Changing Specialties (Smiths, LWers, Engies, etc)

I’ve been getting some questions and comments about how to change specialties and have been thinking for months about doing a write-up on this. Unfortunately I really didn’t have any toons that I felt needed the change. And sorry, I didn’t feel like blowing 200g just so I could change to something else and have to pay again to change back. I like you guys… but not that much.

Lately I’ve been leveling my hunter who was a Swordsmith. Now that she’s 66 I’ve been trying to figure out what gear I should be collecting for her. Kaliope already made her two pieces of the Felstalker set during the mad Leatherworking push. It also seemed like a good time to take stock of my weaponry and decide what to get myself. I found some interesting spreadsheets on TKA Something for comparing gear and decided to buy myself a Valanos’ Longbow since I don’t expect to be running instances with Korlyn.

I also discovered that my BoP sword goodies were nowhere on the weapon list. But the axes are… interesting. After doing some additional research on the WoWWiki and discovered that AGI no longer gives +2 dps (oops, I meant to say +2 AP) like it used to, my original calculations on the specialty swords are totally wrong which now makes the axes a stronger candidate. . Dummy me, not keeping up with these things. Needless to say, I’ve decided to go ahead and re-spec to Axesmith. So now you get your article, heh.

First I venture out to Everlook to revisit the original quest givers for specialized Weaponsmithing. Seril will happily let me unlearn my Swordsmithing skill for 100g. Then I have a little chat with Kilram and he teaches me Axesmithing, pretty easy really. Unfortunately he doesn’t teach any actual recipes and it looks as though I will have to do the original specialization quest if I want the reward recipe from him. At this point I see no reason to run an old instance for a level 50 weapon, so I don’t bother taking that.

Now I should be able to go back to Shattrath and train with the Weaponsmith in the Lower City, so I hearth back to visit with Kradu Grimblade. Sure enough, he’s got the axe recipes for me. I also checked my tradeskill window to confirm that I no longer have the sword recipes, which I do not. My other BC recipes are still there, so no worries on that front either. All in all a pretty painless process, except for the 100g I had to cough up.

I would assume that the other specialty professions work in a similar manner, where you return to your specialty trainer to unlearn and find the new specialty trainer to pick up the new spec. In my case I was unable to learn new recipes from the specialty NPCs because they were not actual trainers, merely quest givers. But I did check my guy just in case, so go ahead and check before you leave if you’re not sure.

Now I just have to decide whether to keep my current Adamantite Cleaver or make myself a Skyforged Great Axe. I’m not sure the additional 3 AP and 35 crit rating are worth losing 39 stamina, since I’ll only be using it for another 4 levels. Perhaps I’ll just wait for the Lunar Crescent at 70.


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  1. Crazyhippo Says:

    i would really like to know how much is for a change in Alchemy.

    The specialization quest costed me 400g back then (4x primal mights). It would be completely unfair if i could just specialice on the cheap (and easy) elixir/pot and switch to Transmute later on… damn that sucks 50g +100g from respect vs 400g… not fair at all. Specially when there are no exclusive recipes in alchemy

  2. Someone Says:

    Technically, AGI never gave 1 nor 2 DPS: it used to give 2 Attack Power and now gives only 1… And 14 AP gives 1 DPS.

  3. kaliope Says:

    Thanks for pointing out my error Someone, I’ve added a correction above!

  4. Bobsin2000 Says:

    Kali, Have you checked out the fireguard sword and its upgrade as a master swordsmith? Right now I am a lw and skinner. I am seriously thinking of chnaging over to BS and master sword just so I can get those swords. The pluses and all are really worth it.

    Have u ever asked urself that as a elf why we cant craft our own bows?

  5. kaliope Says:

    Yes, I saw the Fireguard and various swords but I decided for my hunter to go with the axes since the stats were more appropriate for her. But I agree with you, I wish we did have a Woodworking profession that allowed us to make bows/staves/arrows.

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