Kali reaches 375 in Leatherworking

Yay! This morning I finally maxed out leatherworking, woot! I already updated my Leatherworking guide with some general information about getting to 375, but now that I’ve done it I will definitely add some additional tips.

The first thing I discovered is that Riding Crops are actually a decent way to go. True, it requires 5 primals (one of each) but many of the other high-end recipes require 6-8 primals anyway. So by comparison it’s actually a decent deal if you have an enchanter to feed you the other mats (which I do). I found that farming 1 primal air and 1 primal fire was less painful than farming 6-8 of them to make something else. Plus you get more variety in your farming since you can switch locations for each type of primal needed. So I made a handful of riding crops until the recipe turned green at 370. It helps if you have an alchie buddy to do the transmute for you, but if not just sell the primals and buy the might with the proceeds. You actually come out ahead that way in terms of cash value if you have the patience to wait on the sales.

The other recipes that I used heavily were the Heavy Clefthoof items. These will take you all the way to 375 between the three of them and they only require Honored with Cenarion Expedition to purchase. Anyone can easily achieve Honored status just by completing all the various quests in Zangarmarsh and Blade’s Edge.

I know that the Heavy Clefthoof mats look daunting, I had the same thought when I first saw the 30-40 clefthoof leathers they required. As you may know, these have a 10-15% drop rate now that they’ve removed the clefthoof mobs from Blade’s Edge. However, the alternative is the Felstalker gear, which requires 6-8 primal airs to make. I don’t know about you, but farming that much air is enough to make me light-headed! But the main reason I would go with the Heavy Clefthoof items is that aside from the boots, I was actually able to recoup a lot of my sweat equity from them on the auction.

On my server the thick clefthoof leather goes for around 3g each. If I buy 34 of those, I’m sitting right at 100g invested, not counting the other mats needed (roughly another 40g). I was able to sell the pants for about 100g, so for the most part I got a reasonable return on my investment. I would absolutely be losing money if I bought all the materials, but I tried to farm half and buy half. This way I would still be making a small profit when the item sold, without driving myself insane with farming. My suggestion would be this: once you sell your first piece, use the money to buy half the clefthoof leather for the next item and farm the rest of it. This will give you a happy medium between farming too much or blowing all your gold, you should come out even or maybe up a bit in terms of cash.

Now if you wanted to go with the Felstalker gear, you’d probably lose most of your money. I’ve seen the bracers going for as little as 35g on the AH, which barely covers even one primal air! I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to farm primal air I sure don’t want to just give it away to some stranger for a song. I’d be surprised if you could get even half your money back on one of these. The only reason I would make them is if you want the gear for your hunter, or you have people feeding you the mats. I actually did make a couple of pieces to save for Korlyn when she reaches level 70. Don’t worry, she’ll pay me back by being a great farming resource =)

Also, you may notice that some of these recipes I’ve mentioned are yellow to you. I had some trepidation about this too, but I got really good points from the Riding Crop, which was yellow from 360-370. I still got a point for every one I made until it went green. I also had very good luck with the Clefthoof pants and vest, so don’t be afraid. Ironically, the only time I did not get a point was at 374 on the Clefthoof vest. I was pretty annoyed by that too, lol. But in general the yellow recipes worked well for skilling up.

And now I’m the proud owner of three epic Windhawk recipes! Here I thought my days of farming leather and primals were over, but that was just the warm-up it would seem…


7 Responses to “Kali reaches 375 in Leatherworking”

  1. Erik Says:

    I also had quite the luck on the yellow patterns. Just missed a few going from 360 to 375 only on yellows. I also employed the half AH / half farming strategy, and the enormous amount of clefthoof slaughtering can be quite tedoius at times. It is a money sink, but when you D/E the blue stuff you make and sell the shards, it almost evens out when adding the extra leather and the vendor trash that comes with the farming.

  2. Boyd Says:

    I had a lot of fun in many ways grinding to 375. I can’t help but wonder why you chose to make the chest/leggings from the Heavy Clefthoof set. Was this purely for the resale value? As a rogue, the only viable enchant for top DPS at 70 is Mongoose, which at several hundred gold an enchant is rather difficult to fund. So I stuck to making the boots and had them disenchanted. This left me with a Large Prismatic Shard everytime, and I made the boots from 370-375, which left me with 7 LPS(Total Value on my server: Approx. 200 Gold). I missed two skill-ups making the boots. As for Riding Crops, this proved to be a very useful way to do it for me. At the time I was sitting on the money I’d gained whilst levelling from 60-67 so I had enough to buy 5 primal mights. Each at 100 Gold. I bought a stack of 20 Small Prismatic Shards, which cost me about… Oh I forget… But it was a fairly cheap deal, and I kept ten and sold the other ten on for almost a third of the amount I paid, small loss of money, but also a small gain. I ground all the leather myself and had a friend disenchant all the greens i picked up for the dust. After all of that i sold every single riding crop for 150 Gold. Which left me with 1500 Gold. After putting in about 1100. So not only are they one of the simpler (although expensive if you can’t sell them on) patterns to grind but they’re also very profitable. The beautiful thing about the Riding Crop’s that I made is that I didn’t miss a single point from 360-370 with them. I was very pleased. Sadly though my 375 Leatherworking will leave me with no positive gains as I’ve already outgeared the 3-piece epic set (Primal Intent – Elemental), which for a rogue is only a slight upgrade from most Karazhan epics and leaves a little to be desired due it’s lack of customisablity; where the hell are the sockets!? Hopefully the profession will come of some use later on in The Burning Crusade when I can get some fresh patterns from 25 mans. Sorry to rant anyway. Just felt like discussing it. Good post.


  3. Boyd Says:

    Also, I found grinding the Clefthoof Bulls, of which there are 50+ in Nagrand, that can be skinned and have a great respawn rate thus, and are rarely farmed on my server. Was a far more pleasurable experience than trying to grind the many Primals needed for other recipes. Most of the mobs that drop Primals at a reasonable rate and are close enough together to farm quickly are 70+, and are farmed by many other players. And so I advise to any other Leatherworker that reads this to make the Heavy Clefthoof Boots for the easiest skill-ups from 370-375. Signing off once again,


  4. kaliope Says:

    Hey Boyd, glad you enjoyed the info. The reason I made the chest/legs from the Clefthoof set is because I’m on a high pop server and there lots of other LW posting the HC boots at ridiculously low prices. By farming a bit more and making the other two pieces, I was able to cover most of the value of my farmed materials. I was selling the leggings for about 100g and the chest for about 150g, which was a much better ROI for my toon who needed to raise epic mount money. I did make some Riding Crops before 370, but not too often due to the primal farming being so competitive. With the clefthoof I was able to farm most of the leathers in an hour or so, assuming I subsidized with astute AH buys to fill in the gaps. It’s really a preference thing, if you are on a low pop server and you don’t mind farming primals then you could do that instead.

  5. V4sk0 Says:

    Indeed Clefthoof set is the best to level from 370-375 if u dont have factions rep to buy easier leather patterns. Still… i’m really anoyed with leveling… recipes remain yellow and i’ve never farmed so mux Clefthoof leather in wow!:) Done more or less 11 Clefthoof boots from level 370 and now i’m level 374. And btw nobody buys my freakin boots!!!… 2 lessons learned:
    1. clefthood farming – since patch nagrand is full of clefthood bulls and my advise is to set a route starting at base south, heading north until you reach dead aged clefthoods. Got up and down several times and you’ll get 40 pieces of leather in about 1h and a half to two hours. Yes, please be patient, even knowing that you effort won’t give you another level of leatherworking. And btw:
    – Avoid zones when someone is already farming. It’s anoying to enter competing specially if he’s from your faction.
    – Search for people who isn’t farming and only questing clefthood buffs. Potential leather for free :)

    From level 370-372 (2 levels) – farm and craft the clefthood boots.
    Level 373-to-375 – farm and clefthood vest (easy to sell and you’ll be
    rewarded with money spent in crafting). It only requires 6 more
    clefthood leather and has a better leatherworking skill that other set
    items – 360 when compared with 355 from legs and boots).

    GL, try to have fun and get drunk when you reach 375! Gonna do it tonight.

    Kaçador@Grim Batol (EU Server)

  6. Vegitto Says:

    i got 373 leatherworking and there are only Gray things to make, anyone know some place to buy some high lvl recipe to make it from 373 to 375 ? :) thx

  7. kaliope Says:

    I believe faction recipes are the only viable option for reaching 375. Personally I made the Heavy Clefthoof Vest between 370 and 375, so you could try that. If you plan to make any of the BoP armor, that would also work for the last few points. I’ve heard that the various Drum recipes also work, but I can’t personally verify that. Good Luck!

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