Imp Fishing

I actually had no intention of fishing today, but I had 10 minutes to kill before I was leaving for an errand, so I figured why not fish while I wait?  I plopped a cheapie bauble on my fishing pole and wandered near Allerian Stronghold looking for Darter Pools.  I actually found two of them and got myself 4 Golden Darters.  Then I just picked a spot and fished with the remainder of my bauble timer.  I ended up getting a total of 31 fish in ten minutes, including a few more darters.  Pretty good for 10 minutes of work.  I wasn’t really expecting to be impressed with the new “imp” fishing, but I have to say that the change seems to have made a significant impact.  For those of you who waited to finish leveling up, time to get out those poles!


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  1. Crazyhippo Says:

    Told you that fishing would rock with the new patch…

    I stopped playing WoW for 2 weeks. Decided that going to the gym and work was more important to me than WoW.

    I’m planning to play again this weekend if i get enough time to clear up my hard drive, format the whole thing and download the patches again… if not i’ll just wait another week. Fishing rocks.

  2. kaliope Says:

    Heheh, you were right :) I did a bit more fishing last night just to replenish my food supplies and I did notice one potential problem. I was having trouble clicking my bobber and getting the fish. I would click and get nothing, the bobber would disappear. Anyone else have this problem?

  3. Aurai Says:

    I did and even left a post on the website noting that there seemed to be a bug with the patch since it was definitely something i’d never had a problem with before.

  4. pinn Says:

    Yep – definitely found this – thought is was just me and my lag / latency.
    As a workaround, I found that a delayed (only slightly) double click gave the best results, although i played with single clicks with various delays, and spamming the bobber after the fish struck.

    I also discovered that there seemed to be a correlation between being able to strike the fish or not depending on where i stood. Haven’t fully verified that, but moving about 5 paces to the side and not changing anything else saw my strike rate rise from about 1 in 20 to 18 in 20.

    Either way – its faster, the bobber does always jiggle each cast, now if only they could fix the click/catch issue, it would be grand. (Oh sinister thought, what if the difficulty with clicking the bobber is Blizzard’s way of holding back everyone from suddenly leveling fishing to 375 ?? ) :)

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