Sneak Peek @ Patch 2.2

I arrived home on Saturday to discover that we had Patch Notes out for 2.2 — and here I had no idea we had a new patch on the horizon! I’ve been working over the weekend to locate all the changed items and update my database, but I haven’t completed the review yet. I didn’t want to leave you guys in suspense though, so I thought I’d post my initial observations.

The bulk of the actual changes appear to be for Enchanting. There are some new recipes available from the trainer which I haven’t seen yet because I didn’t copy Kayree to the PTR (will do that later today). And it looks like Blizzard finally figured out that no one wants to raid old dungeons anymore, so they are opening access to the AQ recipes. Presumably this is to get those recipes into the hands of more crafters without requiring AQ runs. The bummer of the deal is, they’ve chosen to do it in the same style as the Alchemy flasks. So far every one I’ve found has required Exalted reputation to purchase. Not exactly casual-friendly, but I guess they don’t consider Enchanting a casual-friendly profession??

Blizzard has also decided to modify the components required for some of these enchantments to bring them more in line with the expansion materials. I guess they also recognize that we don’t have old ingredients anymore and it’s annoying to have to farm old zones to get them. I don’t even use my Enchanter except to enchant BoE items for my other toons and she is already out of several key ingredients for older end-game chants. I’m sure we’ve all noticed that the AH prices for these things are sky-high as a result.

We’re also getting some new recipes from the Violet Eye faction, thank goodness for that because those folks were being rather stingy. There’s a new Alchemy flask, a weapon enchantment and a new cloak pattern for Leatherworkers (neat!). Here I thought they’d totally forgotten that Leatherworkers could make cloaks, silly me! I don’t yet have the stats on these new items, but I’ll post them when I find the item info.

There are also a handful of tooltip modifications on various crafted items, and that about sums it up for the 2.2 crafting changes.


7 Responses to “Sneak Peek @ Patch 2.2”

  1. Xavier Says:

    I am very happy that they took the enchantments out of AQ, but I wish they would have added new and improved versions instead of just tossing the old ones at the faction quartermasters with heavier mat requirements.

  2. tary Says:

    I am sad they took those recipe out of aq.
    No one wants to do aq anymore? at least my guild is doing aq and nax
    It is fun to do these raids

  3. kaliope Says:

    Xavier: I assume that Blizz felt the AQ chants were powerful enough as they were. They were mostly unique “trinket” style buffs like +stealth, +dodge and threat reduction. I’m not convinced these are the “best of” chants either, so it remains to be seen how much of a difference this makes moving forward.

    Tary: My guild hasn’t willingly done an old world dungeon since the first month after BC. We went to ZG and pretty much everything that dropped was useless to us after several weeks of upgrades from BC quests/crafting. We haven’t done an old-style raid since then and I assume most guilds are the same in this respect. They are too focused on gearing up and progression to spend hours in a place like AQ or Naxx.

  4. tary Says:

    i love my guild, i think it is more casual guild than raiding guild, everyweek we vote which raid dungeon to go, and people like to vote aq and nax, so we do those alot

  5. Taur Says:

    We’ve done a few runs of the old raids/instances since hitting 70. When we had trouble getting a guild run together for Kara (man, where have those days gone now?) we did a lightning run of ZG, which was great fun! It was great beating up on bosses that used to be really challenging, but it was also useful in a sense… the tiger boss (I think) was useful to learn how to fight, as the tactic is pretty similar to the R&J Opera event in Kara!

    We also did a quick hit of AQ40 for the hell of it. And i’ve helped a guildie run LBRS for some blacksmithing.

  6. Xavier Says:

    Ya, I am sure they felt that they were strong enough. I just want to have my cake and eat it too I guess. 2% threat reduction is not enough for a lonely tree druid lol!

  7. Kirk Says:

    There was actually one enchant from AQ that had my guild making runs: The Superior Agility for gloves. There were one or two other craft recipes that were useful but had no equivalents for other professions. These were worth it for the group as they’d benefit several players.

    With this patch, the need to run AQ is gone. Desire – just for fun – maybe. But there’s very little remaining that’s better than what you get in outland. All are uncommon to rare (meaning dozens or more runs PER PLAYER to get). In sum, none are enough better to justify the number of runs you have to do to get it.

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