I Feel Pretty… Oh So Pretty!

There I was on the Twilight Plateau in Nagrand, killing those Deathsworn people. Ok, Krystella was doing the actual killing, for the Netherwing quest. This is a very delicate process, there are elites pathing everywhere. Except for the pats that run around with stealth-busting dogs. Anyway, so I’m working a lineup of casters this morning. First I wait for the elite to path by, then I sap one and kill his buddy. Then wait for the elite again, sap a new one and kill his buddy. It takes awhile – no free kills here.

So I’m kinda of in my groove when all of a sudden…


an epic drops. And not just any epic. A druid epic. A druid healer epic. A druid healer epic I’ve been drooling over for several months now. Behold…


Ahh, I was giddy <grin>. This is like my 3rd epic ever, in terms of random world loot. In 2+ years of WoWing. And the other two I couldn’t actually use, so finally I get one I can keep! Something that I actually wanted even – who’da thunk it??

Someday I was hoping to save up the money and buy myself one of these. They ain’t cheap, they sell for close to 1000 gold. But Kali needed one, I mean it’s girlie and everything! Not one of these horrible things you have to cover with a tabard. Like my current pants. Which aren’t ugly per se, they just aren’t… there. Meaning the whole world gets a lovely view of my tuckus when I’m in healer mode. Even with the tabard my cheeks still hang out! How embarassing :(

Kaliope in Pants of the Naaru

So now I can graduate from looking like a skank to looking like a lady – woohoo!

Kaliope in Pants of Living Growth


5 Responses to “I Feel Pretty… Oh So Pretty!”

  1. Xavier Says:

    Congrats! Those pants are very nice.

  2. Crazyhippo Says:

    I think the best part was not the epic itself… but the pants… ohh…. the pants…

  3. Sigilind-Baelgun Says:

    Big Congrats on the pants! Great drop all around, you can and want to use it, it looks much, much better on you, and best of all it was free.

  4. Tsark Says:

    Grats on the epic but… anyone wonder why a pair of pants look like a skirt?

  5. kaliope Says:

    Heheh Tsark, my hubbie said the same thing! I agree with Sigi that the best part was getting the epic for free, woot!

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