Kaliope goes on a bender

Has anyone else been drinking lately? I’ll have to admit, I was never that enthralled with virtual boozing. Ok, so your screen gets a bit fuzzy and you mess up your dialog to the amusement of your buddies. After a few minutes of that it pretty much loses it’s entertainment value. But I was in Allerian Stronghold recently with Kaliope… fishing I believe. If any activity is tailor-made for drunkenness, this has to be it. And I remembered that they have free booze outside the middle building. So I clicked the barrel and grabbed me some. I think it gives you something like five drinks. I didn’t want them clogging my inventory so I drank them all, heheh.

And that’s when it happened. I was still kind of piddling around town, playing with my drifty ambulation techniques when I noticed a small elephant in the distance. He looked kind of ghostly with a pinkish tinge. He was standing near the flight master, so I was pretty sure he wasn’t a permanent fixture in town. He was just sort of wandering around, minding his own business. Interesting.

The Pink Elephant

Here’s another pic of the pink elephant trying to head-butt me

Pink Elephant tries to headbutt me

After a few minutes of posing with this guy, I decided to move along when I noticed another one by the stone wall! At this point I realized this must be a new thing resulting from the copious amounts of alcohol I ingested. There were also these lovely bubbles percolating from my mouth and floating off into the ether. A rather amusing phenomenon when you’re flying, rofl.

So if you haven’t gotten around to trying the new WoW-caholic beverages, it could be good for another five minutes of entertainment!


3 Responses to “Kaliope goes on a bender”

  1. Dan Says:

    Yeah – that was a fun one to discover. =)

  2. Ratshag Says:

    Heh. I’ll have to go back to Stonebreaker Camp to see if they’ve got a barrel of free hooch there too. Wonder if I’d see pink Elleks or pink Hawkstriders…

  3. Someone Says:

    Think I’ll start drinking then! :)

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