Exalted with Netherwing

Yes, today I finally reached Exalted with Netherwing. I’m also happy to say that I came in five days under my original estimate, due in part to many lucky Netherwing Egg drops. I had at least one per day and several days where I found 2-4 of them. I also managed to do a few of the group quests and most of the flying quests, which were not included in my original calculation. So the total time investment from start to finish was 18 days, with about 60-90 minutes of game time each day. That’s not too bad, I think.

**Spoiler Alert**

Something I was unaware of that I would have taken video of had I known, is the final turn-in that opens up the Drake selection process. Once you get to Exalted, you are directed to the Overlord who (naturally) thanks you for your hard work. After a dramatic scene with his boss, you are taken on a very nice flight from Netherwing Ledge to Shattrath to claim your mount. I would love to have made a movie, but I did not realize this was part of the deal so I have to be satisfied with some screen shots :(

**Spoiler Over**

And now on to the truly sad part of my day. I would normally not share my pain in a public forum, but I’m hoping to spare someone else the 2+ hours of torture I experienced today. In my excitement to claim my mount, I wanted to get my hubby’s opinion and went to fetch him. My 5-year old, seeing dragons with yellow exclamations over their heads, apparently couldn’t resist the urge to click. By the time I got back to my computer a few minutes later, I was the proud owner of the Onyx drake. Unfortunately, I had been planning to pick the Violet or Cobalt drake, not the Onyx one.

After almost three weeks of work, I was heart-broken to see it all lost in just a few minutes of inattentiveness. I know it’s just a color in a virtual world, but I really felt robbed. Of all the times for a kiddo to jump in and mess something up, this seemed like about the worst time it could happen. Repair bills I can pay, but something you spend weeks acquiring can’t be replaced so easily.

My only hope was to petition a GM and pray that they would take pity on me. I’ve never done this in my 2 years of WoW gaming, so I was also counting on my lack of GM abuse to play in my favor. After waiting a little over an hour, I spoke with a GM who asked if I would like to use this incident as one of my limited item retrievals and I said I would. I get referred to a specialist at this point.

Another 30 minutes or so go by (with me farting around so I don’t miss the whisper) and a second GM messages me. This GM tells me that the bad news is that they cannot reset the quest or switch out the drake I selected. But fortunately, they have a vendor located at Netherwing Ledge who will allow me to buy another drake. At this point, I don’t care if they charge me 1000 gold, I want the drake I worked so hard for! Luckily they only charge 200g, same as the regular epic mount vendor. So if for some reason you select the wrong drake on the quest, you can purchase another one from “Drake Dealer Hurlunk” at the Netherwing Ledge (he’s by the reagent vendor). I suppose you could also just buy more than one color of drake if you just can’t pick between them :)

So in the long run I got my pretty violet drake, which looks amazing flying through the lovely Nagrand skies btw!


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  1. Tsark Says:

    Congratulations, Kaliope! I’m still Revered, simply because I cannot find the 90 mins a day to do quests these days (it’s a miracle I manage to find the time to raid, and to farm for consumables for my raiding). Glad to know you can have multiple drakes as well!

  2. Madphil Says:

    Congrats Kaliope!

    I hope you didn’t take it too hard on your kid, after all he’s only 5 years old.
    Good thing that you were able to buy another drake.

    For me, I won’t be able to start the quests anytime soon. I am nowhere near the 5k gold to purchase the 300 skill riding so I can only drool over the people that have it.

  3. Sigilind-Baelgun Says:

    I’m about 25% through revered at the moment. My work schedule has gotten a little crazy recently so my ability to do all my dailys is hit and miss. I’ll be there soon enough though. Congratulations on your new mount, I look forward to one day (soon) joining the drake riders.

  4. kaliope Says:

    Thanks all! Don’t worry about the kiddo Madphil, we just had him apologize and lose computer time after lunch. Dad was in charge of the discipline, so it was very even-handed :)

    For you guys that don’t have much time to do these, you could try doing just the easiest quests to help make a little progress. For example: Booterang is very fast and gives 350 rep. Collecting boxes is also quick if you work the mine when everyone else is killing flayers, heh. I prioritized my quests on days I didn’t have a lot of time, say 30 min here and there. I also squirreled away some extra ore for the same reason. So don’t give up!

  5. Chris Says:

    Gratz! I got exhaulted too, and picked the Violet one. Loved the way it glowed. Sorry to hear that you little one gave oyu a scare there. heheh. My kids love WOW and like to watch too. hehehe. I noted the spawn spots that I found eggs lying around at, in case anyone needs them. Some are the same exact spots so I don’t think it is 100% random. http://www.aspmatrix.com/NetherwingEggHunt.html

  6. Xavier Says:

    Nice job! I’m sure it’s a lot of fun flying around on your new drake.

    I recently hit revered myself and had a chance to do the new group quest “The Deadliest Trap Ever”. One tip I can give to all the healers out there is that it is possible to solo this quest by simply healing yourself and all of the NPCs. The NPCs are enough to kill drakes and although it may take longer, it does work as long as you have the mana to last long enough. At the very least, I know I was able to do it in tree form with my current healing gear.

    Good luck to everyone!

  7. Justus Says:

    Gratz on getting your mount! :)

    For those still working on theirs…

    If you don’t have time to do all the quests in Netherwing or are also spending some daily’s in Skyguard and Orgi’la, here is a list of daily quests available and the amount of rep each one pays. Its better to do the higher rep earners first.

    500 rep:
    Twilight Portal
    The deadliest trap ever laid

    350 rep:
    The booterang
    Picking up the pieces
    Dragons are the least of our problems

    250 rep:
    The not-so friendly skies
    Netherwing crystals

    Unknown rep:
    A slow death (quest is bugged and painful) (I’m guessing 250)
    Mining (I’m not a miner) (I’m guessing 250)
    Skinning (I’m not a skinner) (I’m guessing 250)
    Herb (i’m not an herbalist) (I’m guessing 250)

  8. Xavier Says:

    Justus’s guesses to the last 4 rep quests are correct. In regards to A Slow Death, the bug is related to the racing quests. The racers will sometimes try to shoot you down and end up hitting the peon orcs in the process. When this happens, those orcs will just stand there and not do anything. If one tries to feed these “frozen” orcs the poison meat, then you will probably lose one of your venom sacs and the orcs will not eat the meat because they are bugged. The best way to avoid the bug is to simply not feed the “frozen” orcs the meat and stick with the ones that are still pounding away at the crystals.

    Also, don’t forget to look for those huge elite drakanoids before laying down the meat. I placed the meat down once and then one of the elites killed me before the orcs finished dying from the poison. I lost the venom sack but didn’t get credit…

  9. kaliope Says:

    Xavier: If you are trying to poison the orcs, I’ve found that you can plant the meat and hop back on your mount. If you hover over the orcs while you wait, the elites tend to leave you alone. I was able to get credit this way while avoiding the “sitting duck” syndrome.

    And gratz on getting through the Deadliest Trap quest as a healer! Too bad Kali isn’t doing that rep grind or I’d try it myself :)

  10. Ermo Says:

    Kaliope –

    I was wondering if you could share which repeatable quests, if any, shut off after reaching exalted. Also, do you know if you retain the ability to mine Nethercite or collect other resources after reaching exalted?


  11. kaliope Says:

    I haven’t tried every Netherwing quest since I reached Exalted, but every one I tried was available. I’m still able to mine Nethercite ore and I turned that quest in for 12G. I also did the Booterang quest, the mining crates and the flayers. I’d guess most if not all dailies are still open at Exalted.

    I’ve heard rumors that the reason for this is to allow lvl 70 players a way to earn some cash. I know at least one guildie who purposely farms daily quests from the various groups every day for an easy 100g with minimal work. When you consider the fact that normal quests dry up eventually, this is actually a fairly good solution to the cash flow problem. It provides another option to raiders who farm crafting ingredients purely for the money. Possibly Blizz hopes to ease the burden on those of us still leveling up our professions by giving mote farmers somewhere else to go?

  12. Ermo Says:

    Thanks for your response. It’s good to hear.

    Another benefit of leaving the quests open (or, at least not revoking Dragonmaw faction) is that I can assist guildmates as they try to get their dragon mounts.

    Good hunting.

  13. NetherwingGrinder Says:

    Will the daily quests still be available after you’ve gotten the drake mount? Otherwise, I think I like the cash more than the mount…

  14. thetawaves Says:

    ya, after being exalted with netherdwing, you can still do all their dailies.

  15. Azuren Says:

    You can purchase a new nether drake in any other color available from Drake Dealer Hurlunk ( http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=23489 )

    200g each.

    Don’t feel bad about choosing a wrong one, just go buy a new one.

  16. Moo Says:

    I would of beaten the kid to within an inch of its life

  17. Moo Says:

    Actually Iwouldn’t of done that, I wouldn’t of been a happy bunny though.

  18. roszdahunter Says:

    i just finished the zuluhed the whacked quest or watever i cant wait to get my awsome looking ONYX drake =)

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