Oops, I did it again!

Sorry, couldn’t resist that title!  I know you’ll forgive me, rofl.  So I took Korlyn (my Blacksmithing hunter) out to Shadowmoon Valley this past week.  She’s was at level 68 and I need to farm lots of Primal Fire to grind my final smithing points.  Aside from being unable to fly, Korlyn does pretty well surviving in SMV.  I’ve also been working on some quests there to help her level up, she actually just dinged 69 last night.

So I was working the Ruins of Baari where you can kill Ashtongue mobs and collect Baari tablets for two different quests.  Once again, I had no clue I was killing a BoP recipe mob.  I hadn’t even kill the number of warriors required for the quest when the Ragesteel Breastplate plans dropped right in my lap.  I was pretty shocked, let me tell ya!  My little warrior Kayree is going to have some downright snazzy gear when I get around to leveling her up someday =)

At this point I don’t really need to farm any more recipes to level my smithing because the two Ragesteel plans I have will see me safely to 375.  The mats are horrific of course, namely the 6-10 Primal Fire required for each piece.  But if anyone can farm like a pro, it’s a Beast spec hunter!  The only thing I miss is flying, Korlyn is still strictly ground transportation.  I never realized how many places I can’t reach without flying.  Like that nice little spot with the air elementals and netherrays behind the Dragonmaw fortress…


3 Responses to “Oops, I did it again!”

  1. Solidstate Says:

    Here’s some advice I hope you will find helpful – whenever you need Primal Fire or Air, just go farm Primal Water (Nagrand, just below Haala) or Mana (Ruined town south of Cosmowrench, I forget the name, but there are 2 types of mobs there with really good Mote of Mana drop rate). Sell the Water/Mana in the AH and with the money, buy the Fire/Air.

    It’s Faster to farm the Water/Mana and the prices, at least on my server, are almost the same (well the ratio moves, can be like 75% of the price of the Fire/Air, but you make that margin from the greys/greens you get while farming and the faster rate of farming Water/Mana).

    Another easy way – if you have an alchemist who can Transmute Primal Shadow to Primal Water (was discovery for me) or Primal Earth to Primal Water (Sporeggar rep reward), you can make another Water per day, sell in AH and buy a Fire/Air. I assume Primal Earth isn’t a problem for you :)


  2. kaliope Says:

    Solid: Thanks for the info! The prices for air/fire range from 20-30% higher on my server, but with careful buying I can probably keep that on the low end of the range. I ventured out to the phase hunter spot near Manaforge B’naar and got 2 primal mana in an hour. Considering there was no one else around, this was at least less frustrating than dealing with the Fel Pits in SMV. And it has about the same drop rate, so if nothing else it’s worth considering for peak times when you need to do some farming and every good location is camped.

  3. Alazasthas Says:

    For Primal Air farming I found that the place near the NEtherwing areas is too high traffic this days, so its better to farm in the northern part of SMV, just north of the Aldor city. If you happen to have a skinner for the farming, you could get a few Cobrascales along with the motes.

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