Druid Epic Mount Quest, Pt 3

When we last left off, Kaliope had spent way too much money acquiring tank gear so she could take down the first “guardian”. Next up was the caster fight which supposedly required cat form. This guardian has about 23k hit points, which is quite a bit to deal with in a solo fight. He also punts you about 20 feet away several times during the fight, so you want to engage him with your back to the statue if you can. His main form of attack is magic damage, so while you wail on him he’s going to be blasting the snot out of you. All the strats I read say to hit him hard with your dps and take him out quick, and if you need to heal then use maim to stun him.

I tried this a couple of times with my dps gear, but I was not able to take him below half health. I’m pretty annoyed by this, because I feel my dps gear is decent. With my kitty gear I’m rated at about 220 dps unbuffed, which isn’t totally uber but I thought it was respectable. The only way I can achieve much higher would be to collect dungeon gear, I’ve already purchased the best BoE gear available to me (in addition to some nice quest items). So it seriously irks me to read comments about how this fight is “easy mode” from various posters, meanwhile I wasn’t able to get him below 50%. Between his knockback and the lovely froggie hex he puts on you, I spent less than half of the fight actively engaged on him. For those of you who say just dps the crap out of him — I say PPHHHTTTT!

So I cheated and got Squorge (a warlock) to come help me on dps.

On the third fight (moonkin mode), I didn’t even bother to try it solo. I whispered another druid in my guild that I knew had better stuff than me and asked if he had solo’d it. He said no so I decided I wouldn’t even attempt it. Besides, I scraped my bank dry and was only able to come up with about +200 dmg gear, so I didn’t really think I had much of a shot.

Why couldn’t Blizzard give us a friggin’ healer quest?!?!? I would PWN on that bad boy, my healing gear just topped the 1k mark, woohoo! Ok, so that’s just my issue, I’m a bit sore about being tortured with quests that utilize every role a druid might fill except what has traditionally been our mainstay. BOOO Blizzard!

Anyhoooo, Squorgie came out once again (don’t feel bad for him, he’ll be getting payback when his druid rustles up the 5k entrance fee) and helped me kill the Hawk Guardian. This dude was kind of a booger and it took us two tries to kill him. Well, I guess that’s not totally true. I died the first time and Squorge finished him off with barely a sliver of health remaining. Luckily I was able to fly back from the GY and loot the corpse for my essence. But we had so much trouble, we decided to summon him again and test some different tactics on him. See? The things I endure for you people!

I had a lot of trouble with the old “root and nuke” plan that everyone else was championing. Mainly, the stinker was breaking my root every 2-3 seconds. Seriously, I was having to recast root every other spell practically. Problem number two… if root hasn’t broken you can’t refresh it. Whenever I would try to reroot, I would get an error message “a more powerful spell is active”. This really sucked, imo. I can’t refresh the root and he keeps breaking it within a few seconds. Which means I wasted half my time running/heal/rooting instead of damaging him with spells. At first I thought perhaps they had actually changed root itself. But this morning I tested it on one of the new ogres in the Barrier Hills (lvl 71) and the root worked fine. I was able to refresh it with no problem, so be aware that root has been nerfed on this fight.

Also, just a little FYI for those who bring a priest or warlock, he can’t be feared. We tried that on the second fight and he was immune. This guardian has 23k hitpoints as well, so make sure you’re up for that if you still want to try the solo route.

Good luck out there!


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