Oops! I farmed =)

I know you hate stories like this, I do too. Which is why I totally have to share it <phht>!

So today I’m in Nagrand knocking out some quests with my hunter Korlyn. She’s level 65 and I really want her to be level 67 or 68 so I can use her for farming motes and stuff. It’s much nicer to farm when you don’t have to heal yourself every other fight. Hunters are uber, get over it!

I’m mostly doing easy, grindy-type quests. Kill 20 of this… 30 of that. Usually I hate this sort of thing, but I got kids home for the summer and I need to be distractable. So anyway, I’m just wandering around Nagrand, killing stuff until I complete a quest or other people edge into my personal space. Eventually I found myself at the Boulderfist camp and since I have to kill 50 of these guys I figured I’d at least knock out part of them before I take a break. I started outside the cave in case I needed to walk away without clearing an exit for myself. At some point I got bored and wandered in because the stuff outside wasn’t respawning fast enough. I hadn’t even killed 20 of the warriors yet when the Ragesteel Gloves plan drops right in my lap <grin>.

I’m sure you other Blacksmiths out there have horror stories of how many hundreds of ogres you had to kill to get them. I have horror stories of farming missions I’ve done, so I feel your pain. I fully expect the WoW gods to exact their revenge on me in some way, perhaps forcing me to kill 300 Murkbloods for the Khorium recipe I actually wanted to level my BS. But for once it was nice to be one of those lucky schlubs that loots the recipe in the first XX kills. In my case I’m a ridiculously lucky schlub, because I didn’t even realize I was killing a recipe-dropping mob!


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  1. Ratshag Says:

    Heh. Pretty much how this one went for me too. I think them ogres hand out copies of da Ragesteel Gloves plans as door prizes at the monthly ogre meetings or sumthin’.

  2. Mingus Says:

    I had the same thing happen to me with the Arcane Resist to Cloaks recipe. Was doing the quest for the costume pieces, needed one more piece to complete the quest, and then the recipe dropped.

    The day was only made better when the spellpower to weapons enchant drop (after about ten to twelve hours of farming over the course of a week) and then the spellpower to bracers dropped on my second Ogre Geomancer as I was making my way back through Blade Talon Mountains.

  3. kaliope Says:

    Wow Mingus, sounds like you had an exceedingly luck day there :) Gratz!

  4. Carl Says:

    Them gauntlets drop often. Got mine also without knowing about it. 4th or 5th warrior I kille dropped them =)

  5. Carl Says:

    Them gauntlets drop often. Got mine also without knowing about it. 4th or 5th warrior I killed dropped them =)

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