New Epic Jewelcrafting Recipes Up!

I’ve just added all of the epic recipes from the Scale of the Sands faction. They aren’t terribly informative just yet, as I have no solid location for the faction vendor. Nor are there drop rates on the single drop recipe. You may also notice the lack of icons, this is because Allakhazam has no icons either :( But the mouse-over data is there, so you can view stats. And dream about how some day two years from now when your guild makes it to the Black Temple, you might be able to buy some of these. Heheh.

See new JC Recipes

Next on the hit list is Leatherworking…


7 Responses to “New Epic Jewelcrafting Recipes Up!”

  1. Voodoodoc Says:

    Nice! I have to say that your database (if that is not the term you prefer, please let me know) has to be one of the best I’ve seen. I only wish the Jewelcrafting Recipes were as easy to come by as the information on your site is.

    On my server, Jewelcrafting hasn’t been anywhere near a lucrative as it was when TBC first came out (everyone and their relatives are Jewel crafters now). I think the only real hope of making it profitable again is getting the epic recipes, which is far harder than I originally anticipated.

    I have run Old Hillsbrad so many times that I have a hard time going anywhere near the Caverns of Time, and still the epic recipe has dropped only once and the guy at lvl 129 in Jewelcrafting got it.

    Wow, totally got away from my original thought. Please keep up the excellent work.

  2. April Says:

    Hi there,

    I like your website alot and use it as a reference for my JC adventures.

    Hope you don’t mind me asking this here, but with your experience in JC, could you kindly advise me what’s the best way to progress after reaching 350.. I really don’t know what I should do next since most of the recipes are world drops. :(

    Anyway thanks for this list again.. I really like it.


  3. Grimshar Says:

    Urs, the easiest way is to buy faction recipies, I’m on 370 and the bulk of my points came from these. I spent some money on 2 recipies on AH but I was lucky because I split the cost with my guildie warlock who was desperate for the cuts.

    At 350 you have the Purified Shadow Pearl, at 360 a couple of jewelry from the The Sha’tar and Aldor or Scryer.

    At 370 the two metagems Insightful Earthstorm Diamond (Requires Friendly reputation with The Sha’tar) and Enigmatic Skyfire Diamond (Require Honored reputation with the Keepers of Time) are still orange.

  4. Justus Says:

    The vendor that sells the epic JC recipes is inside the entrance of Mt. Hyjal.

    I love doing JC and it’s quite profitable (once you have all the recipes). I have 4 left to go, 3 of which are new in the patch, and the one in Old Hillsbrad. I seriously doubt I’ll be getting that one.

  5. kaliope Says:

    April: I leveled my JC right after the expansion, so all I had was the rare recipes from the AH. If you don’t have the proper rep for faction recipes at 350, you’ll probably have to grit your teeth and hand over the gold. I assume you already have some blue gems stashed away from prospecting, so try to pick recipes that match the gems you have more of. Also, melee gems sell better (for me) than caster gems. Check the AH for going rates on the cut gems to see which cuts are more profitable before you purchase a recipe. On my server Living Ruby and Nightseye gems command the most money.

    And finally, don’t be afraid to spend money now. The recipes seem expensive, but you will make that money back within a handful of sales. There’s no secret to making money with JC, just prospect gems, cut them and sell them. I’ve purchased almost 2 dozen blue gem-cutting recipes and I still have almost 2k gold on my JC toon. And that’s *after* buying her an epic flying mount =)

  6. Xavier Says:

    Kaliope has the “in demand” facts about the different gems down pretty well. That information seems to be consistent across most servers.

    Naturally, the more blue recipes you have the better. The only additional tips that I can give for making profit with JC are for people who are really into making the most out of the profession. First, find out what the chances are for getting blue gems out of prospecting the different ores. This information can probably be found on various websites. I would start with wowwiki.

    Once you figure that out, become aware of the prices on your server for the raw blue gems, cut blue gems, and the ore. Combining that information with what you get from wowwiki should allow you to come up with a ratio. Use the ratio to figure out what the “good deals” are on the AH for the raw blue gems and ore. Buy all the good deals, prospect your ore, cut the gems, and sell them for profit. Using Auctioneer will help with that a lot too of course.

  7. April Says:

    Thanks for the advice, guys! I enjoy JC too and am looking forward to max this one out on my first and only L70. I haven’t really been buying much recipes cos they are in the 100s and my toon isn’t really rich But I guess I have to try to earn some gold asap.

    I am farming for Rep.. at the moment, I am halfway through honored with Aldor. :) Will train Purified Shadow Pearl and keep a look out for for melee-related gem recipes.

    And thanks for the additional tips Xavier.. I have been referencing wowwiki for blue gems rate, but haven’t really matched it with AH. Will follow your advice to work out a ratio!


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