Netherwing = Revered

This morning Krystella hit Revered with Netherwing – woohoo!! I’ve had really good luck with the Netherwing eggs, averaging one per day. I’m sure this helped me make good progress, it’s taken me about 10 days to go from Neutral to Revered. Once again, I haven’t really been pushing myself on it. I think I spent about two hours per day in the first few days. Once I reached Friendly and opened up more daily tasks, I cut back to about an hour/90 minutes a day.

Since I hit Honored last weekend, I was able to start the flying race quests. These are actually quite interesting and fun, but unfortunately I suck at this type of thing. I tried the first race 4-5 times and wasn’t able to get through it, I just kept getting knocked off my mount. Since I knew the races were only going to get harder, I enlisted the help of my son Wildark. He’s much better at the fast-paced “twitchy” games than I am.

I did take some notes though, so maybe it will help some of you get through them. Most of the comments on the big sites didn’t give up much in the way of strategies or tips. At least nothing that I found terribly helpful, so here’s what Wildark told me:

Race 1 + 2: Strafe left and right while following behind the NPC. It also helps to stay above (higher than him) the flyer to avoid the bombs. Make sure you keep him in view so you don’t lose track of your opponent and fail the quest and don’t forget to look out for the dragon sentries!

Race 3 + 4: At this point, heat-seeking bombs are introduced. The bombs will actually change direction a bit and head for you, even if you manage to duck them. Try to fly above the crystals, but you can’t go too far above the flyers anymore or you’ll fail. For these races, it’s better to get hit by a dragon than by a bomb, you’ll take less damage and there’s a lower chance of being knocked off your mount. Also, Ichman is quite hard to see being smaller than the other flyers, so be prepared for that.

Race 5: For this race, staying above the flyer actually makes things worse. If you can remain even with or lower than Mulver it seems to be easier. Try to keep as far back as you can without failing, to give yourself room to avoid the bombs. Also, try not too get too freaked out about the swirly bombs. They look intimidating but they don’t seem to hit as much as they look like they should be. I’m guessing the range on them isn’t as expansive as the visual effect is.

Race 6: Sorry, haven’t gotten past it yet. Feel free to add a comment if you have any tips, I will post an update when we’ve managed to complete it!


4 Responses to “Netherwing = Revered”

  1. Xavier Says:

    A few members of my guild were challenged by the races too. We discovered that one of the best ways to help win the races is to group with a paladin so that they can activate their Crusader Aura (Increase mount speed by 20%) and then put you on follow while on their flying mount. Combine that with a Riding Crop and you are up to a 30% increase in riding speed! Of course, you need to find a pally with epic riding speed and who is nice enough to spend the time to help you, but that’s what guilds are for right?

  2. Justus Says:

    Pally aura and Riding crop do NOT stack.

  3. Xavier Says:

    My mistake on the aura and riding crop.

    Also, if you are a druid with your epic flying form, this quest line is much easier since druids are able to shift back into flight form mid air even after being hit by the explosions. Personally, I found it easiest to bind one of my mouse buttons to the flight form button.

  4. Nikola Says:

    Noggerfogger elixir (Shrnking one) also helps alot.

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