Druid Epic Mount Quest, Pt 2

First of all, I’d like to say that the druid epic quest line gets ugly once you get to the ‘Guardian’ steps. They aren’t really bosses as such, but they are super tough mobs. I’ve done the first two and I have one more to go at this point. I did a fair amount of research on the WowWiki, Thottbot, Allakhazam so I would know what to expect. I have to say that everyone else on this quest either has super duper gear or I just suck that much. The Wiki says all these bosses are soloable. All the posters on Thottbot and Allakhazam say these bosses are soloable. I think these people are full of crap.

Kaliope’s best gear set is her heal gear – whenever I do a “blue” quest I take the heal item if it’s an upgrade. Only if I don’t need the healer item do I take the feral item, so my feral gear isn’t exactly the cream of the crop. I’m qualifying so you know why I don’t have the Expedition Spaulders from SH (I took the very nice healer gloves), etc. I still feel that I have a respectable feral set, I made myself the Fel Leather gloves, bought the Chestguard of the Talon… and so on.

Anyway, back to the quest. The first boss is a “tank” boss. This means you’re supposed to use bear form to beat it. Well, I didn’t have a lot of tank gear. My tank items are pretty much the “I can’t use any of these other rewards” type of stuff. I have a few nice things (Thalodien’s Charm, Mark of Tyranny, etc) but nothing great and just a handful overall. All the various postings said you need to kill the boss, ignore the adds and spam demo shout to minimize the damage from the adds. So I tried using my feral set with the few aforementioned tank items, buffed/potted/fooded myself. And I got creamed. I think I had about 10k health and 10k armor for that attempt.

Ok, so that’s not working but I really want to solo this quest since everyone keeps claiming it’s soloable. I can’t be that awful, right? Well obviously I can since my tank gear is my least viable gear set. What can I say, we already have several feral tanks in my guild and 90% of the time I’m on heal duty (which I’m fine with, been resto since day 1). So it’s not like I’ve put any effort into acquiring tank gear.

I decide “fine” I’m not going to let this quest kick my ass. I can beef up my bear gear: am I a leatherworker or am I a leatherworker?? I already had a pair of Heavy Clefthoof Boots in my bank that a nice guildie gave me from his LW grinding efforts. And of course Krystella can make me some gems for it. I see from the druid wiki that the Heavy Clefthoof gear is rated pretty well, so I decide to make myself another piece from the set. I don’t really want to spend days farming the leather for two pieces but I’m willing to do one. I also note that the Warden’s Tunic is a workable tank item, so I grab that too and plop some Shifting Shadow Draenites into it. Then I beat up some clefthoofs for an hour or so and make myself the Heavy Clefthoof Leggings. I got a skill point for it too – nice!

I also hit the auction house and bought myself a better staff. I’m currently using the Wildcaller which is nice for dps, but it has zero stamina or AC on it. Sadly there are no Braxxis staves up either, so I have to settle for a level 69 green “beast” staff. I also added knothide armor kits to the various items that weren’t enchanted. Long story short, I beefed up my gear and got myself to 10k health and 14k armor.

Fully potted and fooded up once again, I head back out to see if I can take this dude. This is now my third attempt and luckily I was able to take him down. You really do have to spam demo shout for the birds, pretty much every time it’s up. They are mainly what killed me on the previous tries, a new one spawns every second or two throughout the fight. Eventually you can have some two dozen of them beating you. Other than that the mob goes down without too much work, he’s not hard by himself.

The moral of this story is – you need at least 10k health and 14k armor to beat this fight. If you don’t have it and don’t want to spend money on more gear, just bring a friend. I would have done that if it didn’t mean posting for the world that I’m a lame-o <heheh>. We’ll save that for later!

If you want to see exactly what I was wearing to get a rough idea of what type of gear you’ll need (at minimum) for this quest, click the image:

My tank gear for druid epic quest

You can also use the druid wiki list to compare various items.  I should also mention that I’m not a full resto or resto/balance spec.  I’m actually 0/30/31 with feral all the way to HotW and resto up to Swiftmend.  So I have a few tank boosting talents, not just the gear.

On a side note, I went to Shadow Labs last night to grind LC rep for the instance part of this quest. I got an Adamantine Figurine that no one else wanted, heheh. They also let me off-tank some and even tank Vorpil once, so I got a bit of actual usage out of my new stuff! And here I keep saying I never get to tank, silly me.


6 Responses to “Druid Epic Mount Quest, Pt 2”

  1. Justus Says:

    A tip for the boss where you use cat form, get 5 combo points on him, use Maim to stun him, then shift out to heal yourself with a couple HoTs.

  2. kaliope Says:

    Hi again Justus :) I’ve actually already done the cat fight, I tried the maim strat and I still couldn’t get it done. If you have any tips for the moonkin fight, I still need to do that one!

  3. Greeneggs Says:

    Bear fight wasn’t too bad for me, but I’m at around 18.5k armor and 10.5k health. Spec’d 0/43/18. My best set is cat, but have maybe 8 ok tanking specific pieces that I switch out when tanking.

    Cat fight I did the first time due to positioning. I kept getting knocked into the water. Second time he went down.

    On both of these fights however, I was down to just a sliver of health when the fight finished up.

    The third fight I didn’t even try on my own… Nuking gear is non-existent. Had a 70 mage help out, and it was no problem. And I guess that’s the good news about these quests – you can have some help and still complete them. I remember hearing about the epic hunter quests back in the good old days when you had to solo a bunch of elite guys with no help from anyone else. I’m just glad our quests didn’t end up like that.

    Love the blog, keep up the good work.


  4. kaliope Says:

    Hey Green, glad you like the blog :) I think I’m going to cheap out on step three also, I have zero nuking gear and no clue how I would get some. Mostly it just bugged me off that every post on Thott/Alla/WoWForums is everyone saying “so easy” and they solo’d it, very little mention of strat or gear needed to do it. That’s the main reason I went ahead and posted my info, just to quantify some of the requirements since there are so many ways to spec and gear a druid. I’m definitely glad they didn’t force the solo requirement on us, I would have been very upset if I had to respec/regear for each fight.

  5. Xavier Says:

    I cheated and brought 4 guildies for all 3 guardian quests which made them trivial lol. It is true that they can all be soloed, but your feral gear needs to be pretty good.

    The true challenge is the Heroic boss. Blizzard has really nerfed every heroic instance in 2.1 so they are all much easier. However, the new boss you summon in Sethekk Halls is no joke if you don’t understand his abilities. There are several things to learn about him, but the main thing to understand is that he places this debuff on you (forgot the name) and it lasts about 10 seconds. During this time, every spell that the player with this debuff casts will burn 2000 mana and 1000 hp. In other words, you are silenced for 10 seconds unless you want to die. Since this debuff has the potential to wipe the group if a healer gets it, I recommend that you bring a main healer and a healer hydrid that can also dps to the instance.

  6. Syladine Says:

    Thanks for the info i really needed to know what to do. Im getting my normal flying mount soon and i just wanted to check up to see how to get the epic flying mount. My druid probably cant solo muh at this point but my guildys willh elp me out =P
    Thanks again

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