More Netherwing: Honored in 5 days

This morning (Saturday) I hit Honored with Netherwing. I didn’t even turn in my daily quests yet, just a few of the ‘one time’ quests. My buddy Squorge came out and helped me kill Arvoar and the Den Mother, a group quest involving elites. There’s actually a reward for that quest, so it’s worth doing if you can use one of the rewards from it. They are actually quite nice for greens, I’m seriously considering replacing my Fel Leather Gloves with these. Mostly because I can’t stand having no STA or AGI on an item, who wants to be a glass cannon?

Now I’m lazy, so I want to be Exalted but I don’t want to grind hours a day for it. The Wiki page on this says you can theoretically do it in 14 days. But with Kaliope in demand as a healer it’s not terribly practical for me to invest the time to complete every quest every day. So my plan is to do just the easy/fast daily quests for rep. This way I maximize my rep and minimize my time investment. I think this is also a more realistic pace for the average player. At Honored I’ve opened up all the solo-friendly daily quests and I should be able to get around 1800 rep a day from them:

  • Nethermine Cargo: Pick up 15 boxes and turn them in (cake!)
  • Flayers & Ravagers: Kill 15 flayers & 5 ravagers (pretty easy)
  • Booterang: Beat up 20 lazy peons (cake with frosting!)
  • Nethercite Ore: 2 stacks of ore (fairly easy to get while in the mine for the boxes and mobs)
  • Deathshadow Agents: Kill 20 mobs in Nagrand

So I’m thinking I can spend maybe an hour a day, mostly on the two kill quests and get decent rep for minimal effort. I’m basically skipping the daily quests that involve collecting mob drops. The drop rates are too low (about 25% on average) and the area is pretty heavily farmed right now. I’m also not counting any Netherwing Eggs I might happen to find in my travels, that will just be a pleasant bonus for me. Nor am I including any of the one-time quests past Friendly, but I will work them in when I can.

Based on just the daily quests, I should hit Exalted in about 2.5 weeks. If you add back in the days it took me to hit Honored, that’s just over three weeks (23 days) to go from Neutral to Exalted. I think that’s pretty darn good for a casual player to achieve Exalted in under a month with 60-90 minutes per day of effort. I’ll be happy if I do it in a month, I don’t really expect to consistently put in an hour a day. But it will be interesting to see if I can, heheh.

4 Responses to “More Netherwing: Honored in 5 days”

  1. Justus Says:

    I’m disappointed with the Netherwing quests. Its taking forever to just get to friendly. All i get are 4 very boring quests each day. And these 4 quests take about 3 hours to complete. A storyline would’ve been nice.

  2. Xavier Says:


    The worst part of the the Netherwing grind is getting from Neutral to Friendly. It gets much easier once you are past it. Kaliope’s recommendations as to which quests you should do after neutral if you don’t want to spend a great deal of time on the grind are spot on.

  3. kaliope Says:

    I agree that the Neutral -> Friendly bit is a drag, but I didn’t feel like it took me too long to get past it. I focused my efforts on the ore and fel glands, I didn’t try to collect crystals or transporter tokens. The crystal drop rate is terrible and the transporter quest is always mobbed, so I just worked on those when convenient. If you can do the quests at an off-time of day that helps too. I would say if you’re really having trouble, just do “slow death” and your gathering quest to minimize the pain. I suspect they made this first tier the hardest just to weed out the faint-of-heart.

  4. Subhodeep Says:

    Yep. The neutral to friendly took me forever, but once I got past that hurdle, bamf! honored in 2 days.

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