The Blues of the Exalted

Now that I’ve reached Exalted with Netherwing, poor Krystella has nothing to do but farm ore and sell the gems. I hear the peons calling to me, in desperate need of discipline. Sad to say, I kind of miss some of the quests on Netherwing Ledge. The red-faced roar or the snoozy ZZZs of the disobedient peons, the excitement of spotting a smoky egg. You would think I’d be anxious to move on to something new, but there’s nothing compelling on the landscape for me… *sigh*.

When I returned to Netherwing Ledge to buy my Violet Drake, I noticed that all the NPCs still had yellow ! on their heads. And since I knew this question was just burning in your brains, I decided to go back today and see if I can continue doing quests despite my Exalted status. I mean, I still have 65 Nethercite Ore sitting in the bank, and it’s selling for nada on the AH. Not like I can cash in on it at this point anyways, so why not turn it in?

So I fly out there and sure enough the guy takes my ore and gives me 12g. Hmm, nice! Since I’m here I may as well talk to the peon dude and get a booterang from him. I fly around, whomping the peons and enjoying their grumpy chatter. Then I go back and turn in my booterang and get another 12g. It would seem that I can keep doing these quests forever and just rake in the cash if I want. How interesting…

Now if I could just get that last point on my Exalted bar! It bugs me that it just sits there at 999


5 Responses to “The Blues of the Exalted”

  1. Thistlefur Says:

    Poeple who got exalted with sky and origlia say they can still do the repeatables for cash is that no so with Nether?

  2. Xavier Says:

    Once you get 999/1000 rep with Netherwing, let me know if you can still do the quests for gold. I have been wondering about this…

  3. kaliope Says:

    Yes, I did test this and we are still able to do the quests after becoming Exalted (with whoever?). So if you wanted to continue questing just for the cash, you are free to do so. Apparently I didn’t state that very well in the article, rofl. I’ve made a few changes that will hopefully clarify the intent of the article.

  4. Thistlefur Says:

    agreed 999/1000 is just stupid.

  5. Bombardem Says:

    I’m exalted with all the new factions now, and yes you can continue questing. I too was surprised after the Illidan script of my discovery as a spy, and subsequent rescue, that I was able to return and continue doing all the dailies. I havent bothered mining, my previous method of funding my adventures, in ages. I’m doing 10 dailies per day on each of my toons and getting richer than I ever previously imagined possible.

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