Misc Notes from the 2.1.1 “patch”

I dunno about the rest of you, but I’m getting dang tired of the lag! I can’t even bear to play during prime-time anymore, I purposely fart around until midnite (9pm to me) before I even log in. After last week came and went with no improvement in lag after maintenance, I was really hoping they would do something about it this week. Yet somehow, the lag actually seems worse than it did before! Good grief Blizzard, deal with it!!

On a more positive note… has anyone noticed a change in the Netherwing Ledge drops? Yesterday I got 4 Netherwing Eggs, which I assumed was a lucky fluke. Then this morning I log in and go about my dailies and get 4 more! Either they messed up the drop rate (woot!) or they really want to get rid of us farmers and make room for new people. I’m not complaining :) It also seemed like the crystals were dropping more frequently, but I can’t be sure on that one. Plus, the Fel Glands were dropping more than 50% last night from the rays on the mainland. I have to test that again today to confirm, but it felt like a 66% drop rate. Anyone else notice a difference or am I just a lucky gal?

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  1. Flap Says:

    Lag? I’m sorry man, but I’ve noticed no increased lag on my realm since the patch. :(

    As for the Netherwing Eggs…I still need to finish the last part of the first Netherwing faction chain to start the new stuff so I guess I better get on that quick so I can rack up those egg finds. :)

    Good luck with the lag!

  2. Andrew Says:

    No increased lag on Garona…..

  3. kaliope Says:

    I’m glad you guys don’t have the lag, it’s awful for us. Last night I was killing ethereals in Netherstorm and it was like a stop-motion movie. I kept missing backstabs cuz the guy would blip around before I actually saw it. And this was at 2am, server time. I’m on a high pop server that hasn’t been split yet, perhaps it’s a population-related thing? It could also be that our server is having some special issues I’m unaware of, maybe I’ll check the server forums and see if they’ve acknowledged any problem specific to my realm.

  4. wookiecookie Says:

    The lag can get pretty bad on Malfurion, which is a medium population server. The lag is worse in the plateaus of Blade’s Edge Mountains then Shattrath. It’s virtually impossible to do the bombing runs for Ogri’la/Skyguard without being knocked out of the sky and having to constantly run from pats once you land splat on the ground. If it weren’t for the lag, the bombing runs would be a piece of cake.

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