New Jewelcrafting Recipe

I don’t know if anyone else has bothered to track this down, but I finally got around to buying that Mystic Dawnstone recipe that was recently added in Halaa.  There was actually a mention of it in the patch notes, I just didn’t bother to pick it up since it’s more of a PVP item.  Then yesterday I was on the WoW forums where folks seemed pretty excited about it and I thought I probably ought to go ahead and nab one.

It’s in limited supply, but I went to Halaa and was able to purchase it with no problem.  It Binds on Pickup so people won’t be tempted to farm them and prevent us JC folk from validly purchasing it.  It cost me 12 gold, no Halaa tokens or anything.  And it gives +8 resilience.  It’s not something I would be terribly excited about, but if you’re looking for a unique item to sell it might be worth a try.  I haven’t noticed anyone else selling Mystic Dawnstones on the AH lately, so perhaps it would be a decent seller to the PVP crowd.

Let us know if you’ve already sold any of these (or made them and didn’t sell any).  I’m curious if this thing is worth the stones… heheh.

3 Responses to “New Jewelcrafting Recipe”

  1. Fortuente Says:

    Nice, good job getting that.
    The Allakhazam link:;source=live

    As someone who enjoys the financial aspect of the game, I wish it wasn’t BOP, lol. This would probably do really well on the AH.

  2. Bombardem Says:

    If you want something unique to sell just chain kill the engineering merchant in winterspring for the fused wiring recipe, that sells like hotcakes at 30g a pop.

  3. Harricat Says:

    Sells for about 25-33g on the AH for me.
    Can by the Dawnstone for 15-20g on the AH.
    Quick small profit.

    In no time the recipe is paid for.
    I usually will put about 5 Mystic Dawnstone on the AH in the morning before work.
    when i come home 3 or 4 of them have sold.

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