but rubies are my highest amount (about 12 out of about 180 prospects). Talasite is actually the lowest. I got three rubies in a row last night in about 10 prospects.

    You may already use the addon and it doesn’t track trends (i.e. dates and times) but it is still interesting to see the totals.

    This is good for me because I only have the design for Bright Living Ruby, Mystic Dawnstone and Radiant Talasite. The talasite design actually dropped for me in Nagrand the other night. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least, although I struggled with whether to sell it for 300g or learn it, since I may never make that much off the gems. But, hey, I’m a jewelcrafter so I should have some designs right. :-)

    Also, cut blue gem prices on Suramar seem very low. I have trouble getting over 60g for a Bright Living Ruby and Solid Star of Elune is often in the mid-fifties. I’ve got a dozen rubies in the bank now (I can’t resist buying the uncut gem when they drop to 40g). Meanwhile ore has inflated to 25g – 30g a stack.

    But no big complaints, my overall blue gem drop rate remains about 27% or about one per stack.

  5. ^^TnT^^ Says:

    Well my problem is Star Of Elune… i have plenty of Living Rubys… I guess is just luck..

  6. Jennifer Says:

    I get nearly 50% living rubies lately (and am making a killing on selling the Bright Living Rubies), 25% talasite, 10% Noble Topaz, 10% Nightseye and 5% all other. According to Wowhead, which pulls info from actual prospecting from players playing the game (including me), each rare gem has about a 2.8% chance of dropping from prospecting adamantite ore and about a 1% chance of dropping from prospecting fel iron ore. This is fairly consistent with my personal experience over about 2000 ore. But certain gems go in spits and spurts, sometimes with 300 ore yielding 1 rare gem and the next 20 yielding 3 rare gems. It’s a game of chance and volume.

  7. Jennifer Says:

    I forgot to mention – imo, it’s well worth the cash outlay to buy the world drop recipes. I get LOTS of repeat business from level 70 toons that raid often or are gearing up for raiding due to the sheer volume of rare recipes I have and charge 5-10g per cut for rare gems (talasite I charge about 5g, everything else about 10g) and 15g for meta gems. I even have one raiding guild that comes to me for at least 50% of their gem business as they have no high level JC. I’ve been prospecting, cutting, selling on AH, accumulating enough to buy another recipe and buying it at a rate of about 3-5/week. Get a return of about 300-500g per day depending on whether I spend 30 min or 1hr per day at the AH.

    Not to mention farming Consortium rep to get all those lovely meta gem recipes before I can get out to Kara myself… I think I could now run Mana Tombs in my sleep.

  8. Itam Says:

    For me Nights eyes are the rarest. Living rubies are one or the more common I tend to sell through talasites and dawnstones well.

  9. wookiecookie Says:

    Wow business is really booming on your server O_O. There’s a lot of JC on my server and thus most people get their gems cut in-guild. That in turn drives up the price of the world drop recipies. I used to be able to buy them for 200g a pop but now they’re 350g-600g a pop. Most of my profit goes to buying buff items for Kara runs so my net profit is too low to get recipies often. I have about 8 recipies right now, which is enough for the moment.

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