Druid Epic Mount Quest, Pt 4

After all the excitement of the guardian quests, I was looking forward to a true “easy mode” task. I turned in my various essences and picked up the last step. Turns out it wasn’t quite as simple as I thought. I didn’t really pay attention to the tips on this quest and I probably should have. So I walked up, clicked the pearly orb in Azshara and prepared to hearth back home.

Next thing I know some goblin starts yelling at me and jumps off the cliff. It took me a few seconds to read the text and realize that she made off with my moonstone. Then I look down the cliff and seriously wonder if I’m going to die. But I know if I don’t jump I will probably fail the quest, so I leap off and hope for the best. Luckily I didn’t die, but I did have to swiftmend myself up from about half health. Then I shift into aquatic form and start swimming after her, hoping I’ll be able to catch up.

Next thing I know <BOOM> I get blasted out of the water and my fishie form is off. GRRRR! Clearly not so much with the easy mode here. At this point I have no idea where the NPC went, but I know I’ve got to hustle down this river. So I shift back to fishie and keep on going. I see more bombs under the water and I try to stay away from them as best I can, but it’s impossible to avoid them all.

This is complicated by the fact that the river is actually quite narrow, comparable to the river in Terrokar Forest or Nagrand. So there’s not a whole lot of room to maneuver here, but I do my best. In general if you hug the right side of the river you can avoid the bulk of the bombs. They are placed every 10-15 feet, so depending on how long it takes you to catch her, you’ll have to navigate quite a few. The explosive ones will blast you up into the air and remove your fishie form. There are also frost grenades that freeze you into place, requiring additional form shifting to remove it.

All in all it ends up being a time-consuming process to catch up with the fleeing goblin girl. A couple of times I saw a glowy boot in the water, but I had no clue what it was for (what can I say, I’m not an arcade gamer). I tried to swim to it, but it disappeared as soon as I reached it. Turns out it was a speed booster, I later read on the Wiki.

I finally caught up with the annoying goblin somewhere south of Azshara. I ended up swimming the full length of the zone in order to catch her. I guess the lesson here would be to come prepared and don’t assume, rofl.

I hope some of this information helps other druids complete the quests in a more controlled fashion that I did, or at least makes you feel better that there’s someone out there more pathetic than you <grin>.

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  1. Xavier Says:

    “A couple of times I saw a glowy boot in the water, but I had no clue what it was for (what can I say, I’m not an arcade gamer).”

    This is an item very similar to the “power ups” that you pick up in BGs. Picking it up will greatly increase your swim speed for several seconds. I completed the quest and only managed to pick up one of these power ups so it can be done without them.

    Also, good luck on your heroic adventure :)

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