Underbog… Fishing?

Ok, I had no serious intention of trying this.  But I got invited to a quickie UB run to help out a guildie yesterday, so I thought “why not?”.  I mean, I was there and all.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stick around after we cleared, I had errands to run.  But I camped inside the instance hoping I’d be able to pop in later and wander at my leisure. Sadly, this didn’t work.  The whole place had respawned when I got back a few hours later <grr>.  But luckily Kali was able to sneak around and find a spot near the water where she wouldn’t aggro any mobs.

And the verdict?  Not worth it.

The same exact fish spawn here that you can find in Zangarmarsh.  I got Barbed Gill Trout, Feltail and Sporefish.  Why would anyone bother coming here to fish when they can just fish outside?  No clue.  Perhaps someone else knows something I don’t, but I see no reason why Blizzard devoted actual Dev time to adding this “feature”.


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  1. Aliandro Says:

    It may have not required much dev time to implement. Possibly just setting a few flags in the code. Trying to fish outdoors on a PvP server can be quite annoying sometimes.

  2. kaliope Says:

    I certainly hope it didn’t require more than tweaking a few settings, considering the limited usage of this functionality. The PVP angle had occurred to me on fishing, but I just didn’t think Zangarmarsh was much of a problem area. Zang seems pretty dead most of the time I’m there, and I’m on a high pop server. I’m still not sure this actually explains the change, considering that non-stealthers would likely have more trouble dealing with the leets mobs then they would with other players.

    If that is why they added this, they should have given some love to other zones as well. There are certainly other types of fish that folks would like to be able to catch in peace :)

  3. Crazyhippo Says:

    I can clear the first 2 sets of mobs by myself (Shadow priest 550 spell damage). Takes a little while but it is doable.

    I actually like fishing in Zang because of the PvP. I can even get some Thrallmar marks if i kill an ally trying to steal my pools near the flags (yea they are MY pools). There are 4-5 pools around the PvP area.

    I think they made it so you can level up fishing in the outland without having to worry about PvP. There are no city lakes in the outlands and we used to have Alterac Valley fishing as an alternative for higher level loot.

    I would definetly like to have more variety in outland fishing. Right now you fish for food buff or motes of water , or maybe if you are an engineer you will go for some crates in Zang but other than that, no clams, no deviate fish, not a lot of fun things to fish there, only Mr. Pinchy.

    Kaliope: There is no water in any other instance place in the outlands. Not in Netherstorm, not in auchindoun, not in thrallmar. The only other way would be Shat fishing, but that would be way too easy because you can’t even raid Shat and don’t have to waste your hearth’s cooldown. Maybe a 10 mins costume of a big fish… or some different like a very funny offhand fish (I want to fish a huge offhand fish to just tow around). The standard fish would be something that restores a small bit of HP (like 1k very slow regen for outland standards).

  4. Crazyhippo Says:

    oops i took out a whole sentence.

    I meant: “If they enable shat fishing, they should put something fun for Shat fishing…”

  5. Xavier Says:

    I am waiting to see if someone fishes up something rare like Mr. Pinchy from Underbog before I try to do anything there.

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