Heroic Sethekk, Here I Come (Druid Epic Quest)

Last night I finally hit Revered with the Lower City. I was very lucky to be invited to a guild group that was going to Shadow Labs just to farm rep. Which means I didn’t have to deal with a crappy PUG and I didn’t have to be tortured by the horrid boss fights. We just cleared to the first boss and reset :) Considering how annoying Shadow Labs can be, this was a much nicer way to get my rep without the stress of repeated wipes.

So I got my heroic key and now I’m ready to tackle Heroic Sethekk Halls for the final step in the druid swiftform quest. I’m kind of afraid though, I’ve been hearing that it’s pretty hard from a few people in my guild. Plus we druids really want to do it as a druid run. I think that would be very cool personally, I’m just concerned that we would lack the CC to do it. Of course, we could just go in with three bears and let everyone just tank all the mobs instead of trying to control them. I actually did a Shadow Labs run like this, with a main tank and off-tank and it worked really well in the crappy pull room (aka Blackheart’s room). Unfortunately you don’t have enough dps for Murmur, so we weren’t able to finish the instance <sigh>.

Another benefit of hitting Revered with Lower City is that I got a nifty healer trinket: Lower City Prayerbook. What I didn’t realize is that you can duel-wield these babies, my new friend Socks was kind enough to point this out to me. They are not unique, so you can buy two of them. I was previously using the Royal Seal (+44 heal) and the Oshu’gun Relic (+53 heal), so in one transaction I increased my healing bonus from 97 to 140. You can’t beat that!


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  1. Greeneggs Says:

    I headed into Setthek Halls last night with War, Priest, Mage, Hunter and Druid (me). The trash mobs were certainly tougher than normal, but not as bad as I was expecting. One significant change is that the on the guards and ravenguard pulls, they are not CC’able, so I would normally shift into bear form and off-tank one. Sometimes this worked out fine, but I also died a time or two.

    The other strange thing that I don’t remember happening on normal mode is that I would occasionally get charmed by the Time Lost Controller’s Control Totem, and a few of the times when it happened I would lose all of my buffs when it wore off, including elixir and food buffs.

    We got two attempts in on Anzo before calling it due to two of our folks about to fall asleep, and the 2nd attempt we got him to under 5%, but weren’t quite able to pull it off. I highly recommend making macros as shown at http://www.wowwiki.com/Anzu for casting HOT’s on the bird totems, although I used Regrowth(Rank 1) instead of Rejuvenation. A very annoying fight, but very doable. We’re going to try again next week.

    Nice tip on the Lower City Prayerbook!

    Good luck!

  2. Xavier Says:

    If you manage to pull it off with all druids then I would be very impressed and I would love to see a video. I doubt that it is possible though due to the need for CC, AE on Anzo’s adds, lack of DPS, no rezzer…the list goes on and on. You could do it with a druid healer and druid tank though. The kind of group setup that Greeneggs used is pretty good. Personally, I did it with the same group setup except I had a pally instead of a priest which might be preferable considering the plate. In any case, 1 main healer and a healer hybrid for Anzo is a big plus if the rest of the group can DPS well enough.

    The instance itself has been nerfed a lot since 2.1 and should not be very challenging if your group plays well. However, Anzo himself is very difficult and will most likely require more than one attempt in order for the group to learn the encounter. Just to put the difficulty in perspective, I brought all guildies that were decked out in Kara epics and it was still quite a challenge.

  3. Drakmore Says:

    I know people like to do things as they are intended but there is a much easier way to kill this raven boss. We went in as a Druid ( Me tanking) Priest, Rogue, Hunter, and a mage. We fought our way up to Anzo’s room only hard part was the Raven Guards, I would attack first have mage Slow the second one and tank them both. They hit hard but with a slow effect and healer spaming as well as using some nice trinkets all was well. When you get to Anzo just have him spawn , kite him back towards the entrance of the instance and beat him down, no adds come, no casting HoT on the statues and best of all you get 2 breaks where you can heal up and regroup when he banishs himself. Killed him on the first attempt this way. Now when we go back to farm him for the cool belt and chance at a mount we may decide to fight him as intended , but with only one druid and me being a tank , i think we will just pull him again unless a resto decides to come along as well to throw up the HoT’s.

  4. kaliope Says:

    Oh, I like you Drak =) Thank you so much for sharing a strategy that doesn’t require everyone to be decked out in Kara epics. Mostly because my guild has been running Kara for maybe a month and very few of us have even one Kara epic.

    I agree that it would be nice to do the quest as intended, but they made the bar so high on this already that I would prefer to just have the new form at this point. I have restrained myself from spending the 200g for the “easy” mount, but I’m ready to reap the rewards of my 5000g + the lengthy quest chain. At the rate I’m going, my rogue is going to have her Netherdrake before I get Swiftform.

    After speaking with other guild druids today it has become clear to me that no one wants to run H-Seth except us, and I’d prefer not to torture the kind folks who come just to help us out with repeated wipes. So thank you *very* much for sharing a strat that will hopefully let us minimize the abuse of our friends’ kindness!!

  5. Xavier Says:


    If you plan to kite him to the entrance, do it like today. Check out these patch notes for the upcoming 2.1.2 patch:

    # Heroic Mode: Anzu, the Raven God may no longer be pulled far away from the location where he is summoned.
    # Heroic Mode: Anzu’s Spell Bomb is now a curse and he will no longer charge.
    # Heroic Mode: The quantity and health of Minions of Anzu that spawn have been reduced.
    # Heroic Mode: The frequency and duration of many of his abilities have been retuned to make the fight more forgiving.

    Overall, it should be easier to beat him with the nerfs anyways. Being able to decurse Spell Bomb will make the fight trivial.

  6. kaliope Says:

    Yep, I saw the patch notes too *frown*. I have a run planned for tonight and I will tell my guildmates that we need to get everyone through it before Tuesday if they want the pre-patch fight. Some don’t have the money though, so I’m sure we’ll end up doing it both ways.

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