“Work is Da POOP!”

Heheh, for those of you who haven’t gotten to Friendly with Netherwing yet, I highly encourage you to do it just for this quest.  Blizzard is finally catching on that we enjoy the fun and silly quests more than the grinding ones and they are bringing some of our favorites back with this newest patch.  They mentioned the bombing missions in the patch notes, which I haven’t found yet.  But last night I discovered the “new and improved” Lazy Peons quest.  And now everyone can do it, not just orc noobs who can’t appreciate it.  Woohoo!!

When you get to Friendly with Netherwing, a new quest giver at the camp will offer you a quest to bring him 10 knothide leather plus a drop from Tyrantus (the big dino in Netherstorm).  You bring those back and he makes you a boomerang that you can use from your mount to beat lazy peons into submission.  So not only can you avoid those pesky elite patrols, but you get treated to some of the best dialog in the game.  I was having a blast with this and what makes it even better is this is a daily quest.  Yes, every day I can go beat the snot out of lazy peons with my boomerang and listen to them gripe at me as I fly off to find the next slacker.  It doesn’t get any better than this people!

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