Druid Epic Mount Quest, Pt 1

So I spent part of my first day (of Patch 2.1) working on the new epic flyer quest for my druid, Kaliope. The other part has been working the Netherwing faction, which I’ll post separately. This quest line has been easy and fairly enjoyable so far, I think I’m about halfway through it. For those who don’t know, you need epic mount training to even access the quest line. To get the first step, you should visit the druid trainer in Moonglade, he can start the quest for you. He sends you to the Cenarion Refuge where you begin the first actual quest.

The starting quest is pretty fun, you’ll be flying around Zangarmarsh collecting blossoms from the top of the large mushrooms. The kicker is that some of them explode and punt you off the mushroom, so you’ll need to be quick with the flight form button if you don’t want to die. When I tried this on the PTR the drop rate for the quest flower was about 30%, so getting punted got old after a while. Now it’s more like 50%, which is just enough to keep it fun while you collect your quest items.

After this you’ll be sent back to Moonglade for an escort quest. This was also fairly easy, I started in cat form but after the first couple of waves I went with bear form so I could taunt the mobs off the escort guy. The quest text says he’s pretty frail and I didn’t want to take any chances. I also buffed and healed him, so make sure you do that if it looks like his health is getting low. Most of the time there was just one mob to deal with, but a few times there were two. Otherwise it’s pretty easy if you don’t let him die. The WowWiki says you can’t aggro anything that is fighting the quest dude, but I was able to use growl and even pull dps aggro in cat form on the mob he wasn’t actively fighting. So do your best to keep them on you if you can.

The next part has you going to Evergrove where you end up crossing paths with the new Ogre quests in Ogri-La. You need to kill a nether ray and get an eyeball, then use that to track down an arakkoa ghost wandering near the ogre camp. The hardest part of this was avoiding all the other mobs, killing a nether ray and finding the ghost were fairly easy.

After you chat with the ghost you are sent to the Twilight Ridge in Nagrand. A new quest giver there will ask you to catch a sparrow hawk with her net. This was where I had the most trouble, these hawks are extremely touchy! The wiki says you can prowl up to them and pounce on them, but I wasn’t getting anywhere with that strategy. Every time I would get close enough to a bird to activate pounce, the bird would fly out of range and break me out of stealth. Now I’ve used pounce plenty of times as an opener and I’ve never experienced this behavior, so I don’t know how the wiki poster made that work. I also tried hibernating but the birds fly very fast and their pathing is pretty ranged. Usually by the time I got close enough to start casting, they would be out of range before the spell completed. They were also immune to root, so forget that option. My son finally ended up saving me by rushing one in bear form and bashing it, heheh. If anyone else comes up with a better method, feel free to leave a comment and share it with other readers.

And that was where I wrapped for the day, I’ll try to finish the line tomorrow if I get a chance. Unfortunately I’m still short 4k rep with Lower City, so I can’t do the dungeon part of the quest, but I should be able to complete the chain up through that step.

To read about my adventures while trying to kill the first guardian (bear fight), click here for Part Two.


8 Responses to “Druid Epic Mount Quest, Pt 1”

  1. Erik Says:

    Good post. It’s fun reading about quests you’re never able to try out yourself.

  2. kaliope Says:

    Hmm, good point there Erik :) I was just thinking that there weren’t a whole lot of published guides to this quest yet and maybe I’d share my info in case someone else needed it. Glad it’s providing entertainment value to those who can’t do it yet. And sadly, this morning I already saw a druid with the epic flyer on my server. Yikes!

  3. Justus Says:

    Strat tip for bird boss at bird phases: 3 druids doing Barkskin + Hurricane

  4. kaliope Says:

    I keep reading on the druid forums that each of the bosses should be soloable, but I got creamed by the first one. Apparently I’m a bad bear *sniff*

  5. Justus Says:

    I was referring to the summoned boss in heroic sethekk halls.

  6. kaliope Says:

    Rofl, I missed that Justus! I would like to go in there with a druid group if possible, but I’m concerned that there wouldn’t be enough CC to get through a Heroic if you went in druid-heavy. Thanks for sharing the info though =)

  7. Cowbane Says:

    I was able to sneak up on the birds stealthed and net one. Easy

  8. lalaleeta of Bladefist Says:

    On the catching a bird with the net part of the quest:

    I’m a resto druid so any feral stuff doesn’t really help me.. All I did was Soothe Animal, then netted the bird. EASY AS PIE! <3

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