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I don’t know if anyone else has investigated the new 2.1.2 recipes that were added last week, but I finally got around to it a few days ago. These are some interesting items, but part of me is still trying to puzzle out the logic behind the additions. First we have Stewed Trout, which uses the same fish as the existing recipe for Blackened Trout. It seems strange to add a new recipe for a component that had an existing recipe, even if it did create a rather uninspiring food.

The other two recipes use rare fish, meaning fish that are caught in low numbers (less than 2% on average). We are talking about the “off-hand” fish that you catch occasionally and were previously meant as a vanity item. Two of our three new recipes will now allow you to cook them and create some very nice high end food buffs. One is the Fisherman’s Feast, which let’s you turn a Huge Spotted Feltail into a food that gives the same buff as the Spicy Crawdad. The other is the Enormous Barbed Gill Trout that creates Hot Buttered Trout, a food with 7200 health *and* mana regen. It’s like the Underspore Pods, but super-sized!

All of these new recipes return us back to the days when we were forced to use spices and liquids like a real cook. Kind of annoying actually. Now I’ll have to plan ahead, calculate the right number of ingredients, make sure to visit the appropriate vendors, etc. I’ve gotten used to just finding a fire and whipping up all the various bits in my bag, heh. I’m not certain why they abandoned this methodology for the expansion and then reinstated it for 2.1.2 recipes, it’s not like these foods are just so amazingly good that they need to up the ante.

For all the 350 level recipes, we now have an elevated materials requirement to make them. I guess I can see this since each item will be granting either the highest stamina bonus in the game or the highest health/mana regen available. Since the fish required to make them are all rare in some sense, it will difficult to mass produce these foods. Players will likely try to stockpile them for raids instead of squandering them on solo play. But the Stewed Trout isn’t anything special, so I’m still baffled as to why it inherited the extra ingredients protocol.

I think the best thing we can say here is they created a use for the previously useless off-hand BC fish and in some minor way devalued the Furious Crawdad by adding a competing item. They also gave us a slightly better use for the Barbed Gill Trout that I’ve mostly been using as pet food.


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  1. lehmlove Says:

    You should not forget that the new recipes require fish which are very SELDOM, if you are fishing regulary, recap how often you got one of the special fishis?

    I do fishing often (3 chars with 375 fishing skill currently leveling a forth char to 375) and one of the chars catch the one you can held in hand 2 times, others never got him.

    2 times – nuff said.

  2. kaliope Says:

    You’re absolutely right Lehm, these new fish recipes will still be pretty rare. I believe I’ve caught three of them since the 2.1 patch, out of maybe 3-4 stacks of other fish. I wouldn’t expect to get better than 5% drop rate, which seems to jive with Thott/Alla numbers. As a result, no one should use them casually and they are probably best saved for raiding.

  3. pinn Says:

    I suggest that the point of the new recipes is to offer aspiring cooks an alternative route to skill to Cooking 375.
    Previously the only options were either Crunchy Serpent (Serpent Flesh), Mok’Nathal Shortribs (Raptor Ribs) or Spicy Crawdad (Furious Crawdad).
    Crunchy Serpent and Mok’Nathal Shortribs used to be Horde only, locking Alliance out of a skill progression step, and making them wait until they hit level 70 and could get their flying mount and start fishing the crawdad pools, or buy them on the AH. That was remedied when they added the recipe to Sassa at Toshley’s Station, but it still limited the skill paths.
    These new recipes open up the skill paths, albeit with fish that are low on the droprate, but even so it’s an alternative for those that want it or need it.

  4. Crazyhippo Says:

    lol right after i got the recipes… i catched 2 of those big kick ass off hand fish (huge feltail). Still need to cook them.

    “it’s not like these foods are just so amazingly good that they need to up the ante.”

    Actually these food are amazingly good… Also the drop rate is so low that I doubt it could devalued crawdad, in fact, it is so low that it might increase the value of crawdad as the food buff will be seen more often and will seek for more often.

    I do like the variety of these food. Also remember these aren’t the only “spicy” recipes in the outland. Don’t forget that Clam Bar from also requires some spices.

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